IFR Num 2.1

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IFR Num 2.1

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The CFS is revised and reissued every _____ days? 60. 30. 56. 90.
Which of the following features are depicted on enroute LO charts? Reporting points; all aerodromes; FSS information. Navigation aids; controlled and uncontrolled airspace; restricted areas. Topographical data; navigation aids; controlled airspace only. Holds; Class E airspace; highways.
A LO chart covers from the surface up to but not including what altitude? 18,000'. 12,500'. 23,000'. 27,000'.
The scale for a LO chart is? 1:500,000. 1:1,000,000. Variable. 1:250,000.
En-route High Altitude charts are revised and reissued every? 90 days. 30 days. 56 days. 60 days.
How many High Altitude charts are required for complete coverage of Canada? 1. 10. 4. 6.
How many Terminal Area Charts are required for coverage of Canada's major airports? 6. 12. 1. 8.
Which of the following publications would be most likely to contain noise abatement procedures? HI Chart. LO Chart. TAC. CAP.
Which of the following publications would provide information on preferred IFR routings? HI Chart. CAP. CFS. TAC.
Which of the following must be accounted for when doing fuel calculations? Missed approach. Diversion to an alternate. ATC delays. All of the above.
Alternate weather minima shall be consistent with? Aircraft performance, and navigation equipment. Functioning navaids, weather forecast, and runway used. Surface winds that could dictate the landing runway, and how the terms TEMPO, BECMG, and PROB apply within a forecast. All of the above.
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