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1. Complete the following sentence with the correct personal pronoun: 1 read Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter because __ are my favorite books! A) They B) lt C) Them D)You.
2. Complete the following sentence using marital status vocabulary: 1 don't love to my husband, 1 want to divorced him. Because I want to be ___ for to travel around of the world. A) separed B) single C) married D)widow.
3. Look at the image below and choose the option with the correct description: A) The first face is happy and the third one is angry B) The first face is scared and the second one is happy C) The second face is angry and the third one is scared D) The second face is happy and the first one is scared.
4. Choose the sentence with the correct demonstrative adjective: A) These ring on my finger is very expensive B) That ring on my finger is very expensive C) Those ring on my finger is very expensive D) This ring on my finger is very expensive.
5. Choose the question with logical order: A) why horse can a you ride? B) when you can ride a horse? C) what can a horse you ride? D) where can you ride a harse?.
6. Look at the image and chaase the aption with true sentences about Sophie's likes and dislikes: A) Sophie doesn't hates cats , she dislike spiders but lave dogs B) Sophie dislike cats, she love spiders and like dogs C) Sophie hates cats, she dislikes spiders but she laves dogs D) Sophie dislikes cats , she doesn't laves spiders but likes dogs.
7 Read the sentence and choose the aption that has a similar meaning: I like classical music. A) I can listen to classical music B)I really hate classical music C) I love classical music D) I dislike classical music.
8. Choose the correct question for the following answer: __ kind of food ___ Mark ___ ? A) Which-do-likes B) What-does-like C) What-do-likes D) What-does-likes.
9. Put the words in order to make a logical question: apples / Sara / Why / hate / ? /does / A) Why Sara does hate apples? B) Why apples does hate Sara? C) Why does Sara hate apples? D) Why does apples hate Sara?.
10. Complete the paragraph using adverbs of time The ___ thing that I do is to wake up at 5 o'clock, ___ I get up and I go to the kitchen and I prepare my breakfast and eat it, ___ that I take a shower, get dressed and ___ at 7:30 I am ready to go to work. A) first, later, after that, finally B) first, after, then, finally C) first, after that, later, finally D) first, then, after, finally.
11 . Order the following words to make a coherent question: live / and / ? / you / Wendy / in / Do /Canada A) Do Wendy in Canada live and you? B) Do you live and Wendy in Canada? C) Do you in Canada live and Wendy? D) Do Wendy and you live in Canada?.
12. Answer the following question with the correct! personal pronoun: Are you German? A) No, I am not B) Yes, I do. C) No, I Don t D) Yes, they are.
13. Complete the sentence with the correct word My friend lan is __ because he was born in the Netherlands A) dutch B) irish C) german D) thai.
14. Choose the sentence with the correct information according to this affirmation: You put clothes in these two things. A) I put my clothes in a bookcase and vase B) I put my clothes in an armchair and rug C) I put my clothes in a closet and a dresser D) I put my clothes in boxes and divider for filing.
15. Look at table information, and then choose the correct sentence according to "likes and dislikes" A) She like fruit B) He likes fruit C) They likes chicken D) We like oranges.
16. Read the following paragraph and answer the question at the end: Helio, my name is Jessica, 1 live with my family: My dad's name is Robert, he is a fireman . My mom's name is Angela and she is a nurse. l love my family very muchl Does Jessica live together to family? A) No, she doesn't B) Yes, she does C) Yes, they do D) No, they don't.
17. Complete the dialogue: Tony: Excuse me, ___ you Brian? Brian: Yes, 1 nice to meet you. A) is - am B) are - am C) are-is D) am-is.
18. Helen has a new boyfriend, __ name is Albert. A)he B) it's C)she D) his.
19. Complete the following conversation with the correct form of can. Andrea: Hi, __ we go outside to play on the lane? Jason: No, we ___ go because it's starting to rain . A) can't - can 't B) can't - can C) can - can D) can - can't.
20. What's the correct answer far the following question: Who do you live with? A) You live in an apartment B) I don't live there C) I live with my wife and my daughter D) I live with yourself.
21 . Complete the following statement: My husband's sister is my ___ _ A) son-in- law B) grandson C) sister-in-law D) Step daughter.
22. Look at the picture and choose the correct answer: The book is ---the table A) on B) below C) in D) next to.
23. Look at the picture and choose correct sentence. A) The Bank is opposite the Post office and the Restaurant B) The Post office is in front of the Restaurant and the Bank C) The Restaurant is behind the Post office and the Restaurant D) The Bank is between the Restaurant and the Post office.
24. Look at the picture and choose the right option A) Tolsa is between Cathedral and Palacio Nacional B) Zocalo is in front of Palacio Nacional C) Alameda Central is next to Republica de Uruguay D) Hidalgo Ave is around Correo Mayor.
25. Choose the logical sentence according to the correct use of the indefinite articles: A) I like a bottle of orange juice andan avocado sandwich, please B) I like an bottle of orange juice and a avocado sandwich, please C) I like a bottle of avocado sandwich, and an orange juice please D) I like an bottle of avocado sandwich, and a orange juice please.
26. Complete the following conversation with the correct WH-word: • Helio, Good Afternoon, __ is your name? • Helio, My name is Steve. • Perfect, __ are you from? • l'm from Germany. • Ok, thank you and finally __ are you? • l'm 30 years old! A) what-when-how old B) what-where-how old C) what-when- how much D) what-where-how many.
27. Put the words in order to make a logical question: is / what / address / her/ ? A) What is address her? B) What address is her? C) What her address is? D) What is her address?.
28. Read the following sentence and choose the option with opposite meaning: He is a glad and a peaceful person A) He is joyful and a calm person B) He is jolly and a relaxed person C) He is upset and a delighted person D) He is sad and a worried person.
29. Choose the list that includes only vocabulary that refers to personal belongings: A) Watch, Cotton, Wallet and Keys B) Ring, Lighter, Comb, and watch C) Square, Lipstick, Comb, and Ring D) Umbrella, Keys, Glasses, and Wood.
30. Choose the option that correctly expresses the following time: 11 :13 A) lt's eleven past thirteen B) lt's thirty past eleven C) lt's thirteen past eleven D) lt's eleven thirty.
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