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Ernest didn't come __________ the rain had stopped. until as soon as while as often as.
We __________ out of gasoline two kilometers away from town. got ran turned brought.
Her plan has some weak points. She'll have to __________ it __________. stand / for look / into talk / about think / over.
I'll wait there ___________ 7:30. for until as soon as as often as.
Mr. Wilson lives in a parte house, ___________ he? is does isn't doesn't.
Tom falled the exam __________ Jim did __________. and / too but / too and / so but / so.
Lou bought all the books ______________________. wheter Phil asked him. how he needed them. why he understood them. where Pat told him.
Mrs. Clarks is _________ a nice woman _________ everybody admires her. so / than so / that such / than such / that.
Jim ___________ to be ___________ to abandon his job next month. can / forced is going / forced can / forcing is going / forcing .
We're ___________ the money we lost this morning. getting in looking into turning on looking for.
Would you please turn __________ the ligth? It's dark. on out for over.
___________ these apples ___________ by the dozen? Do / sold Are / sold Can / selling Must / selling.
# __________ is your parent's house going ___________? ----- Next week. What / to be painted What / to paint When / to be painted When / to paint.
I never listen to classical music and ___________ does Mary. so too either neither.
Did she teacher say _______________________. who did he shout at. what terrible mystery was. when we must finish the work. where do we meet after school.
Charlie's never taken care of his garden, __________? he hasn't isn't he has he he is .
My brother ___________ can't play the piano. yet still already anymore.
Pat is sorry that ______________________. awful accident produced. will Anne be absent. she couldn't attend class. mistake she commited.
I can't finish the work __________ I get new tools. unless so that whether as though.
My sister __________ finished the university __________. has / yet has / still hasn't / yet hasn't / still.
# Will Jane go to the party alone? ----- __________ she does ___________ not muy business. Whatever / is Whichever / is Whatever / will Whichever / will.
Sandra is saving money ___________ buyudo new furniture. so that because of in order to in order that.
Now, Peter __________ being severely __________ for his behavior. is / punish has / punish is / punished has / punished.
You've has a wonderful time, __________ you? had have hadn't haven't.
John didn't pasa the exam __________, he felt sad. otherwise in contrast consequently on the other hand.
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