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Engineer Smith is in charge of the mainten_____ of the computer. ing ence ize ance.
The tickets are sold out. We cannot call the show ________ now! for off down over.
When we visited the plant, they gave us a ________ of each product. brine layer shovel sample.
Hamlet and King Lear are two of Shakespeare's ________works. brine spare major barely.
She reminded me __________. just vaguely my mother said every day of your about my medicine.
Heather won't be promoted unless she ________ up the rest ________ of the group. keeps / to stays / to puts / with catches / with.
The end doesn't always justify the ________. means goods profits sources.
First I wished to marry her, but now I have ________. made a deal talked over seen her off changed my mind.
Please, sharp_____ all my colored pencils. en al ive ise.
I ________ my typewriter ________, but I couldn't find the electrical failure. set / up blew / up tore / apart put / together.
Linda makes a ________ of 5 dollars on every for the cake she sells. fare trade range profit.
Joan is ________ at her husband's laziness. pursued vanished disgusted encouraged.
Lucy didn't know the legal ________ for adopting a child. booklet tonnage compound procedure.
The ________ of this product lies in its low cost. profit output advantage confidence.
San is ________ to start working, but he hasn't found a job yet. willing thrifty compulsory outstanding.
This book ________ with the economic problems in Latin American countries. labels deals breeds faces.
The new technology will bring addition_____ benefits. al ive ment ance.
The fruit must be ________ before it ripens. bred shipped searched diminished.
We have to ________ the goods by train. hire pack ship source.
Were you ________ leave when Karen arrived? about to by way of in order to all at once.
National ________ oil will increase this year. output tonnage compound merchandise.
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