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The Giver

The Giver

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In the first chapter, why is the Pilot released from the community? He was a spy from an enemy community He misread his navigational instructions and frightened the community He failed to deliver his cargo of food on time He crashed his aircraft.
Why does Jonas decide that “apprehensive” is a better word for his feeling than “frightened”? He wants to use more sophisticated vocabulary, since he is turning twelve soon He likes words that begin with vowels He thinks it expresses more precisely how he feels His mother once used the word “apprehensive” and he admires her.
What does Jonas’s mother do for a living? She is a Nurturer She is a Storyteller She is a Birthmother She works for the department of justice.
Which rule is most frequently broken in Jonas’s community? Children must not ride bicycles until they are nine Aircrafts are not to be flown over the community Adults and children are not allowed to look at each other naked The names of newchildren are secret until the Naming Ceremony.
Why does Jonas’s mother discourage Lily from becoming a Birthmother? The society is overpopulated The position holds very little honor in the society Birthmothers are very lazy and never get anything done.
Why does Jonas worry about Asher’s Assignment? Asher is easily disappointed and will probably find fault with his assignment Asher does not seem to have any serious interests Asher will fail at any Assignment he is given Asher has not completed enough volunteer hours to qualify for an Assignment.
Why is Gabriel in danger of being released? He bites the staff at the Nurturing Center He is deformed He is not growing fast enough and cannot sleep through the night He smiles too much, and the staff suspects he will be abnormally gassy when he grows up.
What do the numbers assigned to each child signify? The order of their birth The department to which they belong Their rank in school Their height in inches.
Why does the Chief Elder apologize to the audience at the Ceremony of Twelve? She is about to tell them that Jonas will be released Her shoes do not match her handbag She has caused them anxiety about Jonas’s Assignment She knows they are disappointed with their children’s Assignments.
How does the community react to the death of a child in the river? They hold a candlelight vigil They hold seminars to warn children to stay away from the river They chant the child’s name over and over, each time more and more softly They send casseroles to the child’s parents.
Where did the Giver get his wisdom? From his own experience From memories transmitted by the previous Receiver From reading books From a surgical operation.
Which of the following was not written on Jonas’s Assignment sheet? You are permitted to lie You are not permitted to apply for a spouse You are not permitted to apply for release You are exempted from rules governing rudeness.
What method does the Giver use to train Jonas? He places his hands on Jonas’s bare back and gives him memories He teaches Jonas to read novels with a critical eye He burns Jonas with a hot iron repeatedly until Jonas can endure pain He shows Jonas videos of events that happened in the distant past.
What are Stirrings? Leftover pancake batter Intense religious gatherings at which members of the community vent their suppressed emotions The beginnings of sexual desire The feelings that usher in the first time someone can see color.
What is the first memory Jonas receives? A ride on a sled through falling snow A ride on a sled resulting in a broken leg A family at Christmas A sunburn.
Why is Lily skeptical of Jonas’s story about the elephants? She is afraid of elephants, so she thinks Jonas is just trying to scare her Lily has been raised to think that elephants are imaginary creatures Lily is an expert on elephants and knows they would never behave in the way Jonas describes them Jonas is a pathological liar.
What was the name of the failed Receiver who was chosen ten years ago? Poppy Melanie Fiona Rosemary.
Why is Jonas not permitted to apply for release? If Jonas left the community, all the valuable time and money spent on his training would be wasted If Jonas left the community, all of the Committee of Elders would die of broken hearts because they love him so much If Jonas left the community, all the memories he had accumulated would enter the minds of the citizens and create chaos If Jonas left, the Giver would be lonely.
How does Jonas help the newchild Gabriel go to sleep? He transmits memories of lullabies and soft beds He tells him bedtime stories He injects him with a mild sleeping drug He transmits memories of peaceful sails on a lake.
Why do Jonas’s parents refuse to tell him that they love him? They think love is an obsolete word with no meaning They think that Jonas will feel smothered by their love They secretly hate him They were not paying attention when he asked if they loved him.
Why does Jonas interrupt his friends’ game of good guys and bad guys? They did not let him play He recognizes that their game takes a casual attitude toward tragedy He has a better idea for a game and thinks his rank as Receiver should count for something They are not following the rules governing gameplay.
Why does the Nurturing Center release one of every set of identical twins? The staff is sadistic They need to practice their releasing techniques It is inconvenient to have identical people walking around One twin is always seriously ill at birth.
Why does Jonas leave the community before the time he and the Giver had planned? He realizes that the Giver is conspiring with the Committee of Elders to trap him He wants to bring Fiona, and he knows the Giver would not approve He finds out that Gabriel will be released the next morning and wants to save his life The wind is good, and he needs to take a boat.
How does Jonas keep the search planes from finding him and Gabriel? He covers their bodies with thick, dirty leaves He bribes one of the Pilots to ignore them He transmits memories of cold so that the heat- seeking planes cannot locate them He stays very still because they are motion-sensitive.
What does Jonas see (or think he sees) as he nears the bottom of the hill on the sled? Colored lights in the windows of houses His parents waiting for him A search party from the community A child with a broken leg who has fallen from his sled.
Where was Lois Lowry born? EEUU (Hawai) Alaska Puerto Rico France.
Why does the apple change when Jonas plays catch with it?.
Why must Jonas take pills?.
What does the word “release” mean in the context of the community?.
Where does Jonas volunteer?.
Why does the community enforce “Sameness”?.
What's the name of the protagonist? Fiona Jonas Asher El Dador.
How old is Jonas? 10 11 14 15.
When Jonas felt frightened? When a dog bit him When an unidentified aircraft flew over his community When there was an earthquake in him city When there was a tsunami.
What with official orders are transmitted in the community? With official orders transmitted through loudspeakers planted all around the community With official orders transmitted through loudspeakers planted in ears each one With official orders transmitted through TV With official orders transmitted through the radio.
what was the punishment for the pilot who flew over the community in an unidentified aircraft? The pilot had to write a hundred times "I will not fly over the community anymore" The pilot was “released” from the community The pilot was booked into jail The pilot had to pay a fine.
what does consist the ritual called “the telling of feelings.” Each person tells a princess story Each person describes an emotion that he or she experienced during the day and discusses it with the others at nigh. Each person tells the dream they had the night before Each person describes an fear that he or she experienced during the day .
What does jonas's father do? Heis a Nurturer (he takes care of the community’s babies, or newchildren o release when it is necesary), He is a Nurturer (he takes care of the community’s old people) He is a financial executive and works in a bank He is a Nurturer (he takes care of the community’s wild beasts).
In the community can children be adopted? The family considers taking care of the baby for a while, though they are NOT allowed to adopt him —every household is allowed only one male and one female child. YES, they are allowed to adopt a one male and one female child.
How they do the husband and wife choose? They go to the dance and there they choose the husband or the wife The goverment assigned spouses (husband and wife) The government looks for the husband or the wife, and leaves a choice between three.
What is happen in Ceremony of Twelve? The time when he will be assigned a career and begin life as an adult The time when the government look for a husband or wife The time when twelve people meet to talk about feelings.
How many children are born every year? 25 40 50 100.
In what month do all children add up to one year, regardless of their birthday? January March August December.
In which ceremony children are assigned to family units and given a name Ceremony of One Ceremony of Two Ceremony of Three Ceremony of Five.
In which ceremony children receive their first official bicycles? Ceremony of Four Ceremony of Six Ceremony of Seven Ceremony of Nine.
Who will choose the career of Jona according his abilities and interests? His parents Committee of Elders His father Nobody, Jona choose the career he like .
When he might lose touch with many of his childhood friends, since he will be spending his time with a new group, training for his job. Ten Eleven Twelve Thirsteen.
What is the “comfort object” of Lily? stuffed lion stuffed elephant stuffed tiger stuffed giraffe.
How is the community? safe and peaceful because Jonas only can remember being frightened is when an unidentified plane flew over his community. violent because Jonas is very frightened Unsorted and unpeaceful, because there are a lot of people in the streets of the city.
Who has the power to turn the Speaker off? Asher Jonas The Giver Jonas' dad.
What memory does The Giver first give Jonas? sunburn war snow Christmas.
What job is Fiona assigned to? the Nurturing Center Birthmother Caretaker of the Old Receiver of Memory.
What is the name of the little baby that Jonas' dad brings home to care for? Asher Gabriel Phillipa Lily.
What is the name of Jonas' little sister? Lily Turtle Gabriel Fiona.
What department moves so much, it is a joke in the community? Hall of Open Records Department of Bicycle Repair The Auditorium Childcare Center.
What is the name of the previous receiver-in-training who was a failure? Jonas Rosemary Lily Asher.
What is another true fact about Rosemary? She was a town hero She was the daughter of The Giver She was a laborer She is the sister of Jonas.
What age does the ceremony of children go up to? 1 12 6 15.
How many books are in each house? 10 3 as many as they want between 10 and 10, depending on the family.
After Jonas is selected to be the Receiver, can he lie? No Yes Only on Tuesday Yes, but not to The Giver.
What piece of fruit did Jonas steal from the Recreation Area? An orange An apple A pear A grape.
What word do Jonas' parents think is not precise, when he asks them? Hate Love Enjoy Movie.
What was the last thing that Jonas heard in the book? Music His mom calling People crying The Giver's voice.
How does Jonas feel in the chapter 1? apprehensive frightened happy angry.
How have Jona and Gabriel eyes? light eyes dark eyes black eyes blue eyes.
Choose the right answer. Position of Birthmother It has a lot of honors They are pampered for three years while they produce children Then do hard labor They never get to see their biological children.
Who does Jonas mandatory volunteer hours do? Gabriel Asher Carlos.
At what age do they mandatory volunteer hours do? 8-11 12 10-15.
Where Does Jonas mandatory volunteer hours do? House of the Old He volunteers at a variety of places House of the Babys.
Can the children attend the "released"? Yes No, it is forbidden.
Who Can look at other people naked? Everybody the Old or newchildren Babies Old.
What does Jona call the color change of the apple? red “nondescript” change of size change of colour.
when do they tell their dreams? in the morning. in the afternoon At night .
What did Jonas dream? he was in the steamy bathing room at the House of the Old, trying to convince his friend Fiona to take off her clothes and allow him to give her a bath he was in his house with him sister playing playmobyl he was riding a horse in the field.
How Jona's mother heals the Stirrings? take him the same pill every morning water with lemon juice an hot bath.
What do 7-year-olds get? they get a horse they get a jacket that they can button themselves they get a shirt that they can button themselves.
What do 8-year-olds get? they begin to volunteer they get a jacket that they can button themselves they get a shirt that they can button themselves.
What do 9-year-olds get? they get bikes and girls no longer need to wear hair ribbons they get a jacket that they can button themselves they begin to volunteer.
What do 10-year-olds get? they get hair is cut they get a bicycle they begin to volunteer.
What do 11-year-olds get? they discuss their upcoming Assignments discuss their future they begin to volunteer.
What is the name of the ceremony where the "replacement children" are delivered? Murmur-of-Replacement Ceremony Ceremony of Loss Ceremony of Hapiness.
What happens when a citizen feels that they do not fit in the community? that citizen can change of family that citizen can apply for Elsewhere and disappear that citizen can change of job.
In Ceremony of Twelve, the children line up by .. ? number (the order in which he or she was born) name heigh.
In Ceremony of Twelve, what number has Jonas and Fiona? Fiona 18 Jonas 19 Fiona 15 Jonas 20.
In Ceremony of Twelve, Asher is assigned the position Assistant Director of Recreation Carer of old man Policeman.
In Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas is assigned the position Assistant Director of Recreation Receiver of Memory Carer.
The Receiver of Memory need possess intelligence, integrity, and courage ability to acquire wisdom Courage, because he will experience real pain requires the “Capacity to See Beyond.”.
The Receiver of Memory tasks he is not allowed to tell his dreams to anyone he cannot apply for medication unless he was ill he can apply for release he is allowed to lie.
Which are the three reference volumes ? dictionary community volume travel book Book of Rules.
How is the training of the giver? Transmit to Jonas all the songs people know in the community Transmit to Jonas all of the memories he has of the past and the memories of the entire world run 40 kms.
What is the first memory the receiver transmit to Jonas? Rain Snow The sea.
Besides the snow, what other memories does the receiver transmit to Jonas? Rain, wet foot sunshine, sunburn The sea, surf.
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