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Unificado de Ingles Cuarto Nivel

Mariale Rios
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1. Nestor, this is a wedding. I don't think you are dressed....... a.- correct b.- appropriately c.- at all.
Medardo, you are _____ for the test! Sorry, teacher! There was a lot of traffic. a.- lately b.- late c.- later.
I lost my car keys in my office. ________, a friend found them and gave them back to me. a.- Probably b.- Fortunately c.- Hardly.
Do you want to go ________ riding tomorrow? No, thanks!That sounds scary a.- biking b.- windsurf c.- horseback.
Which city has _______ people in the world? I think Tokyo does. a.- the most b.- most c.- the more.
I went to see the Nile River when I was in Egypt. Really? Isn't that________ river in the world? a.- the longest b.-longest c.- the long.
This lasagna tastes great!_______. a.- Where were we? b.- It sure does! c.- It just could be!.
Chimborazo is a really beautiful volcano!__________ a.- It really is! b.- It really isn't c.- At least it is!.
Can you please calm down? You are ____ too loudly. a.- pressuring b.- bonding c.- yelling.
10. Who do you spend Christmas with? Only whit my _____. My parents and my brother. a.- immediate family b.-extended family c.- blended family.
11 I loved our vacation in Hawaii!_____. a.- Where were we? b.- Did you? c.- Congratuletions!.
12.- What do you think about this year's Emelec team?_____, they are playing really well. a.- If you ask me b.-The thing is c.- I know.
13.- I can't hear what the tacher is saying. I can't either. He doesn't speak ____. a.-enough loud b.- loudly enough c.- too enough.
14.- I don't want to travel with him. He drives ______ recklessly. a.- too many b.- too c.- enough.
Can you bring two ____ of bread from the supermarket? a.- cants b.- loaves c.- loaf.
16.- Do you like hot peppers? I have a _______ af pickled jalapeños if you want. a.- mug b.- glass c.- jar.
Do you want some sugar for cofee? No thanks._____ a.-You know what I'm saying? b.- I'm fine. Really c.- Though.
Do you want to watch the news or a movie? ______. Whichever you prefer a.- That's true b.- Either one if fine c.- The thing is.
19.- Are you excited about you trip to Indian? Of course! I'm really looking ____ to it. a.- after b.- forward c.- towards.
20.- I'm traveling to Indian next month!That's sound like a great trip.____ sure you take some pictures. a.- Do b.- Make c.- Commit.
21.- Who is Gabriel Garcia Marquez? He is the author _____ wrote "A Hundred Years of solitude" a.- which b.- in which c.- that.
22.- Who was the guy _____ called you ? My boss. a.- that b.- whom c.- where.
23.- Do you want to buy the car? I'm still thinking _____it. a.-on b.- about c.- along.
24.- If I got the _____, My master's degree wouldn't cost anything. a.- retitution b.- scholarship c.- tuition.
25.- ______, I would try to get a schorlarship in germany. That's a good idea. a.- If I were you b.- I'd better go c.- It seems like.
26.- I lost my phone yesterday. ____ buy another one soon. It is important to have one for you job a.- Whatever you are having b.- You minght wan to c.- I'd better go.
27.- I'm really worried about my son because he hasn't called all day long. Do you know what ____? Go to this workplace and see if he is fine. a.- you're do b.- you've been doing c.-you should do.
28.- Do you kwon _____ ? I think it is my plumber's. a.- whose this number b.- whose is this number whose this number is.
29.- Do you want to watch a Disney movie with me ? I don't like________ movies because I don't like catoon characters. a.- animist b.- drawn c.- animated.
30.-You are an amazing skateboarder! Thanks. I've been practicing_______ years. a.- for b.- in c.- since.
31.- Jose is always alone during lunch. He ___ many friends. a.- must have b.- could c.- must not have.
32.- I'm so sad for Alexander. He failed his math class. He must be_____awful. a.- felt b.- feeling c.- feel.
33.- I have bee playing in band for 5 years. I even traveled to Europe on a tour.______. a.- I agree with you! b.- I'm OK for now! c.- That must be really nice!.
34 I went to the aquarium in Boston. It was amagazing!________. a.- It seems to me b.- On the other hand c.- That place must be really cool!.
35.- I couldn't buy you medicine. All the drugstores_____ closed. a.- was b.-were c.- would.
36.- My best friend crashed his car this morning: He is unhurt, but his car a.- was destroyed b.- is destroy c.- would be destroyed.
37.- Acres of forest in California were _______ destroyed by wildfires. a.- annoyingly b.- completely c.- pretty.
38.- The _______ rains in Guayaquil have Caused floods all over the city a.- weighty b.- badly c.- heavy.
39.- I get paid very well in my job, but the ____ , I love what I do. a.- best thing is b.- only thing is. c.- scary thing is.
40.- ______ Norberto won a scholarship to Argentina. I am not surprised. He's really smart a.- Whatever you prefer b.- I was wondering c.- Did I tell you?.
41.- I don't like playing table tennis with m brother Nicanor. He is extremely ______. If he loses, he gets mad. a.- competitive b.- impatient c.- selfish.
My brother is very careful when he drives, but I also drive____. a.- careful b.- safe c.-carefully.
43.- I don't understsnd algebra. Have you ____ to your tacher yet? She might help you. a.- spoke b.- called c.- take.
44.- Last night, I_______ 100 dollars on the floor! Really ? You are so lucky! a.- funded b.- founded c.- found.
45.- Who is the ____ computer user in your fmily ? I am, of course. I use Facebook and Twitter more than anybody else. a.- bet active b.- most active than c.-most active.
46.- Is your city hot? Very much! It can reach 45 degrees_____. a.- heat in Celsius b.-Celsius c.- celsius hot.
47.- This pizza is really good. I is ______ ! a.- really b.- I best c.- the best.
48.-This __________ doesn't have batteries. I can't turn on the TV a.- handset b.- receiver c.- remote.
49.- Is Juana your sister? No, she is my ______. We have the same mother but a different father. a.-half-sister b.- stepsister c.- sister-in-law.
50.- This restaurant is really good but very expensive. ________. a.- That's for sure b.- Can you? c.- It seems to me that.
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