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Her hands are ________ because she was playing with clay and mud. hardy sticky bitter thrifty.
Jack never studies. He's always ________. setting out thinking up talking over fooling around.
Sir Thomas Hamilton inherited a castle of great ________. furniture library antiquity burglary.
When Mary decided to leave, Jonh ________ her ________ at the bus station. saw / off let / alone looked / for pulled / down.
Peter's ________ come from his parents giving him independence. device disgust self - reliance natural resources.
The contract is very advantage_____ for you sign it. ous ive ing ion.
The inspector ________ all the points of the case before giving his opinion. help on kept up left out went over.
The ________ didn't come together with the merchandise; they sent it bay mail. invoice packing market crew.
You ________ many important detalle in your monthly report. left out caught up turned off dropped by.
More than five people were injured in the highway ________. tramp distress disgrace collision.
The accident was caused by high speed. It ________ at noon. went over took place slowed down carried out.
She ________ my hand and jumped into the water. trapped whirled grabbed struggled.
When Linda started crying, Bob felt sorry and he quarrel ________. was over turned off blew out called out.
Many soldiers ________ serious changes after war experiences. menace struggle undergo purpose.
The teacher ________ the main aspects of his course. got by made over called off pointed out.
He was to work hard in order to keep his economic ________. root goods path status.
I will remind you __________. about our date to your brother a little everyday when I listen to this song .
We're ________ on travelling to Africa next fall. trying planning arguing intending.
Most of the spiders in this area are rather ________; they have no poison. barely sticky harmless healthful.
The bank's profit ________ 5 to 7 million pesos. ranges focuses exports researches.
Our bookstore has independent ________ in every state of the Republic. root branch booklet lecture.
His ________ was delayed due to the rain. reach arrival vanish timetable.
Gloria shouldn't critic_____ her parents in that way. al is our ize.
We need more ________ to keep the fire going. fuel burst branch furnace.
A high ________ rock is blocking the highway. status weapon crevice tonnage.
I appreciated having John's guid_____ from the very beginning of my studies in philosophy. ion ence ment ance.
The firm's ________ campaign on T.V. has proved efficient. labelling enterprise advertising acquisition.
This pie has only one ________ of cream. speck layer spare sample.
The bank had to ________ a new cashier. hire collect search achieve.
The airplane ________ is cheap. fare income profit entreprise.
The ________ for small cars is increasing together with the price of gas. fare profit device market.
Hamlet and King Lear are two of Shakespeare's ________ works. brine spare major barely.
Depend_____ on drugs is a way to madness. fon ence ance ment .
Dan had always ________ for power and fortune. Finally, he has succeeded in his efforts. argued grabbed struggled advertised.
It is dangerous for any industry to run out of ________. raw materials foreign trade subject matter natural resources.
The ________ declared bankrupt because of a lack of raw materials. library enterprise advertising merchandise.
Do you think Frank will ________ my advice into account? put look keep take.
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