INGLÉS 1 Academia de Cambridge 2019 UTPL

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INGLÉS 1 Academia de Cambridge 2019 UTPL

Test de Ingles

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Are we Friends? No, _______ not. we are we’re.
Are you Juan? Yes, I _______ i’m is am.
How do you spell your _______ name, Raul? It’s R-A-U-L. Middle initial Last First.
Carlos Bautista is single. We call him _______ Bautista mrs. miss. mr.
Are you here for the lecture? Yeah, I am. ____ Me too. About you? How about you? Who about you?.
How are you doing? _______ How are you? Yeah. Thanks. Pretty good.
Are they at the gym? Yes, ______. They is They are They’re.
_________ these your snacks? No, they’re not. Am Is Are.
The computer is _______ the desk. in between on.
What time is it? I don't know. Look at the ______ map clock calendar.
I'm sorry. I don't know. That's OK. ______ Thanks anyway You're welcome Sure.
What's your name? ______, please? Sure. What's your name? Can I borrow that Can you repeat that Can you spell that.
How old is your mother? ______ forty. He's It`s She's.
Is he smart? _______ No, he's not. Yes, he's. Yes, he am.
We need to sleep. We are all very _____. busy tired late.
My sister is my mother's _____. wife daughter sister.
My grandpa is ninety years old. _______? That is really old. Wow Amazing Really.
My dad's name is Boris. ______? That is an interesting name Wow I don't believe you Boris.
She _____ for her classes. doesn't study don'tstudy don't studies.
We _______ coffee every moming has had have.
I don't ________ the car at night. do listen drive.
My grandma doesn't _______ breakfast. have watch get up.
Does your mom ______ the laundry in your house? have do make.
Do you ______ to class every day? go have take.
Do you study a lot?_____, not on weekends really Yes Well.
Do you read every day? _____, not every day. Really Yes Well.
I ________ breakfast in the mornig. eat always never eat never eats.
________ your sister go out with? When does How aften do Who does.
I love ______. sitcoms game show talk show.
My friends don't like ____. hospital drama sitcom police dramas.
We love _______. police drama hospital drama cartoons.
They can't stand _______. documentary talk show police dramas.
Do you like your job? _____. I don't hale it I mean No Yes.
When do you study? _____, is it everyday? Yeah, I study everyday. Really Yes I mean.
There are a couple of _______ at the mall. stores new newstores stores big.
A am scared. I am too. ______ leave right now! Let's Let Lets.
There's a ______ here parks stores restaurant.
Metropolitano is a very large ______. post offine theater park.
I like the grocery store on the comer. _______. I do Me too Me neither.
I _____ this coffee. Me neither like don't like likes.
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