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Mary: What's this? Sue: ___ a radio. I'm He's She's It's it not.
Michael: How are you? Cesar : ____. Fine, thanks. Good-bye. See you later. I'm a teacher. Hello.
James: This ____ your teacher. Albert: Hello. My name's Albert. is am are and ‘re.
Jenny: ______? Ruth: I'm a cook. How are you? What time is it? What's your name? What’s you? What are you?.
This is ____ calendar. at a I in an.
Bill isn't a pilot. ____ a mechanic? Is it He’s Are they Are we Is he.
Good-bye. Stand up. See you later. How are you? What are you? Good morning.
A week is seven ____. calendars dollars days clocks vowels.
____ the word on the board. Open Close Write Go Stand.
Forty-nine = ____. 35 53 49 15 350.
Write your name, ____. please word hello book bye.
I ____ a cook. are is and m’ am.
A dime is 10 ____. maps cents dollars tapes coin.
That ____ my calendar. are am and ‘re is.
___ on the recorder, please. Listen to the tape. Turn Go Spell Circle Write.
Those are ____. desk chairs table window tape.
____ is a doctor. She We They I Her.
These ____ maps. is am and isn’t are.
Ann: Are these your books? Sue: No, ___. it isn't you aren't they aren't I'm not they are.
Janet: What's that? Lisa: ____ a radio. It's She's He's I'm His.
Ana: _____? Teresa: He's a barber. What is today? Is today Tuesday? What is George? Is it time? What is she?.
Ann: Olga, is this your money? Olga: Yes, it's ___ money. my her his your he’s.
Sharon: Circle the number. ___ circle the letter. Rebeca: Okay. Please, repeat. Hello That What No Don't.
Paul: Are you teachers? Ted : No, we ____ teachers. am not aren't are am don’t.
Robert: What is Mary? Jeff: ____. It's your book. That is a mechanic. Her name is Mary. Mary's a teacher. She is fine.
Louis: ___ is Tom going? Anthony: He's going to Lab 4. Who What Whose When Where.
Jose: ____ to the dispensary now? Ruben: Yes. I'm sick. Are you going Going you are Going are you Are going you No go you.
Is your schedule the ___ today? same short correct now different.
Joe is eating a big lunch. He's very ___. angry hungry sick tired sad.
The children are in the classroom. Reading are they? Reading they are? Are reading they? Are they reading? They’re read.
Irene: ____. Bertha: Yes, I am. I'm going to bed. Are you tired? You tired are? Are tired you? Tired are you? You are tired?.
Bart: Is your father a pilot ___ a mechanic? Cesar : He's a mechanic. at or too to and.
Ronald: Is your friend going to the movie? Jean: _________. No, he is going to the movie. Yes, he isn't going to the movie. Yes, he is. He's going to the library. No, he isn't. He's going to the library. No, he’s. He’s not going to the library.
Albert: Are your parents going to the hospital? Nicole: No, they ___. I am. aren't not aren't not are not.
We ___ eating beef. We're eating chicken. aren't not not aren't don’t not aren't.
This is correct. It is not ___. same read right wrong same.
The teacher is not sick today. He is ___. very well tall small short.
Is Robert a mechanic ___ a pilot? on or too at an.
Tom is not in the classroom. He is ____. where well now in outside.
Sally is drinking ____. mess hall meat milk money lamb.
Ted is a barber. David is a barber, too. Ted ___ David are barbers. or on and very but.
Henry is eating ____. drinks snack bar hungry mess hall dinner.
These are my children. ____ names are Bob, John, and Susan. My Our Your Their Theirs.
This is my coffee. ___ coffee is that? Whose Where What Who When.
Joe: ___ are you going? Mary: I'm going to the library. Who What Where Whose Which.
The teacher is going to ____ the homework. check buy drink come open.
Joe: Is Bill your son? Mary: That's right. I'm his ____. husband mother brother daughter son.
Jose: Are the boys ____? Luz: Yes, Mr. Johnson is their father. sisters mothers daughters brothers fathers.
Eugene: Are you drinking coffee? Mary: _____. No, I'm not. I'm drinking tea. Yes, I'm not drinking coffee. No, I'm drinking coffee. Yes, I'm drinking tea. No, I drink tea.
David: What are you ___? Hilda: A good movie. eating drinking watching going walking.
How many ____? do they have chairs chairs do they have they do have chairs chairs have they do they chairs do have.
He was ____ his bed at 11:00 p.m. for at on to in.
The teachers ___ in school yesterday. weren't wasn't aren't isn't was.
Beth doesn't want ____ a question. ask is asking asks to ask ask to.
____ at the dispensary? When were we We were when When we were Were we when We when were.
I ____ to the BX on Saturdays. do goes go am go goes not go.
Andrew: When are you going to the commissary? Lisa: I'm going ____. here right now all right there yesterday.
The students ____ in the library. no study study don't do study not not study don't study.
We eat breakfast ___ in the day. month never early when and.
Louis: ____ her book in class? Adrian: Yes, she does. Does she read She does read Read does she She read does Do she reads.
He wants ____ coffee. is drinking drink to drink drinks to drinking.
Paul drinks tea ___ breakfast. in to on for the.
Joe was in class ___ week. next last ago when early.
George: Who ____ the homework? Carol: The teacher does. do check are checking are check checks to check.
The children drink milk. It is ____. good hungry second tall short.
Sherry doesn't eat meat. She ___ eats meat. sometimes always every later never.
Gordon: What ____ drink? Charles: Orange juice. want you you want do you want to you want do to you do want.
Horatio: ____ do you go to the commissary? Carmen: 3 days a week. What How many Every How often Where.
The time is 2:00 p.m. It is ____. evening afternoon midnight morning early.
She ____ in school yesterday is are were aren’t was.
Do you ____ a new book? walk speak know have has.
____ in the dispensary yesterday? You were Was you Were you You are Is you.
The students are in lab 50 ___ today. years minutes months hours weeks.
The ____. big is room big room is room is big is big room is room big.
Bobby is a small boy. He is ____. next tall last new short.
What test ____? they did took did they take they took did they took they did take.
______________? How much the pencil is? The pencil how much is? Is how much the pencil? How much is the pencil? How is the pencil much?.
We ____ dinner every evening. cost cook visit wear drink.
How much ____? does it cost it costs do it cost costs it it costed.
The man ___ to school. no did walk didn't walk no walked didn't walked not walked.
How many books ___? he did have did he have he had did he had he has.
___ is not a color. Orange Purple Summer Green Black.
Who ___ the airplane? check did checked did checks was check checked.
Today is Wednesday. Monday was the day ___. after tomorrow after yesterday before tomorrow before yesterday before now.
Let's sit at ___ table over there. that these those this an.
Private Smith ___ drive the truck. do must have are had.
I'm sick. ___ I leave, please? May Do Am Must Can’t.
They work over there in ___ offices. these an this that those.
We ____ talk inside. are mustn't aren't were may not.
What ____? the notebook color is color the notebook is color is the notebook is the notebook color color the is notebook.
I like ___ bananas over here. that those this these a.
I speak Russian. ___ you speak Russian? Can Have Are Mustn't Does.
What lesson ____? she did learn did she learn she learned learned she she learns.
______________? How much is the notebook? The notebook is how much? How much the notebook is? Is how much the notebook? The notebook how much is?.
Gerry: ___ the answers? Rachel: Yes, he did. Does he circles Did he circle He did circle Did he circles Did he circled.
How many apples ____? Ted bought Ted did buy did Ted buy Ted buys did Ted bought.
I studied all night ___. end with long true wrong.
Edward is playing ___ a ball. with all well again now.
How much ____ the books cost? are does were did was.
Stuart: ____ we sleep late on weekends? Victor: Yes, you can. Must not Did Aren't May Can’t.
No, I don't have ____. some a lot of any how much how many.
A hamburger is a big ____. cookie dessert pie receiver sandwich.
Karen: Where are your clothes? Donna: They're in my ____. sharpener zipper suitcase reservation pencil case.
I don't see ____ children here today. some much one many an.
He didn't eat ____ ice cream. one much some many few.
____ men took the test last night? How much Was there How many Are there Were there.
Sara: You can't go. The ticket costs $1.25. Diana: I have a dollar. I ____ a quarter. have to get need change wants.
I bought this meat at the ____. grocery store barbershop drugstore travel agency dispensary.
Sam: Are you studying Spanish now? Patty: Yes, I am. Jose: Good! Do you like ____ class? the a some any these.
One piece of bread is on the meat. One piece of bread is under the meat. The meat is ____ the pieces of bread. among from between about under.
May I ____ my pencil? It isn't writing very well. get point to need buy sharpen.
____ a pen in his pocket. Will they. There were Were they There was Was.
Doctor! I can't ____ my leg! make comb rinse move see.
She has the red ____. one this some any two.
This apple is bad. Can I ____ it? wash change button dial ate.
Did they come on Saturday ____ Sunday? for will or one at.
Does the class have ___ students? a lot of much one this lot.
What do you want to eat for ____? gallon piece dessert slice menu.
Tomas: Does this store sell men's clothes? Jack: Yes, you ___ buy men's clothes here. aren't can’t won't are can.
____ you go to school on Sunday? Have to Can Which Are Does.
Jim is a big man and his jacket is _____. short zipper large sleeve small.
James ____ in class tomorrow. studying studied will study study not study.
She must _____ food from the store. turn on get lock point to depart.
Sam: _____ visit Ted? Erick: Tomorrow. You when will Will when you When you will Will you when When will you.
The students ____ to class after lunch. graduate go back button pick up select.
How ____ the words? will learn Gary will Gary learn Gary will learned Gary will learn learn Gary.
How many days will you ___ in Dallas? stay rain sign order pay.
Patrick ___ the movie will begin now. does thinks that thinks that that thinks think that thinking that.
How many books ___ I have? does Sara think Sara does think Sara thinks does Sara thinks do Sara thinks.
Louis: Our meal was delicious. Margot: I will ___. travel by car leave a big tip cut the vegetables deliver the mail write the bill.
Samantha went to the library ___ car. on near for to by.
Alexander: How ___ your children? Blair: Fine, thank you. are be is was isn’t.
Which word is different? hotel house jet tent room.
Leigh: The food was cold. It cost a lot. Geraldine: Yes, the dinner was ___. awful crowded delicious upset nice.
Mario: What would you like? Kelly: ____, please. I would some tea like I some tea would like Some tea I would like I would like some tea Tea I like some.
Ruth: Do you want two slices of pie? Carlos: Yes. It's ____. very dry bad delicious awful cold.
He didn't study ___ after school yesterday. something some nothing anything someone.
What would you like ___? to reading read reading reads to read.
He didn't read ___ this morning. anything something nothing some someone.
I can ____ read Arabic. how near also why buy.
We did our homework, ___ we watched television. else how but and for.
Vicky brought _____. to Bob a cookie Bob a cookie a cookie Bob to a cookie Bob Bob cookie a.
Andrew ____. bought her a coat to her a coat bought a coat her bought her a coat bought coat bought her.
Brett: Is this your first trip to New York? Teresa: Yes, I want to ___. take a rest check out leave a tip go sightseeing sleep.
Gilbert: Did you give the apple to Ms. Jones? Pam: Yes, I gave it to ___. her you me him hers.
Jim: Did you give the soccer ball to the children? Mitzy: Yes, I gave it to ____. us me you they them.
He wants a hamburger, ____ he doesn't want soup. also but and too or.
Taylor: Did you make a good ___? Cecilia: Yes, I got 99. score vacation film order number.
Take your ____ to school today. rain address umbrella snow suitcase.
Rachel is not here. She just ___. smiled left cut cried leaves.
Our barracks are ___ on the base. the cleanest cleaner cleaner than cleanest the cleaner.
You can't use that ___ your hair. combed are combing comb to combing to comb.
Mr. Smith: What's wrong with that? Mrs. Smith: It can't fly. It's hurt. dog flower cat bird plant.
Joe and Al are tall, but John is the ____. tall, too taller taller than tallest tallest than.
His shoes were dirty. Now he has to clean the ____. floor roof ceiling wall grass.
A dime is ___. straight strong round weak line.
I can't give my car to you. I have to ___. plug it in understand it lay it down keep it leave it.
The woman is old. She's wearing a dress. The dress is short. The short woman is wearing an old dress. The old woman is short. She's wearing a dress. The old woman is wearing a short dress. The short woman is old. She's wearing a dress. The woman short is wearing an old dress.
Denise: Yes, I see the three men. Which one is James? Judith: He's ___. the tallest having a great time using it for writing both men shorter than.
He uses that ___ words. is memorizing memorizes for memorize memorized to memorize.
I don't want this shirt. Please give me the ___ one. any other some both another.
On a clear night you can see the ____ in the sky. stars sun drawer bookcase birds.
Can you ___ the instructions to me? divide keep explain climb draw.
A ball is ____. straight round a triangle square a line.
Lee: Was your answer right? Sam: I don't think it was. I didn't ___ the question. explain describe draw compare understand.
May I have ____coffee? It's good and hot. both less other more most.
Black is the ____ of white. edge same opposite shape same us.
Willy: Is this your notebook? Hilda: Yes, I use it ___ new words. write wrote to writing for writing writing.
Do you think today is ___ yesterday? sunny sunnier than sunnier the sunniest the sunnier.
Ruby: These three planes are old. Ben: Yes, but this one is the ___. old older oldest than older than oldest.
Linda: May I have a cigarette? Glen: I'm sorry I don't have ___. any some both other many.
Eric: Do you like the blue tie or the green tie? Ana: I like ___ of them. some other both that one.
Frank: ___. Kristine: Oh, he's 18 now. How your son is old? How old is your son? Is how old your son? Is your son how old? Your son is old?.
Doris: Did he buy new clothes? Maria: No, he didn't buy ___. each some both many any.
Gabriel: Do you wear glasses? Rose: Yes, I use them ____. read reading will read to read for read.
Did you forget ___ off the lights? turning might turn him to turn is going to turn to turn.
George: Where do you live? Jessie: My ____ is on Elm St. direction gymnasium apartment basement store.
Jane is hungry. She needs ___ a restaurant. to finding found finding find to find.
Please ___ her that I am here. remember remember to, tell to tell not remember.
I'm trying ___ more vegetables. to eat eating did eat eat not eating.
Fred: Is this your father's car? Albert: Yes, it's ____. his theirs yours mine he’s.
Robert: Do you think the test will be hard? Sue: I don't know. It ____ be. is going to may will not needs can’t.
Hello. May I please speak to Ted Daly? Yes, I am. Will you tell him? He's not here right now. May I take a message? Hello. I'd like to speak now. No, but will you tell him that Sam Jones called? Yes, Give this letter to him.
John: Did you like the food? Mary: It was all bad. The soup was awful and the beans were terrible. But the chicken was ____. the least better than less than the worst the worse.
Sgt. Laredo: Does the bus stop at the gymnasium? Bus Driver: No, it only stops at the ____. ground corner block mile highway.
New York, Texas, and California are big states, but Texas has ___ land. most the more the most more the less.
Good scores are 100, 99, and 98, but 100 is ____. better than the best better the better the good.
The plane will take off at 3:15. It will ____ at 3:15. leave arrive stand open stop.
Mario: It's cloudy today. Will it rain? Ruth: I don't know. It ____. will is going might won't can’t.
____ Roger I can't come today. Take a message Tell Leave a message Forget Said.
All the buses are crowded, but this is the ____ crowded. more than less less than the less most.
Dave eats 2 sandwiches for lunch. Brian eats one sandwich. Brian eats ____ Dave. the least the most more than less than the more.
Carol: How cold is it? Randy: I don't know. Let me look at our ____. factory operator exercise thermometer clock.
Michael: Did the mechanic finish your truck? Polly: No, I have to ____ a car this weekend. hold rent pay follow use.
Bob: Mr. Simmons is on the phone. Rachel: Please ____ that I'll talk to him in a minute. tell him tell to him to tell him telling him said him.
Marion: I think this book belongs to Ian and Mary. Linda: Yes, it's ____. mine yours ours theirs they.
Wilbert: Do you have my math book? I can't ___ it. Angel: Look under your chair. rent find shut pay sell.
The school is one street west of here. It's one ____west. park block ground land sidewalk.
The ____ between Houston and Dallas is called I-45. street ground degree highway garage.
Leslie: How is your back today? Alec: It's ____ it was yesterday. I hurt it again this morning. better better than the worst the worse than worse than.
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