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We must leave at once. Everything ________ for the trip. way of all set back up let alone.
I don't trust Bill. He never ________ out his plans. sets keeps makes carries.
The tickets are sold out. We cannot call the show ________ now! for off down over.
Elizabeth found the box after dinning through ________ of rock and soil. pegs paths brines layers.
Our boss stimulates us by ________ our new projects up. sweeping backing pulling bringing.
African life has not been well ________ by western writers. labeled menaced refined portrayed.
I always ________ to finish my homework as soon as possible. try think believed propase.
You shouldn't be destruct_____ when you criticize other people. ive ous ing ise.
Cultural activities should be ________ and directed to the provinces. pursued collected portrayed decentralized.
The boy scattered his clothes all ________ the room. set over in all at once.
________ by my house someday to listen to my new records. Drop Pull Get Set.
The cattle were ________ on the farm experimentally. bred grabbed refined undergone.
The teacher ________ all the mistakes we committed. broke in caught up pointed out named after.
It is dangerous for any industry to run out of ________. raw materials foreign trade subject matter natural resources.
I must ________ the pieces of the motor ________ before having dinner. hold / on work / out let / alone put / together.
The manager and I talked ________ the worker's demands for two hours. at over to along.
Eddie has been ________ around instead of studying. blowing fooling filling breaking.
Mrs. Collins' sad life made her a very ________. barely despite bitter compound.
Do you think Frank will ________ my advice into account? put look keep take.
I have always tried not to ________ in other people's business diminish interfere encourage impoverish.
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