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Which is not a part of Developmental Process? Identify from the following. (1) Business Content Data Flow Manage a Drill Naming conventions.
What is displayed in an EVDRE report when 'Account1, Account2' is in the PageKeyRange, with entity in the rows and time in columns? (1) Account1 and Account2 in separate columns Aggregated data for Account1 and Account2 All Accounts other than Account1 and Account2 Account1 and Account2 in separate rows.
What all are the options to prevent Data Entry in General. (2) Layouts Work status Data access profiles Read only References.
Which implementation step is mandatory to set up an on-the-fly KPI calculation? (1) Update the "system_constants" file. Add the "Formula" property to the account member. Execute a data management package. Add the library file "mdxlib.lgl" to the options sheet of the account member.
Which tool can you use in the EPM Office Add-in Excel to email a list of static files? (2) book publication distribution portal publication worksheet generation .
Running control could include the following steps. Identify them. (2) Run Control Contents Review Control data Dimensions Hyper links.
In SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation for NetWeaver, the language texts are missing. How do you fix this issue? (1) Load data from the InfoProvider. Import transaction data. Import master data descriptions. Refresh dimension members.
Which of the following tasks can you perform using the Consolidation Monitor? (2) run currency translation run ownwership calculation run controls run Data Manager packages run consolidation .
Which function do you use to calculate variances? (1) EPMExecuteAPl EPMComparison EPMMemberOffset EPMMemberProperty.
For which dimension type can you activate a data audit trail for a model? (1) Account Category Time Entity.
Find out the components of Planning and Consolidation. (2) Navigation pane Business layer Action pane Infrastructure layer.
What are valid MDX expansion options? (3) AFTER BEFORE ANY LEAVES SELF.
You reopen a step in a business process flow. What will to status of the next step be? (1) reopened open rejected delayed .
How to set The Environment Status (1) Indirect selection Log on/ off In the Navigation Pane, select your environment. Direct selection.
Who is notified when an activity is submitted in the Business Process Flow? (1) Owner Performer Manager Reviewer.
What dimensions are used to configure the carry forward business rule? (3) Account dimension Entity dimension DataSource dimension Flow dimension Time dimension.
Which of the following calculations uses only logic script? (1) Ownership calculation Reclassification Allocation currency translation.
Identify the factors involved in Business Process Flow (2) Codes Costs Benefits Levels Items.
How to use a consolidation monitor (3) Business contents Control status Consolidation status Work status Administration.
For which dimension can you activate a data audit trail for an Application? (1) Category Account Entity Time.
A KPI should be calculated centrally, on-the-fly, and be available to all reports. Which implementation option do you choose? (1) Script Logic Business Rules Dimension Member Formulas Worksheet Logic.
User1 is the parent owner and user2 is the child owner. What happens when user2 sets a work status? (3) If it is set to "Manager", user2 can post a journal. If it is set to "Locked", neither can post a journal. If it is set to "Both", user1 and user2 can post a journal If it is set to "All", only user1 and user2 can post a journal If it is set to "Manager", user1 can post a journal.
Which of the following dimensions is automatically selected when you create a business process flow template? (1) time category account entity .
All model types must have the following dimension type (1) Time Machine Money Resources.
What is entered in the group account when you configure AR/AP intercompany eliminations and adjustment business rule? (1) the intercompany AR account the offset account the same value as in the destination minority account the intercompany AP account .
To what destination members is the script logic in the attached figure writing the records? (1) SquareFootage account for all base level entities LeaseCost account for all base level entities SquareFootage account for all entities GlobalOps account for all entities.
Which settings do you need to make for the Source Account to calculate the annual net income (ANI) for the liability account? (1) Expense, Destination Account = Revenue and ANI, reverse sign Revenue and Cost, Destination Account = ANI, reverse sign Expense, Destination Account = Revenue and ANI, do not reverse sign Revenue and Cost, Destination Account = ANI, do not reverse sign.
How can you add a property other than a hierarchy to a dimension? (1) Process the dimension. Maintain the dimension members Refresh the dimension members. Maintain the dimension property.
You execute the following Script Logic Logic1.lgf by running a data manager package, without transferring any further parameters and without using default logic. *WHEN ACCOUNT *IS ACCOUNT1 *REC (FACTOR=1.5, ACCOUNT=ACCOUNT2) *ENDWHEN *COMMIT What is the scope of the calculation? (1) ACCOUNT1 and ACCOUNT2 Only input schedule Only current view All data within the database.
how do you change an EPM report from read only to read/write using EPM office Add-in Excel? (1) activate member recognition in the sheet options switch template to an input schedule switch type from report to input form activate as input form in sheet option .
In BPC NetWeaver, the language texts are missing. How do you fix this issue? (1) Import transaction data. Refresh dimension members. Import master data descriptions. Load data from InfoProvider.
What do you need to consider when using journals? (2) Journals are copied when you copy one appset to another. Journals are supported in the work status configuration. Journal authorizations are only governed by the task 'create journals'. Journals can be posted either manually or automatically but not both.
How do you configure the data Manager package to execute a specific logic script file? (1) define the logic script file in the advanced package settings define the logic script file in the process chain define the logic script file as a variable in package parameters define the logic script file in the package link .
Find out the options uses to optimize your model for improvement in system performance (2) Lite Optimize Pie charts Charts and tables Info graphics Full Optimize.
Where do you set the data audit to capture transactional data changes? (1) At Appset level in Web Admin At Application level in Admin Console At Application level in Web Admin At Appset level in Admin Console.
You want to set up a consolidation model. Which of the following dimensions should be the same for consolidation, rate and ownwership models? (2) entity time data source category account .
Which of the following functions do you use to load data from a flat file to a model? (1) Run Package Data Preview Organize Package Download Data .
Which Dimension type can you use for the context when you use the controls monitor in a financial model? (3) R-Currency G-Group E-Entity T-Time .
What object in SAP BW is an equivalent to an Application in SAP BPC for NetWeaver? (1) A MultiProvider that creates a join of different data tables A DataStore Object that contains transactional data A basic InfoCube that contains transactional data A real-time InfoCube that contains transactional data.
You want to create a PD book that contains PDF files by cost center for the current year based on an EPM report , and publish it in the library. Which of the following steps are required when you create the publication template? (2) include the cost center dimension in the fixed keys in the publication template assign the EPM report to the publication template include the cost center dimension in the page axis in the publication template assign the cost center to the variable members of the publication template assign a time varible to the publication template .
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