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(ATA 79) Which oil indication is NOT monitored by the Electronic Engine Control EEC? Oil pressure Oil quantity Oil bypass warning.
(ATA 30) Where is EAI pressure sensor on the GE 90 engine? On the right side of the engine fan case On the left side of the fan case Inside of a cooling air shroud.
(ATA 70) Which of the following are engine critical areas? Air inlet cowl and interface with engine bleed air Bleed air ducts, exhaust and main gear box Bleed air ducts and main gear box.
(ATA 36) GE90. What stage of compression are used for pneumatics? IP7 & HP3 8 & 15 4 & 10.
(ATA 72) How are the 6 main bearings arranged in the engine? In 3 dry sump cavities In 6 dry sump cavities In 3 wet sump cavities.
(ATA 73) How is the fuel distributed to the fuel nozzles? In two manifolds with 15 nozzles each In two manifolds 20 nozzles and 10 nozzles In one manifold to all 30 fuel nozzles.
(ATA 24) GE 90. How is the backup generator oil cooled? Fan air or 2.5 bleed air Eng oil only Fan air only.
(ATA 76) The fuel control switches cut the fuel to the engine by closing the engine shutoff valve. What other function does the switch have? Command EEC to send fault data AIMS Command a reset of the EEC Turn off the bleed air supply to the engine starter.
(ATA 30) GE 90. What stage of air is used for engine cowl anti-ice? HP7 P6 HP3.
(ATA 74) When does the ignition system have only one igniter energized? Start/ignition selector in continuous ignition Engine start in flight 1st engine start on ground.
(ATA 78) In the thrust reverser control system there is a hydraulic pressure switch. What pressure does it monitor? Pressure coming out of directional control valve Pressure going into the actuators Pressure coming out of the isolation valve.
(ATA 71) How do you know the cowling hold open rod locking collars are in the open and locked position? You hear a distinct knock when it locks A lock pin hole is exposed on the locking collar A yellow stripe becomes visible on the locking collar.
(ATA 78) When is the thrust reverser (T/R) interlock released? During T/R closing cycle, when sleeves reach 60% closed During T/R deploy cycle when the TR is fully open During T/R deploy cycle when the sleeves are 60% deployed.
(ATA 72) Which type of bearings support the N1 shaft? 2 ball bearings 1 ball and 1 roller 2 roller bearings.
(ATA 71) Which of the following systems or components are not connected to the drain mast? Oil tank scupper VBV / VSV actuators Main fuel pump drive pad.
(ATA 77) When the EGT start limit marker will not be visible of the EICAS EGT display? When fuel control switch is in CUTOFF During start when N1 less than start cut-out speed When the engine is running.
(ATA 75) What is the position of the variable stator vane (VSV) when the engine is at take OFF power? Open Modulating Closed.
(ATA 36) Where is the HPFAC on GE 90 engine? On the lower right side of the engine fan case at 5:00 position Inside the fan hub frame area of the engine at the 10:00 position Outside the fan hub frame area at the engine at the 9:00 position.
(ATA 73) Which sensor is used by the electronic engine control (EEC) for variable stator vane (VSV) and variable bleed valve (VBV) control? T12 sensor T3 sensor PT25 sensor.
(ATA 72) The accessory gearbox is driven by? The N1 shaft The N2 shaft The cranking pad.
(ATA 72 TCDS) The take off thrust printed on the engine data plate is? Equivalent to static thrust at sea level Measured on wing at sea level Measured on wing at cruise altitude.
(ATA 78) When opening the thrust reverser cowl on GE 90-100 series engine, which latch should you unlock first? The tension latches The band latch The T bolt latch.
(ATA 36) GE 90. What does the manifold dual temperature sensor monitor? The air temperature downstream of the precooler The temperature of the fan air entering the precooler The high pressure compressor 10th stage bleed air.
(ATA 80) In normal autostart, at what engine speed does the EEC closed the starter air valve 64 percent N2 56 percent N1 2000 RPM N2.
(ATA 79) What is the primary source for engine oil cooling? Fuel/oil heat exchanger Oil/oil heat exchanger Air/oil heat exchanger.
(ATA 77) Why does the N1 FAN and N1 LPT indications on the secondary EICAS display change to dashes at low engine speeds? At low speed there is no need measure the vibrations because they are always very low The vibration levels at low speed are too small for the system to measure accurately The broadband vibration is too large in proportion to the N1 vibration.
(ATA 29) GE 90. Which of the following statements is true about the engine drive pump? The pressurization solenoid I not part of the engine drive pump (EDP) When the engine driven pump (EDP) is switched off, the depressurization solenoid gets electrical power When the depressurization solenoid is energized, the pump pressure output goes to the hydraulic system.
(ATA 26) GE 90. What is the access to strut overheat detectors? Through the forward strut fairing Through two panels on the bottom of the fixed leading edge Through the pressure relief door in the right side of the strut.
(ATA 73) When does the electronic engine control EEC get power from the control alternator? Main electrical power is unavailable EEC ground test switch on P61 is in test N2 rotor speed is more than 7%.
(ATA 80) What holds the start/ignition selector in the START position during engine starting? AIMS EEC ELMS.
(ATA 36) GE 90. What information does the EEC provide to the ASCPC for its control? PS30 (6th Stg) N3 and P0 PS3 (10th Stg) N1 and P0 PS3 (15th Stg) N1 and P0.
(ATA 36) Where and how many IP check valve(s) is (are) found on each GE90 engine of the B777 pneumatic system? IPCV next to the eighth stage intermediate pressure bleed air source IPCV next to on eighth stage bleed air ports in the engine ducting IPVC next to the fourth stage bleed air source at the 3:00 position in the engine ducting.
(ATA 77) What signals does the N1 speed sensor send? 1 analog signal to the EEC, 1 to AIMS and 1 to the standby engine indicator 2 digital signals to the EEC and 1 analog signal to AIMS 2 analog signals to the EEC and 1 analog signal to AIMS.
(ATA 77) The command sector on the EICAS N1 indication shows the difference between? Commanded N1 and actual N1 Flight FMC selected N1 and actual N1 Calculated N1 and actual N1.
(ATA 29) GE 90. Access to the EDP is through which cowling? Left fan cowling Left thrust reverser half Right thrust reverser half.
(ATA 78) Which of the following statements about the cascade segment is NOT correct? They direct the fan exhaust air during reverse thrust They are exposed only when the reverser sleeve is closed They give structural strength to the reverser half.
(ATA 78) What commands the isolation valve to the open position? The switches in the reverse thrust lever on the throttles The Electronic Engine Control (EEC) Hydraulic pressure from the on-side engine driven pump is available.
(ATA 75) Which of the following is NOT a control input to the electronic engine control for variable bleed valve control (VBV) T25 N1 EGT.
(ATA 72) What airflow passes through the combustion section? Bypass Primary Secondary.
(ATA 70) When using an extension at a 90 degree angle on a torque wrench with a that indicator, the torque value on the dial will be? Higher than the actual value Lower than the actual value Same as the actual value.
(ATA 72 TCDS) An engine running at MAX CONT thrust can run at that setting. A limited amount of time Emergencies only An unlimited amount of time.
(ATA 76) The autothrottle servo motor (ASM) can be overridden thanks to: A hydraulic brake A cam and roller assembly A spring-loaded clutch.
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