Healthly Habits and Earth resources

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Healthly Habits and Earth resources

In this test you can experiment how much you know about Healthly H. and Earth R.

Jean Pierre Bustos R.
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Choose the habit that is not healthy. Have Breakfast. Plan Your Meals Eat junk food.
How many glasses of water is recommended to take a day? 6 glasses of water. 7 glasses of water. 8 glasses of water.
What is the minimum time a person must perform an exercise a day, to take care of their health? 1 hour 30 minutes 15 minutes.
How long should a teenager aged 18 to 25 a day sleep? 6 - 8 hours per day 8-10 hours per day 10 or more hours per day.
Which of the following options is a bad habit for health? Sleep eight hours a day. Take eight glasses of water and make exercise. Eat junk food and smoke.
What is a natural resource? Something of value we get from the earth´s enviorment. Something that is not important. Something that not affect the lives of humans, because don´t exist.
How are natural resources classified? Cheap and Expensive Renewable and Nonrenewable Natural resources are not classified.
Which of the following options are renewable resources? Wood, wind, water and solar energy. Gas, gold, silver. Water, oil, aluminum.
Which of the following options are nonrenewable resources? Wood, water, minerals. Oil, gas, copper. Animals, silver, gold.
Which of the following numerals presents resources of the earth? Air, water, land. Water, minerals, plants. All of the above.
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