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1. _________from Mexico? Yes, he is. a. Is Robert b. He is c. Is Mary.
2. His _______is 1041 Main Street. a. first name b. address c. telephone.
3. A:________she from Ecuador? B:No, she__________. a. Is/isn't b. Are/isn't c. Is/is.
4. Read and choose the best option telephone / What / your / number / is / ? a. What telephone number is your? b. What is your number telephone? c. What is your telephone number?.
5. Read the list of words and choose the correct option to complete the text: My Ben, my last name is Kim. I come from.........I am 24 years old. I live in near Sydney called Branton. I am not.........I have a beautiful girlfriend, Maria. We live in a nice house. Our address is 1864 line street, Branton Australia. Our........number is 981145670. a. A) name, Australian, small, marry, phones b. B) name, Australia, small, married, phone c. C) name, Australia, smalls, married, phone.
6. Look at the picture and answer the following question. What do you see in the classroom? ____________________________ a. Whiteboard, clock, tables, school bags, books b.Whiteboard, clock, tables, school bags, computer c. Whiteboard, clock, globe, school bags, books.
7. Look at the pictures and choose the correct answer. Where are the school bags? a. They are under the chairs b. They are on the chairs c. They are under the desk.
8. Complete the following question. ________the pen? It's in the drawer. a. Where b. Is c. Where's.
9. Read the question below and choose the correct answer. Is the computer on the table? ______________________ a. Yes, it is b. Yes, they are c. No, it is.
10. Read the following paragraph and answer the question. Dear Ang, Welcome to Acme offices! The notepads are in tne desk drawer. The pencils are in a box in a shelf. The erasers are in the box, too. The calculators are in the cabinet. The notebooks are under the calculators. The stapler is on the desk. Question: Where is the stapler? a. It is on the desk b. It is are under the notebooks c. It is in the box.
11. Complete the sentence: My mother.....................on the phone. a. is talks b. is talking c. is talked.
12. Read and complete the conversations with the best option. Are they_____________bottles of water now? Yes, they________. They________thirsty. a. buy/are/is b. buying/are/are c. buying/is/is.
13. Mary_________her broher now. a. is helping b. is help c. is helped.
14. Read the sentence and complete with the best option. Andrea___________now. a. are work b. is working c. is work.
15. Read the paragraph below and choose the correct sentence according to the reading information. The Birthday Party. My name is Juan. In this picture, it's my birthday. I'm 70 years old. My wife my daughter, and my grandson are eating cake. My grandson is always hungry. My granddaughter is drinking soda. She is always thirsty. My son-in-law is playing the guitar and singing. Everyone is happy! a. Juan is 21 years old b. Everyone is tired c. His granddaughter is drinking soda.
16. Read the sentence below and choose the correct one. a. Patricia have an earache b. Patricia has a earache c. Patricia has an earache.
17. A:___________you have the flu? B:No, __________. a. Does/I do not b. Do/I do c. Do/I don't.
18. Read the words below and choose the odd word out: tissues, ice pack, aspirin, cut, bandage a. cut b. ice pack c. tissue.
19. Read and choose the best option. We read books at the_________ a. grocery store b. library c. post office.
20. Go two blocks____________. It's across from the library. a. Turn left b. Across c. On the corner of.
36. The school is________the bank and the library. a. next to b. turn right c. between.
22. Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer for the following answer for the following answer. Hi Susan I love my new apartment. It's across from my children's school. There is also a grocery store next to it. My husband works there. He walks to work. There's an Italian restaurant on the corner of Maple Street and Pine Street. It's very good. I like it here, but I miss you. Please, write. Your friend, Hui Question: Where is the grocery store? a. It's next to Lin's apartment b. Yes, it is very good c. It's across from her children's school.
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