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cuatro 4

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cuatro 4


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Could you please be _________? I think you are driving too fast. a. careful b. safely c. slowly.
I have like forty ________. My uncles and aunts have a lot of children. a. siblings b. uncles c. cousins.
Is there any more potato salad? I don’t think so. I didn’t make ________. a. enough b. most c. too many.
I’m not sure what to study after high school. You ought to _______ some thinking and make a smart choice. a. do b. perform c. get.
I am looking for a piano instructor. Really? I have a friend _______ gives lessons. a. than b. who c. which.
I think our party was too loud yesterday. The neighbors ________ this morning about the noise. a. complained b. borrowed c. reminded.
The movie I saw has aliens and space ships. Oh, so it is __________ movie. a. a war b. a science-fiction c. an animated.
Our neighbors have very important jobs in the govemment. They ________ work a lot. a. must b. can’t c. could.
Why are you here? I was invited _______ Pablo. a. at b. for c. by.
There was a terrible hailstorm in the U.S. last night. The ________ were the size of baseballs! a. hails b. ice blocks c. hailstones.
Thieves _______ my friend’s house last night. They stole his TV, but fortunately he wasn’t injured. a. struck b. cracked c. broke into.
Jorge Luis, can you fix my car right now? I need it __________. a. immediately b. automatically c. instant.
Please be careful with my necklace. It is very ________. a. valuable b. frail c. reliable.
I make a ________ by teaching classes and selling health products. a. thinking b. responsibility c. living.
Do you know Soda Stereo? It is the band ________ plays “De musica ligera”. a. they b. one c. that.
It’s not sunny anymore. Let me ________. a. my hat take off it b. take my hat off c. take my hat off it.
What is happening to your car? I don’t know _________. a. why not working b. why isn’t working c. why it isn’t working.
Where are you going? I’m going to ask my boos for a letter of _________. I need it for my new job. a. suggestion b. recommendation c. reunion.
I’m so proud of Maritza. She got a 99 on her chemistry exam! Gosh! That _________ the highest grade in her class. a. can’t be b. would be c. could be.
The accident was caused by ________ driver who wasn’t looking at the road. a. a careless b. an inappropriate c. a caring.
Your friend Alfonsina talks a lot. I know! She is _________ outgoing. a. extreme b. fair c. incredibly.
You play chess amazingly well! Have you ever _________ a tourmament? a. ridden b. won c. taken.
My parents ________ a divorce when I was 16. a. got b. performed c. did.
I don’t want to eat raw vegetables. Can you please _________ them? a. steam b. scorch c. strive.
Susana, can you tell me _________? I don’t know, mom. I’ve never met him. a. who this guy is b. who is this guy c. who this guy.
This purse _______ yesterday in the hall. Does it belong to any of you? a. was finding b. found c. was found.
Did you see all the lightning yesterday? Yeah! I heard it was the worst ________ of the last five years. a. thunderstorm b. hailstorm c. injury.
Are you a good actor, Alberto? I don’t know, but my friends tell me that I act _________. a. good b. according c. well.
The Amazon River is the widest in the world. It is many kilometers ________. a. wide b. witch c. of wide.
When I was a young kid, I _________ soccer with my cousins every day. a. would play b. use to play c. was playing.
Hi, Juan. I am with Maria in the supermarket. Can you please tell ________ to visit me tonight? a. her b. them c. she.
There’s ________ water in the river. It hasn’t rained in three months. a. very few b. not many c. not much.
How much beef do you want to buy? Please give me three_________. a. pounds b. quarts c. cartons.
Do you want wine with your meal? No, thank you. _______ have water. a. I can rather b. I’ve rather c. I’d rather.
If I had more money, _______ buy a nicer car. a. I’d b. I should c. I . coul.
I need to save 700 dollars for a new computer. How much ________ so far? a. have you been saving b. were you saving c. have you saved.
Juan sold his car. He _________ to work since April. a. would be walking b. has been walking c. has walked.
During the Second World War, the German army was _________ by the United States and Rusia. a. defeats b. defeated c. defeating.
It is raining too much this year. Yesterday the whole city ________ hit by a terrible rainstorm. a. has b. has been c. was.
A: Do you want to go to the bookstore with me? B: I can’t. I __________ studied yet, and there is a very important exam tomorrow a. wasn’t b. shouldn’t c. haven’t.
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