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Ingles 6 prepa abierta

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A continuación se le presentan dos textos que usted deberá leer cuidadosamente y EXCLUSIVAMENTE con base en ellos, contestará las siguientes preguntas.DE LA 1 A LA 3 On the day that I left Saturn, one of my fellow prisoners told me that since she had known me; her opinion of “Greens” had fallen even lower than it had been before. This hit me especially hard because she was a woman whom I deeply respected and also because I had secretly imagined myself to be living life as a “Green” witness among the rebels. She said that when I decided not to speak about my prison experiences because of the risks involved, she was hardly able to speak to me. She condemned me for professing to be a “Green” without having the courage to act like one. It was then that I conceived that I owed it to the members of the camp to speak for them and against Saturnian’s dictatorship. It became clear to me that, whatever the diplomatic or personal repercussions, I had to speak the truth quite openly to those who were prepared to listen. These words, then are written as the final stage of the fulfillment of a pledge* made to the women of Alamet prison on Saturn. These women are now free or living in exile, but other Saturnians have taken their place. I will write a story of what happened to me in a spirit of love and hope, for my experience has convinced me of the incredible and unconquerable goodness in people. Sheila Cassidy “Audacity to Believe” (Adapted) 1.What is the main idea of the text? One shouldn’t keep silence for personal security It is important to listen to other people’s opinion It is fair to denounce brutality One can’t always speak the truth.
2. - Which of the following statements is present in the text? Freedom turns into exile after jail Honesty doesn’t bring on diplomatic troubles Rebel prisoners do not respect “Greens” Human beings are worth loving and believing in.
3. - According to the text, the author changed because she: a) Discovered she wasn’t the acting like a real “Green” b) Made a pledge to the other women in prison c) Didn’t believe in the goodness of people d) Was respected by her fellow prisoners.
A continuación se le presentan dos textos que usted deberá leer cuidadosamente y EXCLUSIVAMENTE con base en ellos, contestará las siguientes preguntas.DE LA 4 A LA 6. When the world was still young, according to the Bible, the Tower of Babel rose above the Plain of Shinar, and in it lived the descendents of Noah, all that were left of the world’s people after the Flood. The Lord came to them, caused a confusion of tongues, and spread them over the earth. They could then no longer understand each other. The world is no longer young, but its people, still plagued by a confusion of tongues, seem to have just as much difficulty understanding each other. Besides that, the world has grown smaller. A person can now circle the planet earth in 36 hours. Telstar and other communication satellites beam television programs simultaneously to earth’s not-so-far corners. But, how universal is reception of those programs when the people of the earth speak some 3,000 different languages? Many linguists, anthropologists, and other experts feel that the answer to such lack of communication is some kind of international language. It might be an artificial language a natural language, or a simplified version of a natural language. But the time is now. Taken from The People’s Almanac, By Irving Wallace 4.Which of the following statements expresses the main idea of the text? God himself caused the confusion of languages Man’s incommunication started in the Tower of Babel It is clear that the world’s population needs to understand all existing languages It is necessary to create a universal language in order to improve man’s communication.
5- Satellites have made human communication easier; however: Incommunication reflects man’s lack of knowledge The problem of incommunication is a natural language The problem of incommunication continues to be a serious matter Incommunication is caused by disagreement among linguists an other experts.
6-Which of the following expressions taken from the text is used in a figurative sense? “…the world has grown smaller” “A person can now circle the planet earth in 36 hours” “…communication satellites beam television programs…” “It might be an artificial language…”.
DE ACUERDO AL TEXTO SE CONTESTA LAS PREGUNTAS DE LA 7 A LA 9 I want to say a few things about the development of the contemporary theatre: the type of drama associated with the names writers in France, Britain, Italy and elsewhere. Studies on theatre subjects tend to the ephemeral; in most book shops the autobiographies of star actors and collections of last year’s hits on the shelves have a tired look. I should not have written this if I had not been convinced that the subject has an importance transcending the somewhat confined world of theatrical literature. The theatre, in spite of its operant eclipse through the rise of the mass media, remains of immense and grousing significance precisely because of the spread of cinema and television. These mass media are too ponderous and costly to allow much experiment and innovation. No métier how restricted the theatre and its audience may be, it is on the living stage that the actors and playwrights* of the mass media the trained and gain their experience, and that the material of the mass media is tested. The theatre of today is perhaps the main influence on the mass media of tomorrow. And the mass media, in turn, shape a great deal of the thought and feeling of people… Martin Esslin “The Theater of the Absurd” (Adapted) Which of the following sentences expresses the main idea the text? Theater could be overcome by mass media There can be a natural relation between theater and mass media People don’t read much literature about the subject of theater Theater’s importance hasn’t been overshadowing by movies or T.V.
8– Which of the following statements is present in the text? New authors always experiment and innovate Playwrights can influence the thought of people Actors of the mass media get practice on the living stage Theater’s are restricted because of the rise of mass media.
9-– The author wrote this because he feels that: Theater is still more important than T.V. and movies The subject of mass media goes beyond the topic of theatrical literature Theatrical audiences have a great influence on innovation The best contemporary theater is that of Ionesco, Beckett and Genet.
SE CONTESTA DE LA 10 A LA 12 CON BASE AL TEXTO I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day to satisfy their bodies, education and culture to satisfy their minds; and dignity, justice and freedom to satisfy their spirits… I still believe that some day mankind will bow before the altars of God and be crowned triumphant over war and bloodshed, and that non-violent goodwill will proclaim the rule of the land. The lion and the lamb shall then lie down together and every man shall sit under his own vine and fig tree, and done shall be afraid. I still believe that we shall overcome. Martin Luther King Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech. (Adapted) 10. – The main idea in the text states that men: Are able to dismiss wars Must pursue social wealth Will eventually find equality Can receive cultural instruction.
11– Which of the following statements is present in the text? A free mind needs three meals a day Violence will be overcome by goodwill The strong and the weak must become friends Wars and bloodshed are generated by violence.
12-According to the text, if all men were equal, they: Would have no fears Could give thanks to God Could maintain their dignity Would deserve a peaceful life.
LAS SIG.PREGUNTAS DE LA 13 A LA 15 SE CONTESTA A BASE DEL SIG TEXTO: VLADIMIR MAYAKOVSKY. Russian poet and playwright, later canonized poet laureate of the Revolution by Stalin, he was literary star of the post-Revolution period of the 1920s. (He and rival Sergei Esenin contended for the role of spokesman* for the proletariat and the new order). Although never a member of the Communist Party, Mayakovsky became the troubadour of the Revolution and Bolshevism, and he was a superb propagandist, creating thousands of poems, advertisements, posters, and slogans to sell Lenin and the Soviets to the masses. Matching the age in which he lived, Mayakovsky was dramatic and demanding. His emotions-his love of women, his need for love, his need to belong, and his loneliness were, like his physical presence, larger that life. Taken from Short Lives By Katinka Matson Spokesman: A person chosen to speak on behalf of a group. 13. – Which of the following ideas is present in the text? Mayakovsky didn’t agree with Sergei Esenin Mayakovsky wanted to denounce Lenin to the masses The goal of Mayakovsky was to proclaim the Russian Revolution Stalin didn’t hesitance to call Mayakovsky a saint of Revolution.
15. – According to the author, Mayakovsky was a: Lonely man Ladies’ man Strong person Political publicize.
15. – When the author says that Mayakovsky was “demanding”, he means that he? Gave orders Was rigorous Asked questions Showed impatience.
SE CONTESTAN DE LAS 16 A LA 18 CON BASE AL SIG TEXTO: The majority of people, about nine out of ten, are right – handed. Up until recently, people who were left – handed were considered abnormal, and once children showed this tendency they were forced to use their right hands. Today, left – handedness is generally accepted but it is still a disadvantage in a world where most people are right – handed. For example, most tools and implements (scissors, tin openers, etc) are still designed for right – handed people. In sports, by contrast, doing things with the left hand (or foot) is often an advantage. Throwing, kicking, punching or batting from the “wrong” side may disconcert opponents, who are more accustomed to dealing with the majority of players who are right – handed. This is why, in most ball games at a professional level, a higher proportion of players are left – handed than in the population as a whole. Taken from Contemporary English By R. Rossner, P. Shaw, J. Shephend and J. Taylor. 16– According to the author, left – handed people were considered to be: Peculiar Singular Extraordinary Unconventional.
17. – According to the author, the use of the left – hand within a right – handed world is: Damaging Detrimental Troublesome Contradictory.
18. – Which of the following statements is true according to the text? Most professional ball players are left – handed Left – handed players confuse right – handed adversaries Ball players prefer to have left – handed opponents Players often use the wrong hand to distract their opponents.
CON BASE AL SIG TEXTO SE CONTESTAN LAS PREGUNTAS 19 A LA 21 “Everything enjoyable in life is illegal, immoral, or fattening.” Moan those who are overweight. To help take the derivation out of dieting, the American food industry has produced several kinds of dietetic foods for people who want to take off excess weight. Why all this emphasis upon staying thin? It is partly because doctors say that extra weight decreases life expectancy. It is also vanity; a slim figure is basic to the American ideal of feminine beauty, and a “potbelly” detracts from a man’s appearance, too. Taken from the USA, Customs and Institutions By Ethel and Martin Tiersky. (Adapted) 19. – Dietetic foods are elaborated by the American food industry in order to: Prevent dieters from losing weight Lessen the effects of extra weight Offer dieters a rich variety of product Emphasize the American ideal of beauty.
20– According to the doctors, fat people: Are vain Live less c) Enjoy life Are expectant.
21-– The word “moan”, may be substituted by: Criticize b) Predict c) Suppose d) Lament.
DE ACUERDO AL TEXTO SE CONESTA LAS PREGUNTAS DE LA 22 A LA 24 President Kennedy once called American Indians “the least understood and most misunderstood Americans of us all.” Legends of the “Wild West” have often Distorted the role of the Indian in the development of America. The American Indian is frequently depicted as a cruel and ignorance savage. True, some tribes did react violently to the Europe invasion of their land, but that is only half of the story. Will friendly and eager to teach the new – comers how to get along in a strange land. For example, without Indian assistance, the Pilgrims in Massachusetts might not have survived. Taken from the USA Customs and Institutions By Ethel and Martin Tiersky. 22. – Indians are remembered as cruel and headless however, at the beginning they were: Kind b) Eager c) Savage d) Violent.
23-The word “depicted” can be substituted by: a) Endured b) Described c) Criticized d) Recognized A B C D.
Which of the following titles best suits the text? a) “The Invasion of North America” b) “The Survival of the American Indians” c) “The Europeans in North America” d) “The Truth about the American Indians”.
SE CONTESTA DE LA 25 A LA 27 CON BASE AL SIG TEXTO: Football is played with a ball that is approximately oval. The football field is 120 yards long and 160 feet wide. The first ten yards at each end of the field are called and zones. Each contains two goal posts connected by a horizontal bar ten feet off the ground. The object of the game is either to carry the ball into the other team’s end zone without being knocked to the ground or to kick the ball between the other team’s goal posts. Football is a rugged sport involving much physical contact between players. But there are rules prohibiting certain connect likely to lead to injuries, and a team is penalized if a player breaks any of the rules. Also, to prevent injures, players wear protective clothing. Nevertheless, football players do get hurt, but far less often than one wouldn’t pose from watching the game. Taken from the USA, Customs and Institutions By Ethel and Martin Tiersky (Adapted 25 – According to the authors, football players get hurt: a) Less frequently than people tend to think b) More easily when there is physical contact c) Less seriously than those who watch the game d) More severely when they are in for positions.
26. – The word “rugged” can be substituted by: a) Dynamic b) Intensive c) Violent d) Exhausting.
27. – Which of the following ideas is true according to the text? a) The goal posts are ten feet tall b) The players principal objective is to knock down their opponents c) The end zones are ten yards high d) The rules are intended to prevent may possible damage to the players.
SE CONTESTAN LAS PREGUNTAS DE LA 28 A LA 30 CON BASE AL TEXTO A major reason for conflict in the animal world is territory. The male animal establishes an area; the size of the area is sufficient to provide food for him, his mate (or mates) and their offspring. Migrating birds, for example, divide up the best, territory in the order of “first come, first served.” The late arrivals may obtain larger territories, but less food is available, or they are too close to the habitats of the enemies of the species. If there in really insufficient food or the danger is very great the animal will not mate. In this way, the members of the species which are less fit will not have offspring. When there is conflict over territory, animals will commonly use force, or a show of force, to decide which will stay and which will go. Taken from Contemporary English By R. Rossner, p. Shaw, J. Shephend and J. Taylor 28. Which of the following ideas is true according to the text? a) Migrating birds prefer to settle in large territories b) Mate animals select their territory according to their size c) Large territories are the main source of trouble for migrating birds d) The amount of available food animals need determines the territory they choose.
29. – What does the word “they” refer to? a) Large territories b) Best territories c) Migrating birds d) Late arrivals.
30. – The word “mate” can be substituted by: a) Settle b) Couple c) Hunt d) Eat.
SE CONTESTA LAS PREGUNTAS DE LA 31 A LA 33 CON BASE AL TEXTO Many devout Christians believed that the world would come to a sudden and just 1,000 years after Christ. This prospect of the “millennium” brought relief to many a weary person. Many journeyed to Palestine to be present in their Holy Land when the end of the world came. But the end of the world did not come, and the thousands of pilgrims who had journeyed to Jerusalem were ill-treated by the Turks. They returned to Europe full of anger and humiliation, and spread the story of their offerings in the Holy Land. One famous pilgrim especially, Peter the Hermit, went about, staff in hand, preaching to the people to rescue their Holy City Jerusalem from the Muslims. Indignation and enthusiasm grew in Christendom, and seeing this the Pope decided to lead the movement. In 1095, a great Church council decided to proclaim a Holy way against the Muslins for the recovery of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Thus began the Crusades – the fight of Christendown against lalam, of the Cross against the Crestar. Taken from The People’s Almanac (Adapted) 1. – Which of the following titles best suits the text? a) “How the Crusades Began” b) “A World Which Didn’t End” c) “The Preach Age of Peter the Hermit” d) “New Expectation for a Better World”.
32. – In the express on “when about” the world “about” can be replaced by: a) On b) Over c) Here and there d) To the Holy Land.
33. – Which of the following ideas is true according to the text? a) The pilgrims got sick and tired in the Holy Land. b) Angry and number lasted pilgrims proclaimed the Holy War c) The Turks dominated Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem d) Humanity thought the world would and before the year 1,000 after Christ.
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