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Cambridge3 ingles 2019 tablet

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Cambridge3 ingles 2019 tablet

Cambridge3 ingles 2019 tablet

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1. Does he want this last piece of pizza? ______. a. No, he doesn’t b. I do too c. Ye, he do.
2. Do you like to dance? Yes, I do. I really enjoy _______ reggaetton! a. dancing b. in dance c. to dance.
3. I love ______ the guitar. a. playing b. played c. am playing.
4. _______ I feel run down, I usually stay at home. a. Shouldn’t b. If c. While.
5. Do you like pizza? I love it, but at the moment I _____ to eat more healthy foods. a. am trying b. trying c. will try.
6. I love skiing. It is my favorite sport. _____ I do too! a. How come? b. Really? c. How embarrassing!.
7. Hell, Mrs. Galindo. Can I see Gina? You can’t see the _______ before the wedding. It is bad luck. a. bride b. girl c. groom.
8. My doctor recommends eating five ______ a day. a. foods b. lunches c. meals.
9. Does Gabriela want anything from the supermarket? _______ Let me ask her. a. I’m not sure. b. Really? c. Not at all.
10. Are you older than me? I’m not sure. ________ a. When were you born? b. When you born? c. When did you born?.
11. Did you study French last year? No, I didn’t. I _______ German, a. took b. take c. were taking.
12. My mother wants to invite you to lunch… ________ dinner tomorrow. a. really b. not at all c. I mean.
13. The coffee shop is across the street _______ Banco Guayaquil. a. of b. in c. from.
14. Cotopaxi will be on your left. You can’t ________ it! a. pass b. lose c. miss.
15. Do you want a Smart Phone? It’s not difficult ________. a. to have used b. to use c. for using.
16. You _______ fix your car. It is making a horrible noise. a. should b. would to c. could.
17. How many ________ of laundry do you wash every week? a. inputs b. sets c. loads.
18. Can you help me with my homework? __________. What do you want me to do? a. No, thanks b. Go ahead c. No problem.
19. When my friend told me the address, I was thinking about something else. I _______ listening, actually. a. didn’t b. wasn’t c. was.
20. I was sitting in the park when a bird ________ me. It was very funny, actually! a. was attacking b. attacking c. attacked.
21. Yesterday at work, I fell in front of everybody. Everybody laughed! I was so _______! a. surprised b. mad c. embarrassed.
22. If you don’t sit correctly, you could hurt your ________. a. toes b. back c. front.
23. ________ you father is going to love this book. He loves to read. a. I mean b. I bet c. I mind.
24. My phone _______ was really high last month. I paid 180 dollars! a. connection b. bill c. fact.
25. Does anybody in your family ______ you? No, I’m the only one with blue eyes. a. look like b. seem like c. look at.
26. Who’s the girl _______ to Clark Kent? You don’t know her? That’s Lois Lane a. speaks b. speaking c. spoke.
27. My tooth hurts a lot. I’m going to make an appointment with my _______. a. nurse b. doctor c. dentist.
28. I have four pets. I guess I am _______. a. a veterinarian b. a big fan c. an animal lover.
29. I don’t like soccer. I can’t believe it! Everybody I know __________ soccer. a. likes b. like c. liked.
30. If you want to get to my house, _______ a left on Pichincha Street. a. walk b. turn c. make.
31. I want _______ to draw, so I need to buy some pencils and stuff. a. to learn b. for learn c. learning.
32. Where can I find a clean glass to drink water? You can get one from the _______ on the right. a. carpet b. cabinet c. stove.
33. When my sister _______ my new sweater, she spilled coffee on it. a. wear b. had worn c. was wearing.
34. I ________ my ankle last weekend. It still hurts a lot. a. sprained b. slipped c. turned.
35. My boss is very busy and needs someone to help him with everything. If you need a job, I can talk to him because he’s looking for ________ a. a neighbor b. an architect c. an assistant.
36. Driving in the rain can be really dangerous. With the water, the road gets very ________. a. careless b. unreliable c. slippery.
37. Can you tell me where the tattoo shop is? Sure, it is _______ the corner of Montufar and 10 de Agosto Ave. a. within b. through c. on.
38. What were you doing when I called? I _______ home. a. was walking b. was walked c. walked.
39. I like cooking, but I can’t ________ vegetables. I am afraid of knives. a. cut b. bump c. chop.
40. I love that silver watch. Put it on your ________ to see how it looks. a. elbow b. thumb c. wrist.
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