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That's not a notebook. ___ a book. It's It doesn't Is It be It's no.
There is a ____ on the wall. car child picture chalk tape.
____ is your name? Whose When Who How What.
Those are ____. They're on the table. books cars barracks floors walls.
A quarter is ___ cents. twenty five fifty twenty-five five.
A penny, a dollar, and a dime are ____. paper coin numbers money bills.
Jane isn't a pilot. ____ a nurse. He isn't She is not He's She's It's not.
We are cooks. We ___ pilots. are isn't don't be aren't don't.
A dime is 10 ___. coins bills cents money numbers.
___ this? It's a map. What's Is what It is Is it What it is.
He's my brother. I'm his ____. mother father right sister nice.
___ are in the library. Pens Pencils Notebooks Books Recorders.
Erick: Is Ronny 's sister a doctor? Tim: No, ____. he is he isn't she is she doesn't she isn't.
Doris: Whose pencil is this? Ruth: ____ Bob's. It's They're His Your He.
Pat: Who is Mike Carson? Ann: ____ my teacher. She's They're It's He's It is.
Select the correct sentence Are the fine students? The fine are students? Fine the students are? Are students the fine? Are the students fine?.
Those houses aren't small. They're ___. sick big young cold well.
____ you tomorrow. Look at Later See Do Nice.
Betty: ____ is your wife? Paul: She's fine, thank you. Whose When How Where What.
Susan ____ now. eat eating are eating don't eat is eating.
My tea isn't hot, It's ____. early late sorry cold old.
Dereck: ___? Mary: I want a new car. What does you want What do you want What does you wants What are you want What is you want.
His wife is very ____. She's twenty years old. baby new young old child.
Jeff: Were you at school last year? Ted: ___. Yes, I were Yes, I do No, I don't No, I am Yes, I was.
My friend ___ Arabic. plays don't talk speaks is speak doesn't speaks.
I want to eat. I'm ____. hungry tired sorry sick thirsty.
Circle a, b, c, d or e on your answer ___. word sheet number test letter.
Robert is an enlisted man. He is ____. an airman a civilian an officer a captain a general.
The students ____ a test every month. takes doesn't take take taking is taking.
Peter: Does Mrs. Smith work on weekends? Jane: Yes, she ____ on Sundays. work do is works doesn't.
Maggie left her new ___ in her friend's house. meat meal coat mark rainbow.
I was ___ at 10 last night. Did you call me? asleep woke up get up slept a slept.
It's hot. I'll ____ my sweater. wear put on take off choose get dressed.
Mark wore a brown ____ yesterday. jacket gloves hamburger hour lesson.
Bobby, ____ your clothes and take a shower. put on takes off puts smoke take off.
Go to the store and buy a ___ of cigarettes, please snack jacket dance pack toast.
I visited the naval _____ yesterday. post base razor game team.
Christian bought a ____ at the store. He wanted to shave. razor skirt necktie dress shirt.
I ____ 10 cigarettes every day. circle spell smoke talk mark.
Maj Thompson ___ his officers every day. brings salutes reviewed plays learns.
I don't need two dollars, I need ___ one. from any some only yes.
Dee: Do you have lunch at 12:00? Al: Yes, we usually have lunch at ___. home midnight house the restaurant noon.
She wants ____tea, but she doesn't want ___ milk. some/some any/some some/any any/any lots/any.
Charles is rich, he has ____ money. many a lot of a lot a little a lots of.
The class starts at 7:30 PM. stops finishes begins gets open.
Did the teacher give you a quiz? question answer class test book.
To dial the number on the phone you have to push the ___. buttons call receiver telephone slot.
Flight 666 arrives at ___ 302. departure arrival trip gate travel agency.
I want to talk to you. Let's ____ at 5 PM. sharpen met flight reservation meet.
My father went to work early, and he will ___ late. come back came back returned went back comes back.
Did you buy something at the store?. No, ____. something nothing anything some any.
Mrs. Thompson doesn't like to fly. She'll go to Chile by ____. feet walking helicopter plane ship.
Mark forgot to write his ___ on the envelope. mail street return address post office stamp.
Jane got _____. Kate a dog a dog Kate for Kate a dog to Kate a dog Kate for a dog.
Kevin lived on a busy ___ . Now, he lives in front of my house. address house home street state.
Girl: Mom, which dress can I wear to the party? Mom: Sally, ___ the one you like best. deliver send pick out finished give.
When will you give ____? the letter to him him to the letter him for letter for him the letter to him the letter.
A: Where can we ___ this letter? B: At the post office. address write takes give mail.
They want to buy ___ today. me lunch lunch me lunch at me at me lunch for me lunch.
Joe, there is a ___ for you. It arrived in the morning. letters package mail post office teller.
Charlie is good at ___. He loves numbers and operations. History Languages Physical Education Math Reading.
Sorry, I made a ___. I will correct it immediately. mistake wrong correct error incorrect.
Rose: What's that? Beth: It's a ____. It doesn't have any shape. circle line triangle rectangle square.
Also and too are two ___ words, alike different similar strange opposite.
Look at that ____. TV old film old TV film film old TV TV film old old film TV.
Top is the opposite of ____. center back side bottom above.
The ____ is the double of the radius. diameter line top side circumference.
That package isn't heavy. It's ____. hard strong wide narrow light.
Paul: How much are those oranges? Mr. White: Their ____ is S/. 3 a kilo. costs price are number kind.
Five ____ six equals eleven. from to plus more but.
Frank's car is ___ Joe's. new newer than more new than never the most new.
Subtract 25 ___ 75. to in for from of.
Harry left home late this morning. He ____ on time today. might be may is might not be will be is.
With ___ was your brother talking? who which when where whom.
Jake and Harry ___ to the movies with us. goes might goes might go may goes might to go.
A visit to a museum is ___ a visit to a library. more interesting than interesting to interesting very to the most than.
Multiply 7____ 3. for to by of from.
Which is ___ , food or money? the least important the important the most important important less more important.
Yesterday was ____ today. more dark than dark than darker than darkest the most dark than.
When you finish your class, leave your class list in the _____ change coins ice road slot.
My friend's son plays soccer ___. bad badly good beautiful cheap.
Can you give me some ___? I don't know what to do. time friendship story advice lie.
Mr. Miles went to "ACE HOME CENTER" to buy some ____. tools garage baggage lie truth.
Joe is a good driver. He drives ____. good careless careful safely safe.
Ted studies at Jefferson College. He has a _______. His name is Paul. pillow restroom classmate rider blanket.
Mommy, please ___ me a ___. say / story tell / lie count / lie count / story tell / story.
A: _____ is Mike driving his ne B: Carelessly. How When Which What Where.
Rachel is a new student. She doesn't know ___ someone anyone somebody some anything.
Let's go to Mike's ___ . Today is his birthday. party secret roommate gate closet.
Rita: Do you know Marie? Sean: Yes, we have a ____ for years. sheet bike friendship laundry curve.
Susan, ____. Our plane leaves in a hour. go in take out run in put on hurry up.
Do you have ___ money to pay for those shoes? enough wheel key lug common.
Please, ___these nuts and the tire will be ready. raise remove tighten jack up open.
First of all, you need to ___ the car. take loosen remove jack up replace.
You have to ____ those used nuts! replace hand out lower raise mind.
Carl: Is your car out of order Pete: Yes, it doesn't ____. talk runs walk stopped work.
You need change ___ the public phone. to in on for at.
Charles: ____ is it from here to your house? George: It's about 20 blocks. How often How long How far How big How large.
Phil ____ Janet last year. married marries marry gets married get married.
____ swim in the Ocean? Can you able to You able to Are you able to Are you able Can you able.
That was the driver's fault. He ____. speeds is speeding speed up sped up speeding.
Ralph usually ___ very angry when his children lie to him. becomes became become get got.
___ buckle up! Never Sometimes Always Seldom Rarely.
That dessert is ___ for me to eat it. sweet so so sweet to sweet too sweet enough sweet.
You have to show me your ___. Do you have it? bug sales slip engine grease leak.
My car needs a ___. I'll go to the garage tomorrow. noise guarantee refund charge tune-up.
Please, clean that ___ bottle. oil of oily oil of oil oiling.
Ronald doesn't like that KFC chicken. It's too ___. angry grease greasy upset interesting.
The mechanic told me he ___ his work. guaranteed charges stalls pays checked.
Phil called ___ about his birthday party. to tell us tell us us to talk for tell us to us tell.
Sue: ___ you ___ a horse? Phil: No, never. Have / driven Has / drive Have / ride Have / ridden Have / rode.
Peter is very ___ about his trip to Europe. excited exciting interesting tiring confusing.
You ran as fast as you could... and ___ what? or else that then so.
Mark said ___ for that sports team before. that he plays he was played playing played he had played.
There's a cake in the _____. Who made it? den shed oven patio fireplace.
Another word for rifle is a . gum gun deer duck can.
Niles was hunting ___ his keys yesterday. at in for about to.
Please, can you give the report I ___ yesterday? prepared relate prepare hand in get.
The opposite word for low is ____. lower slow how height high.
We went to the ____ last weekend. We stayed in Chosica the two days. office city lake country forest.
Everyone on the ship loves his cooking. The personnel there think he's a great cook. workers enlisted men officers entertainers musicians.
If it doesn't fit, ____. buy it take it back write it down put it out fill it out.
A: Does the soup need salt? B: Yes, it needs ____. a few any no little a little.
A: Why is she absent today? B: She's _____. on leave leave holiday vacations leaving.
There are 100 ___ in one meter. millimeters centimeters kilometers yards feet.
Ted: Will they arrive by noon? Sam: No, ___. I don't believe so I not believe I believe so I believe don't I hope.
I made coffee. Would you like ____? anything else some a few many none.
If the teacher asks him a question,_____. he gets nervous he relaxes he laughs he writes he draws.
If you want to get rich, don't ___ a lot of money. buy spend spent borrow hide.
A thermometer ____ temperature. scales gains draws measurement measures.
Albert runs as ___ as his brother. quick quickly good better rapid.
He's fond of ___ good books. read reads to read reading to reading.
Kevin moved into the house ___ his aunt used to live. where when what which as.
There were a lot of food and ___ at Marty's party. forests passengers refreshments harvests valleys.
Mother stopped ___ her magazine when she heard somebody crying. read reading to reading reads to reads.
The weather was snowy that I couldn't drive. yet already soon just so.
The plural form of wife is ___. knife knives leaves wives left.
Look at that man! He's completely wet. It ___ outside. must be raining must rain rain rains raining.
If you're meeting Rick tonight, please ____ him I need to talk to him. tell not tell no tell doesn't tell didn't tell.
Joe got his passport and traveled __ last month. foreign board abroad rather further.
You have to be very careful to cross a ___. You may be killed. briefing firing range dorm BDU training.
Mike answered the teacher’s questions ___. angry happy nervous nervously cautious.
The soccer player couldn't finish playing because his leg was ___. joint pulled swollen examined appeared.
My son's graduation ___ will be this Friday at 6 p.m. sprained injure ceremony dizzy holiday.
Hank did his homework by ____. himself themselves herself myself ourselves.
Ralph had to ____ his meeting because his father was very ill. calm down appear postpone operate prescribe.
Howard takes pills ___. daily every days week month year.
Charlie loves to study by ___. He never studies with his friends. myself ourselves themselves herself himself.
Tim: Have you bought everything for the barbecue? Jim: I think so. Here I have catsup, mustard and ___. soap soup pickles fish candies.
Little Timmy is 5 months old and he is trying to ___. walk crawl speak discuss run.
Mike's doctor told him to ____ carbohydrates. honor respect render cut down on privilege.
The new promotions ___early in the mornings. announced announces announce are announcing are announced.
Martin ___ to Europe. We miss him a lot. have gone has gone went gone goes.
A lot of corn ___ in Iowa. is grow is grew have grown has grown is grown }.
___ stay home today. I have to take care of my little brother. I got to I’ve got to I’d got to I have better I would better to.
Rita finally talked to her sister after she ___ her hundreds of times. call to calling called had called calls.
He drives his car ___ avoid any possible obstacle carefully enough to too enough careful careful enough enough careful to careful enough to.
He has drunk ___ beer. many too many too much much enough a few.
I prefer classical music ___ rock music. or rather better that rather than.
It was ___ drive on those slippery roads. safe to unsafely to unsafe to safely to unsafe.
Jeff is taking an exam and ___. so am I so do I do so I am I too I am so.
Susan is usually ___. She doesn't like to seem messy. responsible neat stingy unfriendly friendly.
The cook likes to ___ his knives every day. sharpens sharp sharpened sharpening sharpen.
Booth “B” was ___ and I could work there formal international informal available official.
It smells ___ paper burning. to like likes like liking to likes.
Mr. Lopez has a new assignment, ___? has he hasn't he does he doesn't he he doesn't.
I'm trying to ___ one of the apartments in this building. attach lease govern display precede.
Debts ___ promptly. should pay can pay can to be pay are to pay ought to be paid.
A military parade ___ the ceremony. It began first. governed indicated preceded participated associated.
Ann likes going to the movies, and ____. so am I so do I so I am I do so I so do.
They'd go with us, ___ they? won't isn't hadn't wouldn't don’t.
We wish that you ___ your mind about leaving tomorrow. won't change can change could change will change may change.
Ted went to the hospital for his regular checkup, but he ___ his appointment was due next week. has told was told told is told tell.
___ Mr. Barns ___ Ms. Dale has an extra pen to lend me. Nor / either Neither / nor Both / and Neither / or Either / nor.
If I were you, I ___ to pass the test again. would try will try have tried tried try.
Stan ___ driving on the left when he lived in Japan. is used to used was used to gets used to be used to.
___ that Ms. Bender will get married someday. She's very rude. It's likely It's certainly It's tiring It's doubtful It’s certain.
The coordinators ordered some teacher’s ___ to the director immediately. to report report reported reports to reported.
Ruth: ___ that man our former History teacher? Jane: Yes, he was. Does Wasn't Isn't Is Weren’t.
They'd already written the annual reports, ___? they hadn't wouldn't they hadn't they had they have they.
The students don't want ___ during the exam. to be disturbed disturb to disturb none to be disturb disturbed to.
If Alisson hadn't danced so much, she ___ so tired. would have felt could feel might have not wouldn't have felt will have feel.
This is your jacket. ___ is smaller. Her Mine Your Our Theirs.
The teacher told us that he ___ his grandparents after class today. is visiting is going to visit was visiting visits visited.
Bill didn't finish eating the bread. There's ___ left. few a little any a few lots of.
I couldn't watch the movie last night. I ____ at about 9:30. fell in dropped off ended up put up fall out.
All the students need ___ about Registration Days" for next month. to send to be told to prefer to be given to be say.
He asked me who ___ at the meeting with the Director. is going to be will be is was were.
Mrs. Wilson said that she ___ dinner after 6 p.m. was making is going to make makes is making. were making.
What ___ you ___ if you had won the lottery? will / have won would / have done did / do won't I have won will / had done.
The cavemen used ___ to help them lift heavy things like rocks. pumps pedals pipes levers sparks.
Sandy got her radio ___ at Mario's shop. repair repairs repaired to repair be repaired.
I ___ you have forgotten the book I asked you for. mix list create bet stir.
Annie talks the ___ of all the family. most more much many less.
The ___ of my car was working badly. I couldn't change the gears. level pump spark supply clutch.
I don't remember where I put my shopping ___. I have to make another one. bet list mix jar ally.
The mechanic had to ___ Mark's motor to repair his car. overhaul align estimate supply provide.
The exhaust ___ of his car has a hole. They have to solder it. clutch gear pipe shift alignment.
My car needs ___. I will take it to the mechanic. situation maintenance threat attack defense.
Maggie put the flowers Hank gave her in a ___. bet war jar bag mix.
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