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1. A stressed skin structure that is made in the form of a single shell with all of its strength in its outer skin is called a structure.? a) Semimonocoque b) Monocasco c) Ultramonocoque.
2. The basic stresses to which a structure can be subjected are? a) tensión, arrastre, torsión, flexión, cortante. b) tensión, compresión, torsión, flexión, cortante. c) tensión, compresión, torsión, sustentación, cortante.
3. Is a deformation within a material caused by a stress is called a/an? a) Estrés b) tensión c) compresión .
4. With the following numbers identify the chief alloying agent in each of these aluminum alloys.? a. 2024 Manganeso, magnesio, zinc b. 5052 cobre, magnesio, zinc c. 7075 cobre, magnesio, aluminio.
5 . A method of increasing the strength of heat-treated aluminum alloy.after Al has been solution-heat-treated by heating and quenching, it is returned to the oven and heated to a temperature lower than that used for the initial heat treatment? a) tratamiento térmico de precipitación. b) Solución tratada térmicamente. C) Envejecimiento tratado térmicamente.
6. An aluminum alloy that cannot be hardened by heat-treating can be annealed by heating and controlled cooling only by cold working.? a) True b) false .
7.Pure aluminum is susceptible to corrosion? a) True b) False.
8. Clad aluminum alloy is? a) Más resistente que una lámina de metal sin revestimiento de la misma aleación y espesor. b) Más débil que una lámina de metal sin revestimiento de la misma aleación y espesor. c) Blanda que una lámina de metal sin revestir de la misma aleación y espesor.
9. Metals that contain iron are called. a) Metales no ferrosos b) Metales de aleación c) Metales ferrosos.
10.The main alloying elements for corrosion-resistant steel are? a) Carbón y Acero b) cromo y níquel c) Aluminio y Acero.
11.The tensile strength of a piece of steel may be determined by measuring its? a) Dureza b) Tracción c) cortante.
12. The strength of aluminum alloy? a) Se relaciona directamente con su dureza. b) No se relaciona directamente con su dureza.
13. A riveted joint should be designed so it will fail in? a) Cojinete b) cortante.
14. Icebox rivets must be heat-treated before they are driven. These rivets are made of either of two alloys these are? a) 2015 y 2024 b) 2017 y 2024 c) 2017 y 2025.
15. Relief holes drilled in the corner of a pattern for a box should be drilled at the intersection of the lines.? a) Tangente de curva interior b) tangente de la curva exterior c) Tangente de curvatura lateral.
16. Three ways of indicating the size of a twist drill are? a) Números, letras y alfanuméricos b) Números, letras y fracciones c) Números, Alfanuméricos y Fracciones.
17. The material used for a patch over a damaged longeron should be of the same material and the same wall thickness as the.? a) Longeron b) Costillas c) Cuerda.
18. A structure that has most of its strength in its outer skin, but supports this skin with stringers across the Formers are called a structure.? a) Monocasco b) Ultramonocasco c) Semimonocasco.
19. After a piece of aluminum alloy has been solution heat-treated, it can be returned to the oven and held at an elevated temperature for a period of time to increase its strength. This process is called.? a) Precipitación tratada térmicamente. b) Solución tratada térmicamente. c) Envejecimiento.
20. Steel is iron with and other alloying elements added in controlled amounts, this element is.? a) cromo b) carbono c) níquel.
21. The standard for comparing all air Taft structural wood is? a) pícea de Sitka b) Abeto de Douglas c) Abeto noble.
22. The light and dark bands seen in the end of a piece of wood are called? a) madera de manantial b) Madera de verano c) llamados anillos anuales.
23. Which is the time lapse max between the final surfacing of the wood and the application of the glue? a) 7 horas b) 8 horas c) 9 horas.
24. Final smoothing of the wood surfaces to he joined should not be done with fine sandpaper? a) True b) False.
25. Three types of fabric that may be used to cover an aircraft structure are? a) Algodón, solera y fibra de vidrio b) Algodón, Poliéster y fibra de vidrio c) Rayón, Poliéster y fibra de vidrio.
26. Re-covering an aircraft with the same materials and the same methods used by the original manufacturer is classified as a? a) Alteración importante b) Alteración menor.
27. Corrosion can be a problem with aluminum alloys when they are bonded to? a) Fibra de vidrio b) Grafito c) Poliéster.
28. Two chemicals that can be used as a solvent for acrylic plastic are? a) Cloruro de metileno y cloruro de etileno b) Cloruro de acetileno y Cloruro de etileno c) Cloruro de acetileno y cloruro de metileno.
29. Acetone is acrylic plastic softeners? a) si b) no c) Ninguna de las anteriores.
30. When a piece of acrylic plastic is cut on a band saw to the approximate outline of the part, the final trim can be made with? a) sierra b) lijadora c) cuchillo.
31. Is a C-clamp recommended for holding pressure on an acrylic plastic material while it is being cemented? a) Se recomienda b) No se recomienda.
32. The best method of removing dirt from a plastic windshield is by flushing it with? a) Agua dulce b) limpiaparabrisas sin pelusa c) cera.
33. Oil and grease can be removed from acrylic plastic with a solution? a) Agua dulce b) limpiaparabrisas sin pelusa c) Agua y jabón.
34. After cleaning a windshield, it should be coated with a good grade of? a) Cera b) Abrasivos c) Limpiar ventanas.
35. As you can see the thickness of a window of an airplane pressurized? a) Remoción y calibre b) Por instrumento de medición de ultrasonido c) todo lo anterior.
36. the most common types of damage in a transparent Plastic are? a) Decoloración y agrietamiento b) Deformación y corte c) Cuarteado y corte.
37 .When removing scratches from a windshield with sandpaper, How should be movement of sandpaper ? a) movimiento circular b) movimiento rectilíneo c) ambos movimientos.
38. Hardwoods are always more dense than softwoods.? a) Yes b) Not.
39. A properly designed glued joint should be loaded in? a) cortante b) tensión c) Las dos anteriores.
40. The type of dope is? a) Butirato b) Butirato y Sulfato c) Nitrato y Sulfato.
41. Is a force that is set up within an object that tries to prevent an outside force changing its shape is called a/an? a) Estrés b) tensión c) Torsión.
42. A material will return to its original size and shape after a stress is removed if it has not been stressed Beyond its.? a) Compresión b) Límite elástico c) tensión.
43. When a piece of aluminum alloy is heated in a furnace, then quenched in cold water, it is said to have Been? a) Solución tratada térmicamente. b) Envejecimiento c) Envejecimiento.
44. Aluminum alloy may be annealed by heating it in an oven and then cooling it? a) lentamente b) En una habitación fresca c) rápidamente.
45. If a non-heat-treatable aluminum alloy becomes too hard while it is being worked, some of the hardness can be removed by.? a) Envejecimiento b) Recocido c) anodizado.
46. What is clad Aluminum? a) Una hoja de aleación de aluminio que tiene un revestimiento de aluminio puro laminado en una o ambas superficies para protección contra la corrosión b) Una barra de aleación de aluminio que tiene un revestimiento de aluminio puro laminado en una o ambas superficies para protección contra la corrosión. c) Un cuadrado de aleación de aluminio que tiene un revestimiento de aluminio puro laminado en una o ambas superficies para protección contra la corrosión.
47. The electrolytic process which a hard, airtight, oxide film is deposited on aluminum alloy for corrosion protection? a) Envejecimiento b) anodizado c) Alodina.
48. Ultimate tensile strength is? a) La resistencia a la tracción requerida para hacer que un material se agriete o continúe deformándose bajo una presión decreciente. carga. b) La resistencia a la tracción requerida para hacer que un material se deforme o continúe deformándose bajo una tensión decreciente. carga. c) La resistencia a la tracción requerida para hacer que un material se rompa o continue deformándose bajo una presión decreciente carga.
49. A sight line is drawn inside the bend allowance portion of a flat pattern a distance of one from the bend tangent line that is clamped under the radius bar.? a) Tangente de curvatura b) Radio exterior c) Radio de curvatura.
50. A wood product made of strips of wood glued together in such a way that all of the grains run in the same direction are called? a) Madera laminada b) madera contrachapada c) Chapa.
51. When preparing solid wood for a glued joint, the surface should be roughened to help the glue adhere? a) True b) False.
52. When a sharp knife point stuck into a piece of aircraft wood pries up a chunk of wood instead of a hard splinter, the wood is likely infected with decay? a) verdadero b) falso.
53. The type of plastic material that is softened by heat and that regains its hardness when it is cooled is a? a) Material termoplástico b) Material termoestable c) Los dos anteriores.
54. One of the biggest differences in working aluminum and acrylic plastics lies in the? a) Mejor conducción de calor del acrílico. b) Rápida conducción del calor del acrílico. c) Mala conducción de calor del acrílico.
55. The preferable way to store flat sheets of acrylic plastic is: a) Horizontales b) verticales c) transversal.
56. When drilling acrylic plastics, the drill should be turned (fast or slow)? a) lento b) rápido c) ni lento ni rápido.
57. The best type of clamp to use to apply pressure when cementing two pieces of acrylic plastic together is? a) Abrazadera en C b) Abrazadera paralela c) Abrazadera de resorte.
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