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Harry showed his _____agreement with teacher's ideas. un in mis dis.
She should study harder ________ to get a good mark in the exam. as yet by way all over in order.
The new technology will bring addition_____ benefits. al ary ality ery.
Mary, ________ on the light. turn hold set get.
Mr. Adams ________ on coming home this week. tried thought planned menaced.
Our ________ is to achieve better grain product. purpose invoice device income.
Ralph will marry Ann. Nothing will make him ________ his mind. speak change let alone take apart.
Dr. Rusell gave you good advice ________ into account. set put have take.
Toads and Lizards are completely ________ the wouldn't attack anybody. sticky thrifty harmless relentless.
The cat is lost. My sister is looking ________ it. up for ive ment.
Hard work is the ________ of my success. source mean range path.
________ an eye ________ your luggage, it might get stolen. Hold / at Hold / on Keep / at Keep / on .
The thief was ________ before midnight by two detectives. seeped argued trapped tramped.
I ________ for until nine o'clock. hoped waited reached expected.
Heather won't be promoted unless she ________ up ________ the rest of the group. keeps / to stays / to puts / with catches / with.
The Government's main ________ is to create a solid economy. goal root status weapon.
There was silver ________ the surface of the Valley. beneath despite provide research.
South American ________ have settled in several Mexican towns. resources immigrants enterprise.
I will have some time ________ tomorrow. I will call you then. spare free off out.
Billy ________ by about 5:00 pm. He wanted to see my sister. made apart picked dropped.
Don't let anybody ________ with your privancy. burst trade interfere confidence.
I hope our plane has enough ________ for the trip. awe fuel pipe fows.
Grandmother's agony was a ________ experience for all the family. bitter former drilling whirling.
One of the following questions is optional and the other is ________. major hardy accurate compulsory.
Our ________ will be postponed due to bad weather. arriving shipping departure timetable.
Sally was ________ for a part-time job in the new factory. hired labeled stroggled embarrassed.
Grandfather is very ________ for his age. actual disgraced undergone healthful.
I don't like to ________ about anything with my mother-in-law. face argue spare mingle.
The fruit must be ________ before it ripens. bred shipped searched dimished.
Joan is ________ at her husband's laziness. pursued vanished disgusted encouraged.
Brenda's perform_____ at the ceremony was outstanding. ance ince ment ion.
China ________ tea to the western world. packs breeds labels exports.
Did your ________ how serious his mistake was. look grab realice advertise.
Our country's industrial ________ is very slow compare to that of agriculture. income platform advantage development.
A plane's ________ must serve the passengers. crew fare mist branch.
________ lets you introduce your product to the costumers. Antiquity Advertising Self - reliance.
Will you remember __________. to your friends me when you are away me to finish the report your father about gas bill.
We must wear protect_____ clothing to do that work. ion ous ive ment.
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