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General science

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General science

ASVAB examen


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The earth this about 4.5 billon years old, about how many years ago did life first appear? 3.5 billon years 1.5 billon 3.5 millon years.
Which of these best defines the term biosphere? The part of earth where life occurs, which includes land, water, and air. A collection of populations in a habitat The part of earth where life occurs on land .
Which of these substances has the lowest pH? Bleach Lemon juice Break-in soda.
If a bowling ball is pushed with 20 Newton of force and has mass of 4 kg, what is it's initial acceleration? 5m/s2 4m/2 9 m 6m/3.
During its circulation throughout the body, blood the left ventricle then goes to which of these locations? Aorta Left atrium Pulmonary artery.
Which gas primarily makes up the Earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen Oxygen Argon.
The compound NaCI is more commonly know as Table salt Gold Aspiring.
Which type of cloud's are the lowest and responsible when for occurs? Stratus Cirrus Tropic.
What blood type is considered the universal recipient? AB Ac O.
The energy of an object resulting solely from motion is Kinetic energy Thermal energy Potential energy.
A calorie is actually a measure of energy, and is equivalent to how many joules?, 4.18 7.23 9.2.
Sound waves will travel the fastest in a medium that's is The most dense The least dense The last electrically conductive.
As light passes through a subtance, the incident angle changes, meaning the light's entering angle is different than it's exiting angle. This is an example of Refraction Diffraction Diffusion.
Carbon dioxide can be consumed and converted into glucose by what type of organisms? Fish Plants Animals.
Muscles in the human body require what energy compound to function? ATP RNA Fat.
A train travels at 25 mpf for 3 hours. How far did the train move? 75 miles 115 Miles 100 miles .
Which organ is responsible for regulating blood sugar by secreting insulin and glucagon? Pancreas Liver Spleen .
Most scientists agree to Earth is approximately how old? 4.6 billon years 10.4 billon years 11.3 billon years 34.5 billon years.
The study of the evironmet and organisms interaction whitin it is called Ecology Botany Biology.
I'm taxonomy, which classification comes after family? Genus Order Phyllis Species.
Alan ran 2.5 miles on his afternoon run, how many feet did he run? 13200 5580 5280.
In the Lily flower, the red color is dominant and the white color is recessive, this means that's if you cross a homozigous red flower whith a white one, the offspring will be All red All white All pink .
Which part of the atom help determine it's atomic number? Proton Electron Anion.
Newton's first law of motion states that object in motion remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, and object at rest stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force, this statement is also referred to as the law of Inertia Friction Force .
If an unbalanced force acts on an object, then the object will begin to accelerate according to Kepler's law of motion Newton's second law Newton's first law.
One of the primary characteristics of bacteria is its Lack of a nuclear membrane Ability to move Lack of a cell membrane .
Approximately how many bones exist in the human body? 200 400 300.
The nucleus of an atom is composed of Protrons and neutrons Electron and proton Neutrons and electron .
When exactly two atoms share electrons, they are said to have which type of bond? Metalic Covalent Ionic.
Which is considered the earliest stage of human development? Zygote Fetus Embryo .
What number is referred to as Absolute zero? O Kelvin O degrees cencius O degrees Fahrenheit.
Which of these is the best conductor of heat? Metal Plastic Wood.
According to the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the highest frequency, wave know to exist? Gamma Rays Infraves waved Radio waves .
Which element has no neutrons? Hydrogen Carbon Nitrogen .
Which element In the protein hemoglobin, found in red blood cells, is responsible for binding oxygen: Titanium Iron Magnesium.
Of following layer of the atmosphere, which is the closest to the Earth's surface and contains the majority of cloud's? Troposphere Mesophere Stratosphere Expohere.
Animals the feed exclusively one plants are called Primary consumers Primary producer Tertiary consumers .
An anemometer measures what Temperature Wind speed Air pressure Humidity.
Which of the following biological classifications is the largest and most inclusive? Kingdom Class Family Phylum.
Which of the following is an example of a mineral Flaxseed Micronutrients Vitamin D Sodium chloride.
Two separate weather fronts will have air that is of different: Speed Quality Density Composition.
How long does it take the earth to rotate 90 degrees 6 hours 12 hours 8 hours .
About how long does is take the earth to complete an orbit of the sun 1 season 1 day 1 month 1 years.
The formal binomial nomenclature ( or scientific name) of a living organism consists of which two parts Family and species Class and family Order and class Genus and species.
Which of the following is not a fruit? Carrots Tomatoes Corn Pepper.
Force can be represented by a vector, A vector represents Magnitude and direction Direction Magnitude Speed.
Which color of visible light has the lowest frequency? Red Yellow Indigo Violet .
Of these options, which is the most specific category of biological classification? Species Phylum Genus Domain .
Which of these is not a unit of lenght? Cubic centimeter Milimeter Meter Kilometer.
Which part of the brain is responsible for involuntary actions such as breathing and heart beat? Medulla Cerebrum Pons Cerebellum.
How many chromosomes are found in a human sperm cell? 23 46 2 21.
What structure connects muscle to bone? Tendons Joints Ligament Cartilage.
Earth' is made of several layers. Which make up most of earth volume? The mantle The crust The inner core The outer core.
What is the pH of water? 6 0 7 1.
Which blood cells are responsible for delivering to the body? Red blood cells White blood cells Platelets Thrombocytes.
Gene expression in physical characteristics such as eye or hair color is referred to as Phenotype Allele Homozigous allele Genotype.
An animal that eats both plants and meat is called An omnivore An herbivore A piscivore A carnivore.
Skin is considered part of the______ system Integumentary Muscular Endocrine Skeletal .
On a Celsius thermometer, how many degrees are there between the boiling point of water and freezing point of water: 100 degrees 32 degrees 180 degrees 212 degrees.
If one tectonic plate slides under another, the process is know as: Subduction Abduction Orogenesis Invective.
The process of water molecules escaping the earts surface and entering the atmosphere is know as: Evaporation Condensation Collection Precipitation.
The product of force and distance is Work Velocity Power Momentum.
The cell membrane is a structure composed primarily of: Lipid Protein Carbohidrate CDNA.
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