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M5 inglÉs



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Ernest didn't come __________ the rain had stopped. until as soon as while as often as.
I'll wait there __________ 7:30. for until. as soon as as often as.
I can't finish the work __________ I get new tools. unless so that whether as though.
Sandra is saving money __________ buy new furniture so that because of in order to in order that.
__________ Mr. Shaw is a very old man, he loves modern music. Even Anyway Whether Although.
Harry will not leave the city __________ his car is repaired. as until where whenever.
Don't interrupt _________ others are speaking. as often as as soon as since while.
Lewis always speaks as __________ he knew about everything. if for soon even.
Sue is only 15 years old, and in spite _________ her youth, she's very responsible. of from that though.
The dentist was working on my tooth __________ he hurt my tongue. since while when why .
Nancy has made her own clothes _________ she was fifteen. when while until since.
Professor Smith visits me every day __________ he finishes his work. while wherever as soon as as often as.
I read a mistery novel __________ my son was playing the flute. until as soon as as often as while.
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