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Torque tubes are used for transmitting: Torsion loads. Where an angular or twisting motion is needed .
Tension of the control cables is measured with: Special tensiometers which enable tension measure without disassemble. .
The purpose of pulley in control cable system is: To guide and support cable for its change of direction. .
What means cable designation 3/8, 7x19? This is a steel cable of outer diameter 3/8 inch, with 7 strands, 19 wires in each strand. .
Which is the most important advantages of control cables: Lightweight, high loadable, need only limited space, operates with no play .
Which are the most disantvantages of control cables? Cable extends with the time, sensitive to temperature changes after longer operation. .
Which is the function of the turnbuckle in the control cable assembly? To adjust the length and tension of the cable. .
If pulley is too Large for the cable: Then pulley will be more worn out at the center of the groove. .
Hardness refers to Ability of a material to resist abrasion, penetration and cutting action. .
What is strength refers to? It is ability of material to resist to deformation. .
Brittleness is the property of material: Very hard steel, cast iron, cast aluminum. .
Of which material highly loaded parts as landing gear and engine mounts are made? Steel. .
The best properties of high carbon steel parts is achieved by Forging with heat treatment. .
Steels contain 0,5% to 1.05% of carbon are treated as High carbón steels. .
Which are the locations of use of INCONEL? Where parts are exposed to high temperatures. .
Extruding is a process where Material is forced through an opening in a die .
Annealing is the process Of softening of material. .
Which are the properties of ferrous materials? Having iron as a main constituent. .
Tempering is always applied After hardening of material. .
Which is the fastest quenching media? Brine. .
Which property of metallic materials is elasticity? That deformation disappears after removal of the load. .
Which property of metalic materials is hardness? Property which indicates, at which force material permits penetration of another material through its surface. .
Which property of metalic materials is toughness? That material require high amount of load and plastic deformation to brake. .
Carburising is a process where Carbon is added into surface of low carbon steels. .
With respect to ferrous metals which of the following is true? Iron is a main element and ferrous metals are magnetic. .
Brine as cooling media is usually made of 5% to 10% of salt in water. .
Properties of metals are? Hardness, strength, ductility, brittleness, elasticity, heat resistance. .
What is elasticity? Property which enables the material to return in its original size and shape after force that causes it is removed. .
Carbon steel is iron? which possesses up to 1% of carbon. .
Thermal expansión is? (1.3) Increase of material dimensions when heated up. .
Nickel in carbon steels increase Hardness. .
Chromium in carbon steels increase Corrosion resistance properties. .
Stainless steels Have corrosión resistance properties. .
Fusibility is Ability of metal to melt under heat. .
Conductivity is the property of metal Which allows heat and/or electricity be transferred through it. .
Ferrous materials are the ones which Have iron as main constituent. .
Inconel is the material that possesses More than 50% of nickel. .
Density is Is the weight per unit volume of material. .
Strength is ability of material to Resist deformation. .
Aluminium melts at app. 1100°F. .
Steels melt at app 2600°F. .
Is glass considered brittle Yes. .
During the Rockwell hardness test, what dimension is measured? The depth of the indent. .
Which of the following are all hardness testing machines? Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell. .
What type of a test involves streching material until it breaks? TENSILE STRENGTH TESTING .
Fatigue is Weakness in materials caused by repeated variations of stress. .
Impact testing Measures the amount of energy needed for test part to fracture and fail. .
Micro cracks caused by metal fatigue Can be found by use of NDT methods. .
Non-ferrous metals are: All metals which have elements other than iron as their base or principal constituent. .
Alclad is a metal consisting of Pure aluminum surface layers on an aluminum alloy core. .
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