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Choose the correct word. multiply ___ graphics ___ primary ____ set ___ query a(n) ___ run ___ retrieve a(n) ___ type ___ a formula .
Choose the right phrase to complete each sentence. We can print a list of customers from the database by Back everything up Could you give me a call after Please check the logs while I checked the memory but I I was working on some new software when .
Choose the word that match each definition. a device that prints, scans and copies a word for the ‘–’ symbol in formulae a database object that makes it easy to enter data a line of cells from top to bottom of a worksheet in a spreadsheet a problem that happens when paper gets stuck in a printer something you put on your head to listen and speak to other people over the internet a word for the ‘/’ symbol in formulae remotely install new software on a group of computers .
Write the whole sentence into the past tense. Do you check the formulae in the spreadsheet? .
Write the whole sentence into the past tense. Do you save the file in another folder? .
Choose the correct formula. If we multiply 8 by 2, we get 16. If we divide 8 by 2, we get 4. If we substract 2 from 8, we get 6. The sum of 8 and 2 is 10. .
Choose the correct formula for each definition. equals if, open bracket, A equals 20 comma B2 comma nought, close bracket. equals A2, minus SUM, open bracket B2 colon B20, close bracket. equals B7 asterisk C8 slash C9.
A database has several parts. These are called _________. The simplest of these is a table; most databases have at least two. Tables look like a spreadsheet. Each row in the table is a(n) ________ , containing information about one item, such as a person or something that the company sells. Each of these contains several ________ with information about the item. One important point is that one field in each record must be _________ the same data must not be in any other record. We call this field the ___________ . It can be a staff ID number, for example, but it can't be a given name because many people have the same given name. Another type of object is a(n) ________ , which is used for entering data into tables. A third object type is a(n) _______ This can show data from more than one table at the same time, looks good and is suitable for printing. objects unique form record fields report primary_key.
Choose the correct word for each definition. Install on many computers at the same time. Settings on a computer, file or folder that say who can use it. Change; set again. Data that a program or computer produces while it runs, to show how well it is working.
Choose the correct word/s to form collocations. be up and check (something) disk lock (someone) ___ (something) run.
Write the verb in brackets into the correct tense. Write ONLY the verb. He (print) from the multifunction device when it stopped working.
Write the verb in brackets into the correct tense. Write ONLY the verb. The printer ran out of ink while I ___ (use) it.
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