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Pearson utpl 4 version 11

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Pearson utpl 4 version 11

Pearson abril agosto 2019

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1.- _______________ she come with us? a.- Why doesn`t b.- Why not c.- Why do.
2.- Excuse me, but haven´t____________________? a.- do I know you b.- met before c.- we met before.
3.- When Amy looked around the room, Tomy______________? a.- were reading b.- is reading c.- was reading.
4.- Is The Big Kahuna__________________- The Styling 4000? a.-cheaper than b.- Cheaper c.- cheapest.
5.- Our main __________________ is a company in New York a.- competitive b.- competition c.- compete.
6.- Talia______________ on an important project at the moment a.- works b.- are working c.- ´s working.
7.- I agree than your assessment of our situation is accurate. This sentence means: a.- I agree than your assessment is old fashioned b.- I agree than your assessment is exaggerated c.- I agree than your assessment is precise.
8.- It´s around piece of glass, with a frame to protect the glass. The frame could be metal or plastic. You use it to see small thing more clearly. a.- a rope b.- a magnifying glass c.- a statue.
9.- She___________- bad about what she said. a.- will feel b.- feels c.- feel.
10.- Miss Universe 2013 was accurate when she answered to the question that the judge asked her. a.- attractive b.- precise.
11.- It´s very difficult to get rid of old habits. The sentence means: a.- It´s very difficult to meet old people. b.- It´s very difficult to eliminate negative behavior. c.- It´s very difficult to find red clothes.
12.- Have you made any plans for the weekend? a.- Yes, I do. b.- Yes, to relax c.- Yes I have.
13.- Complete: Carry on – deal with – get away with – run out of – come across How do taxi drives ____________-- passengers who don`t pay? a.- deal with b.- carry on c.- come across.
14.- It was very_______________- a.- confusing b.- confused c.- confuse.
15.- Someone sent me flowers_____________- this morning. a.- out of the blue b.- out of place c.- out of it.
16.- Talia is interested in me, _______________? a.- isn´t she b.- is she c.-was she.
17.-___________________ ! It wasn´t your fault a.- Taking place b.- To take it or leave it c.- Take it easy.
18.- I don´t know ______________about soccer a.- someone b.-anything c.- something.
19.- To say something very loudly is to____________ a.- whisper b.- mutter c.- shout.
21.- a holiday by the sun is____________- than a holiday in the mountains. a.- good b.- better c.- best.
22.- They ____- save the men from the sinking ship a.- could to b.- were able to c.- was able to.
23.- Making money_____________ a problem for him. a.- were not b.- are not c.- is not.
24 Do you think you_______ write that repost by next Tuesday? I know you´re very busy a.- have been able to b.- were able to c.- wil be able to .
25.- _________________ a lot of good teachers. Lately. I´ve learned not to talk so much. a.- I am having b.- I´ve have c.- I´ve had .
26.- Wht´s wrong. Amy? You seem___________today. Are you getting enough sleep? a.-out of it b.- out of work c.- out of the blue .
27.- Amy, you have brothers and sisters, ___________? a.- don´t you b.- do you c.- weren´t you.
28.- It tool a long time for Ami to ___________ losing her job a.- get along b.- get over c.- get it.
29.- Mr Jonas didn´t like it when students talked out of turn in his class. Once, I ________ asked a classmate borrow a pencil, but he yelled at me. a.- patient b.- quiet c,. quietly.
31.- Which is the _____________ dangerous animal in the world? a.- faster b.- best c.- most.
32.-________________- me help you with those chairs. a.- Can b.- Maybe c.- Let.
33.- The weather was sunny, so we__________ eat outride. a.- did able to b.- was able to c.- were able to.
33.- The weather was sunny, so we__________ eat outride. a.- did able to b.- was able to c.- were able to.
34.- This is my car. The car is_____________ a.- mine b.- my c.- me.
35.- Claire´s only sisters, Jasmine, ______________- across the country for the past 5 years. a.- lived b.- has been living c.- lives.
36.- When does your plane ____________? a.- takes off b.- take off c.- took off.
37.- I’d like to speak with _____________ about my credit card bill a.- something b.- someone c.- everyone.
38.- Jane is a baby, she´s too small to eat by___- a.- herself b.- itself c.- myself.
39.- Anna? Anna Nelson? I don´t think there´s _________-- here by that name a.- something b.- anyone c.- somebody.
40.- I hate to say this, but I´m 100% sure I can handle the Crawford investigation by__________ a.- myself b.- themselves c.- itself.
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