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Which reports can you use to compare details from the source system with the Central Finance system automatically? (3 correct answers) FI reconcile universal journal entry FI document counts FI document comparison FI balance comparison FI payment comparison .
What are the replication options when you set up SLT configuration for Central Finance? (3 correct answers) Delta capturing Parallel Real Time Ad-hoc Scheduled.
Which valuation approaches are supported in COGS split? (3 correct answers) a Legal Valuation Group Valuation Profit Center Valuation Foreign Currency Valuation Inventory Valuation .
A financial document is posted to the wrong Business Partner in Central Finance. Which transactions can you use to check mapping of Business Partner? (2 correct answers Search Key Mapping (MDG_ANALYSE_IDM) Define Value Mapping (CFINIMG) Manage Key Mapping (MDG_KM_MAINTAIN Maintain Business Partner (BP.
. Which activities must you execute in the productive source system before you can run an FI/CO initial load? (3 correct answers) Execute all scheduled jobs and do not execute any new jobs Execute the periodic depreciation posting run Perform clearings for all open items Perform closing for periodic asset postings Unblock posting periods in the source system .
What data must you maintain based on daily operations between source system & Central Finance system? (2 correct answers) Payment methods Internal Order mapping Exchange Rates Authorization updates None of the above.
Replicating data from Non-SAP system is similar to replicating data from ABAP systems. Which generate objects of both scenarios are in the source systems? (2 correct answers Database trigger Reading engine Mapping & Transformation engine Logging table .
On which level can you maintain and differentiate global data types during value mapping? (3 correct answers) Source system Cost Object Type List ID Validity Date Client.
What must you do to reset the initial load? (2 correct answers) Delete transactional data in the target system Stop data extraction in the target system Clear migration log in source system Delete all entries in the CFIN_SOURCE_SET table in the source system .
Which objects are covered by SAP MDG, consolidation? (2 correct answers Business Partner Plants Materials Company Code .
For which initial load objects can you perform a smoke test? (2 correct answers) WBS elements FI documents CO document Cost objects None of the above.
You prepare FI/CO initial load. For which account types do you create a substitution account? (2 correct answers) Reconciliation accounts Non open item managed accounts Open item managed accounts Tax accounts .
Which activities must you complete before you activate real time replication? (2 correct answers Configure the AIF Activate master data replication of Business Partners in SAP SLT Configure the VCFIN_SOURCE_SET view in the source system Delete extract of initial load data. None of the above.
For which activities can you use the Edition Management of SAP MDG, Financials (MDG-F) (3 correct answers) Flexible scheduling of changes Automatic mapping of often used objects Classification & acceptance of uncritical errors Granular control over replication timing Transparency about previous & upcoming changes .
What must you consider when you create cost object mapping scenarios? (3 correct answers) Rules will conflict with one another if they have the same priority An empty field means it can have any value Empty fields have higher priority The scenario structure can be changed anytime The more specific rule has higher priority .
You must avoid possible double payments for historic open items. Options? (2 correct answers Delete all relevant open items Set a payment block in Central Finance Remove the payment method in Central Finance Mark open items as technically cleared in source systems .
Which document fields can be adjusted during replication of profit center documents? (3 correct answers G/L accounts Document Type Due Date Ledger group Currency Type .
What are some of the characteristics of data model in the SAP MDG? (3 correct answers) Option to define new objects & related processes Option to define existing models with your own master data attributes The complex fields of data model are under governance Pre-configured data models are available Data models are defined independently of domain .
Which actions can trigger replication from source system to Central Finance system? (3 correct answers Capture parked documents Change in financial documents Clear open items Create down payments Acquire fixed asset .
Your Source system is currently NOT available. What are consequences for SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)? Note: 2 Answers correct Your Source system is currently NOT available. What are consequences for SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)? Note: 2 Answers correct SLT waits for the source system to be available again The replication is paused The mass transfer ID is deactivated .
Which selection parameters can you use to execute the FI document comparison report in the central finance system? Note: 2 correct answers Controlling Area Fiscal year variant Company Code Posting period .
Why do you perform a high-level value assessment in your Central Finance project? Note: 2 correct answer Create the project roadmap Perform system sizing Set communication options Analyze the as-is situation .
Which prerequisites must you complete to replicate costing-based CO-PA to Central finance? Note: There are 2 answers Configure Price difference Release standard cost estimate with legal view Map characteristics Activate account-based COPA in source system .
Which responsibilities are assigned to FI/CO key users in Central Finance project? Note: 2 Answers Design blueprints and functional documents Execute end user training Execute user acceptance testing and report incidents Perform system validations .
What does the MDG Mapping Tool check while you upload values? Note: 2 Answers Existence of 1:N mappings Availability of duplicates Mapping completeness Sufficient Performance .
Which of the following are domains of SAP Master Data Governance? Note: 3 correct Answers Finance Business Partner, Supplier and Customer Manufacturing Logistics Material.
What is replicated during real-time replication? Note: 2 correct answers Financial document changes Financial documents Sales documents Material Documents .
You plan to use Central Finance for Collection Management and Intercompany Reconciliation. Which prerequisite must be met? Note: 2 correct Answer Production orders must be replicated Source systems and Central Finance must use business partners Replication of open items must be used Customers and vendors are mapped as business partners .
You need to set up an SAP Landscape Transformation configuration for central finance. What must you do before you can start? Note: 2 correct Answer Create technical user Create database connection Activate pre-delivered SAP objects Set up RFC destination .
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