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cuarto 3

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cuarto 3

lengua estrangera

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Did you hear that Paul and Mariana are going to get married? Of course! Paul _________ told me months ago! a. still b. yet c. already.
I am walking to school now, because my bike ________ stolen a week ago. a. was b. is c. were.
Did you hear about that guy who was _______ by lightning and survived? No, I didn’t. That is amazing! a. slapped b. whipped c. struck.
We haven’t ________ Esmeraldas yet. Do you want to go in spring break? a. go to b. been to c. traveled.
Have you ever gone deep-sea fishing? Yeah, I have! It is very scary but also very _________. a. frightening b. major c. exciting.
This is the _______ cell phone I have ever owned. It broke after only five days of use. a. worse b. worst c. bad.
I make my son ________ his homework every afternoon. a. finish b. to finish c. for finishing.
I _________ play the drums. Now I like the piano. a. used b. used to c. use to.
Airbags and seatbelts are types of safety ________. a. deceptions b. devices c. policies.
Do you want to get together tomorrow? I can’t tomorrow because I’m ________ out of the office. a. going to be b. being c. to be.
________ got to go! My girlfriend is waiting for me in the car. a. I’ve b. I’d c. I’m .
I’m selling my computer. Do you know anybody ________ wants to buy a laptop? a. that b. whom c. which.
Would you be happier living in Quito? Yes, ________. a. I do b. I would c. I’d .
If you ________ in the U.S., you would learn English much more quickly! a. live b. have lived c. lived.
Andres is so nice. He lent me his iPod for the weekend. Did you thank him _________ it? a. to b. of c. for.
Do you know _______ for math class? I can’t remember. a. book us need b. book we need c. book need.
Living in the city is better because you are near everything. _________, but the city is loud and dangerous a. You know b. You see c. I know what you mean.
Steve, you are playing soccer really well. Thanks! _________ for the last few months. a. I’ve been practicing b. I am practicing c. I practiced.
My son Mario is going to college next month. No way! He _______ more than 17 years old. a. can’t be b. can’t is c. can’t being.
Do you know why the zoo ______ yesterday? I heard that a lion had escaped his cage! a. was close b. was closed c. were closing.
Do you see that dead tree over there? It was struck __________ lightning a month ago. a. with b. at c. by.
Virginia, you look great in that dress! Are you, sure? Are you being ________ honest? a. total b. all c. completely.
Have you ever traveled by train? No. I’ve never ________ yet. a. did b. done c. doing.
I’ve never ________ sushi. a. to try b. try c. tried.
I’ve never _________ a motorcycle. I think they are too dangerous. a. ridden b. gone c. backed.
This is ________ hotel in Loja. It is cheap and very nice. a. the best b. the best of c. best than.
I miss my childhood! My family ________ travel to the beach every summer. a. used b. would to c. would.
Sam, could you please tell your sister __________ me my money back? a. to gave b. to give c. give.
When my parents got divorced, my mom got married again. Now, I live with her and with my ________. a. father-in-law b. stepfather c. parents.
Can you make me _______ eggs? I don’t want anything fried a. stirred b. shaken c. boiled.
What is your morning routine like? I ________ everyday from 8 to 9. a. will exercise b. exercise c. am going to exercise.
I really want to play video games, but I have a lot of homework, so ________ and finish. a. I’d say b. I’ve got to stay c. I would have stayed.
________. My boss is waiting for me. Ok. I’ll see you later. a. I’ve got to get going b. In a way c. I guess.
I wish I _________ help you with the money, but I don’t have enough right now. a. had b. could c. were.
If you had a bigger apartment, you _______. I lot better about living in the city. a. would feel b. feel c. felt.
We should get a bigger apartment. This one is ________. a. humongous b. tiny c. windy.
I love the Galapagos Islands. _________ there five times already. a. I’m going b. I’ve been c. I’ve been going.
I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Really? How many Harry Potter books _________? a. were you reading b. have you read c. have you been reading.
That guy looks pretty lost. He ________ from another country. You’re right. Let’s help him. a. might be b. mightn’t be c. might not be.
I am so excited! Oswaldo was offered a better job _________ his boss. a. for b. by c. to.
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