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Pruebas de ingreso ESFORSE


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What's tour na me? It Angela. Its Michael My name is Angela My name Michelle.
Can ____ take a message, please? you her Your his.
I'm sorry but these seats are____. My their them ours.
Sandy and ___ are going to the café. I me her his.
Do you want ____ to turn this off? I me my mine.
Let ____ help you with that he my him his.
I can't talk nos, I ___ bus y! 's 'm 're Is.
De ____ students. aren't no are isn't si not.
___ at work today? You are you're are Are you You are not.
Are you a teacher? Y es, I___. 'm am do is.
___that a good boom? Is Are It's Am.
Is that your book? No, it ___. isn't doesn't not aren't.
We're going to play tennis____ morning. this that these those.
Can I have a look at ___ trousers? this that those these.
Let's go to ___ new club in the city centre. this that these those.
___ posters you gave me look great on my wall. this that these those.
Look at ___ ring o ver here. this that these those.
We'll have to do some work now; ___ isn't a holiday, you know. this that these those.
Hi Stuart, ___ is my friend Silvia. this that tvese those.
Where ___ the toilets, please? is are be am.
They ___ upstairs, on the left. 's 're are am 're.
When ____? Be the next train the next train is is the next train are the next train.
____ in ten minutes. is It It's are.
Put the words in alphabetical order. library, classroom, desk, board board, classroom, desk, library classroom, board, desk, library desk, board, classroom, library.
Put the words in alphabetical order. Playground, subject, teacher, dictionary, book. book, subject, teacher, dictionary, playground. Subject, teacher, dictionary, playground, book. book, dictionary, playground, subject, teacher.
The person who helps students learn si the ___,. calssroom library student teacher.
The ___ is the place where children can rest or play during breaks. classroom dictionary desk playground.
A___ is a book that tells us the meaning of a word and how to spell it Library student teacher dictionary.
The ___ is the room where students have lessons. Library dictionary classroom playground.
A ___ is a place where we can put books and other things classroom library shelf student.
Maths, science, history, art and English are ____. Desk board Subjects dictionary.
The place where the teacher writes things for the class to see is the. board playround teacher shelf.
A ___ is a piece of furniture where students sit and work shelf desk classroom library.
A ___ is a person who is studying student teacher shelf library.
A ___ is a room or building with books that you can borrow. classroom. library playground shelf.
Choose the things that belong to the group "People". Book, dictionary dictionary, playground student, teacher playground, ductionary.
Choose the things that belong to the group "Places". Book, classroom library, pencil playground, classroom book, pencil.
Choose the things that belong to the group "Furniture". Board, classroom desk, shelf desk, subject board, subject.
Choose the objects we can hold in our hand. desk, playground book, desk Pencil, dictionary dictionary, desk.
Tomatoes and strawberries are ___. brown blue yellow red.
The sky is ____. blue black orange white.
Grass many vegetables and the leaves on trees are usually ___. brown blue yellow green.
When you mix black and white, you get ___. pink grey green yellow.
When you mix red and white, you get ___. Orange blue yellow pink.
Milk chocolate is ___. Black brown blue orange.
The sky at nigth is ___. Black blue Grey green.
The paper in a notebook is ___. Brown black blue white.
Carrots and basketballs are udually ___. Orange yellow black white.
Bananas and lemons are ___. Orange Yellow black white.
You look really ___. Why don't you go to bed? tired tiring tires tire.
Can I call you? I've got some very __ news for you! Excited exciting excites exciter.
My neighbour is always playing loud music. It's very __. annoys annoy annoyed annoying.
My cats get really __ when there's a thunderstorm. frightened frightening Frightenes frightenings.
People use this to carry money. Keys wallet jacket Car.
This is a bag that you put on your back briefcase backpack wallet purse.
You can use this to calle people. Mobile phone ticket laptop Earphones.
Some people need these to see better. glasses letters books sunglasses.
This is message on paper that comes in the post. Conputer letter book ticket.
You need these to open a locked dolor. Contact lenses glasses keys sunglasses.
You can use this to send email or play games. Computer purse book ticket.
This is a small suitcase we use to carry things for work. Briefcase wallet purse jacket.
We need this to get on a bus or train or to go in a cinema or museum. Glasses mobile phone ticket wallet.
This food comes from chickens. Butter egg chips cheese.
This food is madre from milk. In the UK, many people put it on bread. Butter Cereal Pasta Bread.
This food is made from fruit and sugar. In the UK, people often put it on bread. Butter Cereal Jam Pasta.
You do this after a long day and just before you fall asleep. Go to bed Have dinner Get up have breakfast.
You do this when your alarm clock goes off in the morning. Do homework Have breakfast Have dinner Wape up.
You do this in the morning because it is the most inportant meal of the day. go to bed Have breakfast Wape up Do homework.
You do this at the dinner table with your famimy. Get up Do exercise Have breakfast Have dinner.
You do this to make your body and hair clean. Gat up Have a shower Have breakfast Do exercise.
You do this after you wake up. Get up Go to shool Do homework brush your teeth.
You do this so you can mete your friends and learn new things. Do exercise Go to school Do honework Brush your teeth.
You do this learn after school. Get up Go to school Do homework Brush your teeth.
Your dentist will be pleased if you do this twice a day Get up Go to school Brush teeth Go home.
You do this in the aftenoon when your at school have finished. Go to school Have a shower Get up Go home.
I usually __ up at 6 a.m. when my alarm clock goes off Get go have wake.
I usually ___ lunch at 12:30 p.m. Have get brush wake.
In my family we usually ___ dinner at about 6 p.m. get brush wake have.
Since I love in the city, I often __ home by bus. Get wake Go have.
On the weekends, I __ to bed later than on weekdays. Get go have wake.
On Su da y I don't __ up until I __, usually at abaut 8.30 a.m. Gat - go wake - get get - wake have - wake.
I always __ my teeth before I go to bed. Have brush go wake.
On weekdays, I __ to work at 8: 30 a.m. Go brush have wake.
Do you want ___ sándwich? I've got cheese and bread in the shopping bag. a an the ø.
She wants to be __ ambulance driver when she finishes school. a an the ø.
Does she see ___ moon ever y day? a an the ø.
I really haré __ mosquitos. They always bite me. a an the ø.
If you need to contact me over the weekend, please send me __ email. a an the ø.
I'm a fin-loving person. I love __ parties and dancing! a an the ø.
I'll be there in __ hour. a an the ø.
___ teachers at my son's school are great. a an the Ø.
Uncle David is my dad ___ brother. es s 's s'.
Martina ___ hair is brown es s 's s'.
Those are my two colleague ___ desks. es s 's s'.
These are Natasha's shoe___. es s 's s'.
Sará's parent ___ house is in Sydney. They live near the bleach. es s 's s'.
Can you give me Aiden___ phone number, please? es s 's s'.
We have tickets for the men __ final of the tennis competición. es s 's s'.
That's Mathias __ sister. Her name is Emilia es s 's s'.
She ___ in a hospital. Work working works workers.
I ___ the guitar. Plays doesn't play Does play don't play.
___ you ___ tea? Does - drinks do - drinkign Does - drink do - drink.
Where ___ your friend ___ ? Do - live Does - lives Does - live Does - living.
They ___ to the cinema very often. Not go do go don't go doesn't go.
What ___ you ___ for work? Do - wear do - wears Does - wearing Does - wears.
His English class ___ at 8 o'clock. Finish finishing finishes Finisher.
___ we ___ time for a coffee? Do - have Does - have do - has Does - has.
What time ___ he ___ ? Does - start do - start Does - starts Do - starts.
We ___ to the same place on holiday avery year. Go goes Going gone.
My sister ___ chocolate. Does like Does likes doesn't likes doesn't like.
___ they ___ a lo y of sport? Do- do do - does Does - do Does- does.
I ___ meals very often. Not cook don't cook Does cook doesn't cook.
Why ___ eats __ all the time Do - sleep Does sleeps Does sleep Does sleeping.
____ you ___ this question? Do - understand Does - understand Does - understands do - understands.
He ___ to different countries for work. Fly flyes flies fli.
___ your friend a scientist? - No, he's an artist. Does Can is do.
___ Nuria live in Valencia? - No, she lives in Bacerlona Do does can where.
When ___ you get home? - After class. Do does where can.
What time __ you get up? - I get up at 6:00. Do does don't doesn't.
___ the children go to the park? - Yes, they go there after school. Do does don't doesn't.
Are ___ going to the office? - No. I'm going home. You your I we.
___ you speak Korean? - Just a little. Do does don't doesn't.
___ do you live? where who when what.
Are you ___ to work toda y? Go goes going gobe.
How often do you ___ to the cinema? Go goes going gone.
___ you see the kids from here? Can can't does are.
Isabella usually ___ elegant jackets and very expensive shoes Dresses carries waers uses.
She ___ her shopping at harrods every Friday. goes makes does buys.
You can get almost anything you wants in one of those big shopping___. centres shops Stores building.
Would you ___ a cup of tea? Like likes liking liked.
___ two banks on the high street. There is there are is there are there.
___ a beach very near the city centre. there's there are Are there is there.
___ any lakes near here. There is there are there isn't there aren't.
Hoy many parks ___ in your city? There is there are are there is there.
___ there restaurnts on my street. There is there are there isn't are tvere.
___ a café in the station Is there arte there there is there aren't.
___ school is my neighbourhood. There is there are there aren't are there.
___ two airports in the capital city. There is there are there aren't are there.
On friday mornings, I'm usually ___ school. In on at for.
Please put the flowers __ the table. in on at for.
I'll meet you __ the bus stpo. In On at for.
They're going to meet ___ the café. In on at For.
Her flat is ___ sixth flor. In on at for.
Buchingham place is ___ Monzón. In on at for.
Their house is ___ the James River In on at for.
Karim isn't home nos. He's ___ church In on at for.
She has a doctor's appointment ___ 10 o' clock __ Monday. at - on in - at at - for on - at.
We prefer to exercise ___ the evening. in on at for.
Jeaques is coming to visit us ___ 13 june. in on at for.
My favorite time to work in the garden is ___ spring. in on at for.
We all te y to eat together at the table ___ dinner time in on at for.
Hoy ___ people are coming? many much any some.
How ___ water do you think we need? many much any some.
Do you have ___ advice for me? many much any a lot.
We have a ___ of chairs but we don't have ___ hables. many much any lot.
Do you want ___ chocolate? some many much lot.
I need __ information about train times. any some much many.
There's never ___ petról after San uses the car! some much many lot.
Choose the correct option. he watches his French French films to inprove To inprove French films he watches his French He watches French films to improve his French French films to inprove his french. He watches.
Choose the correct option. To the beach they like to swin to go They Like to swin to go to the beach to go to the beach they like to swin. They like to go to the beach to swin.
Choose the correct option. I like to use vocabulary this app to learn Vocabulary. This app to learn i like to use. I like to use this app to learn vocabulary. To learn this app vocabulary I like to use.
Choose the correct option. She plas after work to relax the piano to relax the piano after work She palys after work to relax the piano She plays She palys the piano to relax after work.
Choose the correct option. video to edit He needs a new conputer He needs to edit a new conputer video. To edit he needs a new conputer video a new conputer He needs to edit video.
Choose the correct option. We're going to meet to a party new people new pepople to a party to meet we're going to a party new people . We're going to meet We're going to a party to meet new pepople.
This person cleans an office, school, house or other place. A cleaner A lawyer A teacher A doctor.
This person helps sick people and often works in a hospital A teacher A nurse A lawyer An engineer.
This person helps students and works in a school. A hairdresser A nurse A teacher A lowyer.
This person knows the law very well. An engineer A lawyer A receptionist A doctor.
This person can build and repair machines. A police office An office worker An engineer A doctor.
This person can cut or style your hair. A cleaner A hairdresser A receptionst A lawyer.
This person uses a conputer and phone to do their works. A cleaner A nurse An office worker A doctor.
This person protects us and makes us follow the law. A doctor A police office A receptionist An engineer.
This person meets visitors at the entrance of an office or building. A receptionst A shop asistant A teacher A lawyer.
This person con help you in a shop. A nurse A police office A shop assistant A receptionist.
The water we can see t a beach Island River Sea Lake.
The blue space above us. Island Sea Sky River.
Land that is surrounded by water. Forest Hill Isalnd River.
The colerfull part of some plants. It doesn't normally last a long time Flower Grass Tree Hill.
A tall plant that has a thick, hard stem. It has branches and leaves. Flower Grass Tree Bush.
A green plant that grows on the ground in some parks no gardens. Forest Grass Tree Hill.
An área with many trees. Forest Mountaint plant Tree.
A very high area of land. Like a really big hill! Mountain Sea Sky Forest.
Something that is burning. Fire Grass Sky Lake.
A line of moving water that goes throuh land. Island River Sea Forest.
A place where you keep or get cash. Bank Bus stop School Library.
A place there you send letters and parcels. Cafe Cinema Post office bank.
A place where you catch the bus. Bus stop Cinema Post office Bank.
A place where you borrow books. Factory Library Supermarket Cinema.
A place there you can catch a train Bank Castle Station Supermarket.
A place wher you see films Bank Cinema Post office Castle.
A place which makes things. Bus stop Factory Post office Cinem.
A place where you can have a drink or a snack. Cafe Post office School Bank.
A place where people go to learn in a class. Cinema Library School Bank.
A big, strong building used in the past to protect the town. Bank Castle Factory Library.
___ is water that falls from the sky. Could Rain Wet Snow.
When it is ___ it is not cold and not hot. Cold Warm hot rainy.
When the temperature is low, it is___ . cold hot warm rainy.
The ___ is moving air - it blows our hair and the leaves on plants. Cloud snow wind rain.
A __ is white or grey and is high in the sky. cloud cold storm thunder.
After it rains, the ground is ___. cold fog wet hot.
The ___ rises in the morning and sets at nigth. hot win rain sun.
___ is like a cloud, but is near the ground. snow cold dry fog.
In a ___ there can be rain, thunder and lightning. fog rain storm wind.
When it has not rained recently, the ground is ___. Cloud dry wet snowy.
The place in the home where we cook and prepare meals. Bedroom Garden Kitchen living room.
The place in the home where we sleep. bathroon bedroom garden kitchen.
The place in the home where we wash and brush our teeth. Bathroom bedroom living room kitchen.
The place outside the home where we grow grass and flowers. garden Kitchen stairs hall.
The machine that carries us to a different floor. Balcony lift stairs bedroom.
The place in the home where we watch TV or si and relax. Dinig room front door living room kitchen.
We look outside through one of these. Every room in the house has one. Garden gate window balcony.
The place in the home where we cat our meals. Bedroom dining room living room balcony.
We go up these to get to the second floor. Gate Stairs Window Kitchen.
We clase this to stop people and animals from coming into the tarden. Balcony Gate Lift bedroom.
Their car is nicer ___ ours. Than that this then.
I like to go to work early because the bus is___ after 8. Crowded crowdeder more crowded Crowders.
Flying is __ tan driving. safe safer more safe more safer.
He's ___ at football than me. good batter gooder more good.
We're going to move to the city when our children are___. big more big bigger biggest.
She thinks her job is ___ because she works with difficult peolpe. Stressfuller more stressfull more stressfuller least stressfull.
This town la ___ than my hometown. There's a lot of traffie noisy the noiser noisier the more noisier.
Her mark in the exam was ___ than mine. bad badder worse worser.
Which sentence is correct? the TV no is working The Tv is not working The TV is not work The TV is not works.
Which sentence is correct? She sending a message to Billie Shi is send a messege to Billie She is sending a message to Billie She is send a messege to Billie.
Which sentence is correct? Come on, the film"s starting Come on, the film's start Come on, the film is start Come on, the film is starts.
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