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Which file of the SAP HAT Connector stores the WebIDEHosts URL and can be used for troubleshooting? Config.json Package.json app.Config.js Assistmsg.json.
Which methods can you use to bind data to the controls in SAPUI5? There are 3 correct answers to this question Element Structure Property Combination Aggregation.
Which of the following pattern sequences are the QUnit tests based on? Given, Then, and When Given, When, and Then Assert, Act, and Arrange Arrange, Act, and Assert.
Which security features does the SAP Fiori provide to restrict the access to native device capabilities? There are 2 correct answers to this question Bridge for non-Fiori conten Restricted device functionality using a client policy Privacy screen Encrypted storage of data on the device.
You develop an SAPUI5 app that can be extended. To allow your customer notifications, you set up a hook method. What activities are required to implement a hook method? There are 3 correct answers to this question Define a new function name ensuring it is reserved for the extension Add a code snippet to check if the method exists and execute it Identify a strategic location in the controller for the customized code Create a .js file in the Util folder to allow the customer to add custom code Modify the bootstrap option to allow multi-layer extensions of the custom code.
Which elements are part of the UX? There are 2 correct answers to this question User emotion User effectiveness User interaction User response.
You develop an SAP Fiori sales app to display sales order information from the backend system. Which of the following model types do you use? JSON model OData model Resource model XML model.
How can you extend an SAP Fiori app? There are 3 correct answers to this question Add customer view content in a predefined extension point Modify the data model to merge data at runtime Modify the runtime libraries that are to be loaded Modify the properties of the view control Enable merging of the standard and standard and the custom controller at runtime.
Which properties do you need to configure when you use the Mock server? There are 2 correct answers to this question Module path Binding type Service URL Destination.
Where are the themes saved for the SAP Fiori launchpad? In the bootstrap In the UI the designer tool In the theme repository In the theme data center.
Which SAP Fiori app types require the SAP HANA database? There are 2 correct answers to this question Factsheet Legacy Analytical Transactional.
Which activities does the OData Model Editor support? There are 3 correct answers to this question Deploy ODdataModels Define Odata models Test ODataModels Edit ODataModels Create Odata Models.
In which attribute do you specify the themes for an SAP Fiori app? data-sap-ui-theme of the <head> tag sap-ui-theme of <body> tag sap-ui-theme of a <title> tag data-sap-ui-theme of <script> tag.
Your customer wants to extend an SAP Fiori app through a Controller Extension. When can a controller extension lead to a crash? There are 2 correct answers to this question If the extension code accesses parts of the original application that were removed. If the original code required to run the application is overwritten. If the extension code exists and is NOT references in the original view. If the extension code exists and is NOT references in the original view.
You need to bind data from a model to an SAPUI5 view control, Which of the following models are valid? There are 3 correct answers to this question One-way binding One-time binding Two-way binding Resource-model binding Three-way binding.
You need to explain the core functions of OPA5 for testing SAPUI5 apps. Wich test options are offered by OPA5? There are 2 correct answers to this question Navigation tests Load tests User interaction tests Development tests.
What are the limitations of OPA5 test? There are 2 correct answers to this question It never causes a test to fail Testing across more than one page is NOT possible The developer needs to create the test during development End-to-End tests are NOT recommended.
In the data in the screenshot, you need to display the List of Companies in the Americas region. Which binding option do you use for values X, Y, and Z in the view? X: /region/0/companies Y: companies/0/name Z: companies/0/city X: /region/companies Y: name Z: city X: /region/companies Y: companies/name Z: companies/city X: /region/0/companies Y: name Z: city.
In the GIT source code management system, what is executes initially to create the local GIT repository in SAP Web IDE? Pull Push Fetch Clone.
In a typical SAP Fiori landscape, which server instance stores the SAP Fiori SAPUI5 application code for a transactional app? SAP Web Dispatcher SAP HANA XS Engine SAP Front-End Server (FES) SAP Back-End Server (BES).
Three-way One-time One-way Two-way.
/regions/0/companies/city /regions/companies/0/city /regions/companies/1/city /regions/1/companies/1/city.
SAPUI5 dependencies Localization keys App ID, Name and Version Referenced data sources Client side data-models.
SAPUI5 bootstrap code OPA function Mock code Stub code.
The prevention of irrelevant data being shown to the user The break-down of a large transaction A purpose-built app to support personas An adaptive and coherent app A responsive de-composed design.
The way in wich the data is handled internally The same intuitive experience across the whole enterprise A consistent interaction and visual design language A description of the technological foundation.
Generate a token on each read and write request Retrieve the token and send it with each service request Execute the Refresh methos for an expired token Include the token in the HTTP request body of each write request.
The destination in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform The API key in the SAP Web IDE plugin The connection in the SAP HANA Cloud Connector The connection in the SAP HANA Cloud Integration.
QUnit.test QUnit.module teardown : function() {}"1").
Requirement gathering, Research and Documentation Developing, Testing and Deploying Scoping, 360 degree research and Synthesis Ideation, Prototyping and Validation.
odata_abap odata_xs odata_gen dev_abap.
project.json user-project.json neo-app.json path.json.
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