¿quien es el autor de la canción?

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¿quien es el autor de la canción?

si sos belibiber, wachiturro o todas las demas asquerosidades, dont in


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didn't go nowhere, never left uh you really thought that i was gone (gone gone gone) i heard you talking like i lost my swagger said i was over you were wrong (wrong wrong wrong).
Stay, don't just walk away and leave me another day a day just like today with nobody else around Friendships move on until the day you can't get along.
Let me be the one that shines with you In the morning when you don't know what to do Two of a kind We'll find a way To do what we've done Let me be the one that shines with you And we can slide away. .
You act like a prima donna Playing so hard to get Sittin' so cool and nonchalant Draggin' on a cigarette You keep a wall all around ya 'n i'll get through some day 'n i want your love babe, if push comes to shove Gonna chip that wall away.
Amy Is your heart singing out of tune Are your eyes just singing the blues Dirty records from another time Some blood stains on your shoes No one really knows about your soul And I barely even know your name Burning rhythms and posting lies For a bunch of fools drown in shame Amy don't you go I want you around.
When she was just a girl, She expected the world, But it flew away from her reach, So she ran away in her sleep. Dreamed of para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Every time she closed her eyes.
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