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A: Are we in the best city in the world? B: Yes, ....... we are not we're we are .
Tiana Castro is married. We call her ...... Castro. Mrs. Miss Mr. .
A: How are you? B: ...... Thank you Pretty good Yeah .
A: What are ....? B:They're watches. this these that.
I want to listen to music. Turn on the ..... please. CD player dictionary calendar .
A: ...... the world for this object? B: It's "calendar". How What's Can .
A: How old is your mother? B: ..... forty. It's He's She's.
Susana never does her homework. She's very ..... lazy outgoing smart.
A: I am a musician. B: ....? What do you play? A musician Incredible Amazing .
He ..... soccer. doesn't play doesn't plays don't play .
My brother ...... TV in the morning. looks views watches.
A: Do ypu study a lot? B: ......, not on weekends. Well Yes Really .
...... your husband play tennis with on Sundays? When does Who does How often does .
We love ....... cartoons police drama hospital drama .
A: How often do you go shopping? ....., do you go shopping a lot? B: No, I only go once a month. Really Well I mean .
There's a ..... here. restaurant. stores parks .
I want to dance tonight. Let's go to the ..... club supermarket café .
A: I ....... this coffe. B: Me neither. don´t like like likes .
A: Are you at the university? B: Yes, .... you're I´m I am .
A: How are you, Raul? B: I'm ....., thanks. good see you nice .
A: Are you here for the movie? B: ....., I am. How about you? Hello Yes Hi .
A: ..... they at the gym? B: Yes, they are. Am Is Are .
All the students sit on the ..... during class. computer board chairs .
A: ..... I borrow an eraser? B: Sure Can How Where's .
My sister has many friends. She is very .... shy quiet outgoing .
A: She is a doctor. B: ....? My sister is a doctor. Really Wow Amazing .
They .... tea. don´t drinks don't drink doesn't drink .
..... Tuesdays, he plays golf. The On In .
A. Do you read every day? B: ......, not every day Yes Well Really .
A: Are you tired? B:.... Yes, I am Yes, I'm No. I am tired.
We ..... videos in our English class. never watch ever watch watch always .
My dad really likes .... sitcoms documentary cartoon .
A: Do you like your job? B: It's OK....., it's not the best job, but it´s fine for now. Yes No I mean .
A: What time is it? B: .... 7:45. It's Is It .
The time is 4:30 ..... Is four-thiry The hour is four- thirty It's four- thirty .
A: I don´t like stores near my apartment. B: ..... Me neither Me too You too .
A: Are you hungry? B: Yes, ..... you´re I'm I am .
Hello, Juan.How are you? B: ..... How are you? Thanks Good night Good, thanks. .
A: Are you here for English class? B: Yeah, I am. How about you? A: ...... Yes, you are Yeah, me too No, me too .
A: ....... these your snacks? B: No, they're not. Are Am Is .
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