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Ingles TEST2

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Ingles TEST2

Ingles TEST2

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Do these two expressions `can you make it…´ and `can you meet up´ mean the same? Yes, it does. No, it doesn't. Rarely. Not always.
Yesterday I … to the Mobile World Congress. Go. Goes Gone Went.
A person who risk both time and money to start and manage a business is a Guru. Supervisor. Entrepreneur. Overachiever.
Michael.........Paris in the morning. leaves for. leave to. is leaving for. to leaving.
Yesterday my mother _______ me. had ringed was ringing rang rung.
When I finish this course I … are studying another one will study another one am going to study another one study another one.
When she ______ at the office everybody was already there. Arrived. Worked. Arriving. was arrived.
She doesn’t like filling the order forms because it’s very ______. She gets really _____. Boring/tired. Bored/tiring. tired/tired. bored/bored.
Can you tell me the difference between `a cold' and a `flu'? The flu can be more dangerous than a cold. There isn't any difference. The cold is more difficult to treat. If you have a cold, you die.
Tell me a synonyms of `the line is busy': Jammed. Engaged. Filled. Full.
I ____ my computer very often. am not using. am not use. don't use. doesn't use.
Working so many hours can be ______. On Fridays I get really ________ tiring/exciting. tired/exciting. tiring/excited. tired/excited.
A: `Hi Sandra, _________ you _____________ in the clothes shop?' Are/ going to purchasing. Are/ going to buying. Is/ going to purchase. Are/ going to buy.
Answer this question `How many desktop computers were there in your office?' Were there 100 desktop computers in my office. There was 100 desktop computers in my office. There were 100 desktop computers in my office. There weren't 100 desktop computers in my office either.
The new videogame is absolutely Exciting. Excited Excite Excitinging.
Mrs Perez is writing to _________the arrangements she made with you Conform Confer Confirm Confine.
`To handle customer's complaints' means: complacer a los clientes. gestionar las facturas de los clientes. gestionar las quejas de los clientes. atender a los clientes.
He _____ that he would come. says said tells told.
Oh dear. I think I've_______the wrong number dialled put done through.
20- She thanked me ______________ the letters. in writing the letters to writing the letters on writing the letters for writing the letters.
The antonym of `to take off´ is: to take down. To go down. To land. To land of.
The complaint about the cost of the item was soon __________out Sorted Cleared Dealt Taken.
The annual general meeting was ________in the conference office run conducted held provided.
This book is really ____________ Interest Interested Interesting Bored.
You must _________your application by the end of the week Submit Subscribe Subject Subcontract.
Ian has to be very organised as his work involves meeting tight________ Problems Deadlines Responsibilities Challenges.
In the morning, I was very ___________ because the weather _______ very nice. exciting / wasn't. excited/ was. happy / wasn't. happy / were.
Yesterday my friend ______ home to play videogames came comed coming was come.
How do you write down this date `31st May´? The thirty-first of May. The thirtiest-first of May. The thirty-one of May. Thirty-first of May.
30- The other day we __________ the meeting because it was impossible for John to attend. were have didn't have doesn't have have.
The customer demanded a _________when he discovers the equipment was missing refund reply return repair.
Yesterday, ...... she have lunch with my mother. She does lunch with my mother. she had lunch with my mother.. She eat lunch with my mother.
I was working for Coca-Cola, I ______ arrive late at work and my boss got angry. used to use didn't were used.
We _______ earn a higher salary in the former company. use to used used to didn't used to.
We are happy to replace the_______goods free of charge destroyed damaged hurt injured.
There ________ not many people in the conference room wasn't weren't was were.
What is ‘manage issues customers complain about’ a definition for? manage customers. handle customer complaints. handle customers’ requests. manage what customers say.
What __________ the weather ___________________ tomorrow? is/ go to be is / going to be is/ go being is / going to go be.
My plans for the weekend are playing football with my friends and visiting Mary. This idea can also be expressed in the following way... I going to play football with my friends and visit Mary. My plans are football and Mary. I’m going to play football with my friends and I’m going to visit Mary.. I will play and visit Mary.
They _______ me sales were going up. said to tell told to told.
Having good ______________may help you to make deals easily manners demonstrations entertaining handshaking.
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