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In Mexico this is an exam that doctors wishing to enter a speciality program need to pass ENARM MARM .
This department handles all conditions and illnesses od children up until the age of 18. Pediatrics Oncology .
A prerequisite is a requirement that a student must complete after enrolling in a course or educational program true false .
This is a country that does not rquiere premedical degrees and allows undergraduates to enter medical school directly India Mexico .
Has a duration of 24 months the foundation programme a placement .
A period spent as a trainee in a hospital or in general practice a placement junior doctors .
are known as trainees when doing a placement junior doctors a medical school .
part of a university responsible for medicll education a medical school an FY1 .
in the first year of the foundation programme FY1 FY2 .
This departments primaly role is to examine tissue samples taken by byopsy from patients from other hospital departments pathology obstetrics .
the department provides medical care to patients who have problems with their hearts and circulation cardiology department pediatrics department .
the department deals with the management and care of pregnant women obstetrics department pediatrics department .
The license to practice a profession in Mexico is called cedula profesional true false .
supervised practice of a speciality in a hospital and in its outpatient department and instruction from specialists on the hospital staff fellowship enarm.
this department offers a range of services for patients with common skin disorders such as eczema or warts as well as more complex skin problems like vitiligo and skin cancer dermatology department obstectrics department .
do your social work internship is the only requirement to ger your professional license a requirement you need to fullfill only if you choose to .
a business or hospital department that provides medicine to people pharmacy laboratory .
routine procedures, operations and organ transplants are performed at the surgery department of a hospital true false .
if you are a student in the united states, you need to earn a masters degree before going to medical schoool true false .
a doctor who works in the emergency deparment often treats patients in life threathening condition true false .
require students to have extensive education before they even enter medical school mexico US and Canada .
IN USA, AND CANADA, in predical studies , is a prerequisite to ensure students know the basics in biology, chemistry and other sciences bachelors degree mistery .
IN OTHER COUNTRIES SUCH INDIAN AND CHINA, medical schools don not require premedical degrees and allow undergraduates to enter directly true false .
students in these countries must pass entrance examinations before admittance to ensure competency india and china mexico .
a doctor often completes _________________ at a hospital to receive advanced training in his or her chosen field speciality residency .
Offer further schooling to prepare doctors for various specialities foundation program free program .
in the Us, doctors may complete ____________ to pursue focused research in a particular field fellowship masters degree .
period of advanced training in a hospital residency medical school .
a document showing someone is qualified for something license residency .
an istitution for teaching medicine license medical school .
a test that must be passed before admittance to an educational institution entrance examination entranced examination .
something that must be completed before something else prerequisite residency .
post graduate schooling for specialized training foundaiton program entrance examination .
jASON MAJORED IN PREMEDICAL STUDIES AS AN ________ undergraduate fellowship .
the university offers an ____________ for students performing special research fellowship undergraduate .
i have to get my ___________ before I apply to medical school bachelors degree medical degree.
After earning his _______ , Harold will take the licensing examination medical degree bachelor´s degree .
provides health care form birth to adulthood pediatrics obstetrics .
cares for women through all stages of pregnancy obstetrics pediatrics .
creates X rays and CT scans for all departments radiology obstetrics .
test samples for all departments pathology pediatrics .
performs eveything from routine procedures to organ transplants surgery pediatrics.
investigates and treats all heart problems cardiology pediatrics.
cares for everything from warts to skin cardiology dermatology .
provides bone and joint care orthopedics pediatrics.
treats patients in life threatening condition emergency orthopedics.
the hospital department that specializes in the treatment of the heart and heart diseases cardiology orthopedics.
the hospital department that treats women and unborn children during pregnancy obstetrics dermatology .
the hospital department that specializes in the treatment of the skin and skin diseases dermatology obstetrics.
the hospital department that specializes in the treatment of bones and muscles orthopedics dermatology .
the hospital department that specializes in the treatment of children pediatrics dermatology .
please take this sample to ______ for testing pathology emergency .
an ambulance brought the patient to the __________ room emergency pathology .
could you get the x rays from _________? radiology pediatrics.
the __________________ on the first floor should have the medicine you need. pharmacy classroom.
take this patient to _______________ for her transplant surgery pathology .
a doctor who provides many kinds of care to adults and children general practitioner nurse.
lab technician a medical professional who works with samples in a laboratory a medical professional who helps a doctor and cares for patients .
a medical professional who helps a doctor and cares for patients nurse pharmacist .
a doctor who renders patients unconscious or prevents them from feeling pain anesthesiologist pharmacist .
a medical professional who helps a doctor and cares for patients NURSEEEE pharmacist .
a person who fills prescriptions and gives medicine pharmacist nurse .
The ___________ has prepared the x rays radiologist pharmacist .
the ___________ is checking on the three year old pediatrician lab technician .
A great _______________ treated me after my heart attack obstetrician cardiologist .
The ________________ says the baby is doing fine anesthesiologist obstetrician .
Dr. Brown is a famous transplant __________ surgeon nurse .
a cotton fabric used to cover wounds or surgical incisions gauze gown .
a long robe worn by a hospital patient gown gauze .
a box for the storing of used needels and other sharp medical instruments before disposal syringe sharps container .
a device used for injectin liquids into the body syringe biohazard waste container .
a box for the storage and disposal of dangerous medical waste gauze biohazard waste container .
Wear a new pair of ___________ to examine each patient gowns latex gloves .
An ______________ helps Mrs. Martha breathe oxygen tank wheelchair .
The _______________ in this room need to be emptied before you leave bedpans latex gloves .
Please get Mr. Wilson a ____________________ so he can move around wheelchair bedpan .
Order a _____________ for Ms Jones to help her back pain pressure mattress oxygen tank .
Is a chronic disease of the lungs Asthma Ghonorrea .
A chair with wheels used by someone who cannot walk wheelchair pressure mattress.
A puncture resistant and leak proof container with a one way top used to dispose of used needles and other sharps pressure mattress sharps container .
A container with oxygen inside it, used for helping people to breathe , for example when they are very ill oxygen tank pressure mattress.
A long loose piece of clothing worn in a hospital by someone doing or having an operation. It can be used as clothing for bedridden patients. hospital gown pressure mattress .
A mattress designed and constructed to relieve as much pressure from its user body as possible. Used in hospitals to help protect patients from pressure sores. pressure mattress gauze .
Thin cloth used to cover wounds gauze pressure mattress.
A flat dish used as a toilet by people who are too ill get out of bed bedpan biohazard waste container .
A container used for the disposal of waste that may be contaminated with pathogens that present a danger to people and the environment biohazard waste container medical gloves .
Disposable gloves using during medical examinations and procedures that help prevent cross contamination between caregivers and patients, usually made of latex medical gloves syringe .
A piece of medical equipment used to push liquid into or take liquid out of someone´s body syringe medical gloves .
A gas in the air that people and animals need to breathe oxygen asthma .
One of the many tini sacs of the lunds where gases pass into or out of the blood alveoli enphysema .
A serious medical condition affecting the lungs that make it difficult to breathe. it is characterized by abnormal enlargement of air spaces in the lungs accompanied by destruction of the tissue lining the walls of the air spaces emphysema oxygen .
an often allergic disorder of respiration, characterized by bronchoespasm, wheezingm, and difficulty in expiration, often accompanied by coughing and a feeling of constriction in the chest asthma emphysema .
Either of the two organs in the chest with which people and some animals breathe lungs asthma .
Doctor specialized in treating children Pediatrics Surgery .
Branch of medicine that specializes in diseases of the skin Dermatology Surgery .
A doctor who gives a patient medication so that they dont feel pain when they are undergoing surgery Anesthesiologist Surgery .
Branch of medicine that deals with the care of the pregnant woman, the unborn baby labor and deluvery and the immediate period following childbirth obstetrics pediatrics.
A physician who has undergone formal training in rheumatology Radiologist Pediatrics .
The medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases within the bodies of animals and humans pathology radiology .
I can´t go out now because is too hot! true well written nou .
I really love it my house I really love my house correct this is not correct .
Please, relax eveyone! bien mal .
Please listens every one! mal escrito bien escrito .
Don´t open the window, It´s chilly outside! true false .
Air passes into the lungs from the trachea through the ________ bronchial tubes asthma .
Sam´s _____________ makes him cough and wheeze asthma emphysema .
Emphysema makes it difficult to exhale lungs .
The _________ are the main organs of the respiratory system lungs exhale .
____________ is a naturally occuring gas essential to human survival. Oxygen Monoxide .
To treat Jan´s asthma the doctor gave her medicine to BREATHE IN inhale alveoli .
People with respiratoru illness often find it difficult to INHALE AND EXHALE alveoli breathe .
Small air sacs in the lungs are the enspoints of the respiratory airway alveoli emphysema .
The patient suffers from damaged and misshapen alveoli Emphysema respiratory sistem .
The network of organs and airways responsible for gas exchange can be adversely affected by smoking respiratory system alveoli .
a blood vessel that carries blood way from the heart pulmonary artery .
the smallest kind of blood vessel in the body capillary valve .
having to do with the lungs vein pulmonary .
a blood vessel that carries blood towards the heart vein pulmonary .
A flap in a bodily system that allows passage of material in one direction but prevents passage in other direction valve capillary .
Can you tell me what organs make up the ____________? circulatory system urinary system .
The ___________ branches into two smaller arteries in the lower body aorta atrium .
Does blood without oxygen return to the left or right _________ ? atrium vena cava.
The superior ________________ returns blood without oxygen from the head and arms vena cava hear .
If you live 66 years, your ________ will beat 2.5 billion times heart disease .
a pouch like organ between the esophagus and small intestine appendicitis stomach .
a condition where the apendix becomes inflamed appendicitis digestive system .
a muscular tube connecting the mouth to the stomach esophagus stomach .
a medical procedure which examines the inside of the colon colonoscopy digestive system .
a system of organs which processes food, nutrients and waste digestive system urinary system .
The ______________ removes excess water from food as it is turned into waste large intestine small intestine .
nutrients are absorbed from food as it passes throught the small intestine large intestine .
Jane was worried that her illness had left their stomach susceptible to an ulcer colon .
Much of the bacteria found in the _________ exists harmleslly in the body colon bacteria .
an involuntary and inmediate movement in response to a stimulus motor reflex .
the large organ that controls bodily functions through release of hormones or activating muscles brain sensory .
a long bundle of nerve cells that extends downward from the brain spinal cord brain .
having to do with the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell sensory brain .
having to do with creating the ability to move motor sensory .
the brain and the spinal cord make up the central ______________ nervous system urinary system .
do you know how many _____________ make up the human backbone?? vertebrae network .
the optic _____________ transmits information from the eye to the brain neuron nerve .
A sensory ____________ responds to touch, light, sound and other stimuli neuron vertebrae .
A neural _____________ is capable of great amounts of information processing network neuron .
This gland, at the base of the brain below the hyphotalamus, secrete nine hormones that can control important functions. included growth, blood pressure and sexual functions pituitary gland thyroid gland .
in the neck below the adam´s apple, control how quickly the body uses energy and makes proteins thyroid gland pituitary gland .
is located on the center of the brain. it produces melatonin, which regulate sleep cycles pineal body adrenal gland .
is located above each kidney. they produce adrenaline which, helps the body responds to stress adrenal gland pituitary gland .
the ___________ controls many more bodily functions than you may realize endocryne system melatonin system .
He is not producing enough:___________ to control his daily sleep cycle melatonin adrenaline .
Did you know the _______________ is in the neck??? thyroid gland pituitary gland .
The _____________ helps control sleep patterns pineal body adrenal gland .
You have an ___________ above each kidney adrenal gland pituitary gland .
Produces a hormone that helps children grow pituitary gland adrenal gland .
crystal-like structures in urine can be very painful to pass kidney stones rolling stones .
ron was diagnosed with an infection of the organ that HOLDS URINE before it is expelled bladder lungs .
Dr. Wilson specializes in problems of the parts of the body that control the production and expulsion of the urine Urinary sistem reproductive system .
The urinary system helps the body get rid of unneeded substances produced by the body waste urinary system .
Urine passes through the __________ before leaving the body urethra flow .
The doctor was concerned abour the patients poor ___________ of urine flow urine .
The lab needs a clean sample of _____________ for accurate results urine pass .
Diana used painkillers to __________ the stones with minimal discomfort pass urine .
the sexual act in which the male penis enters the female vagina STD intercourse .
an illness that is passed from one person to another through sexual activity STD infertility .
the organs in the female body that produce sperm testes penis .
a method of birth control that prevents fertilization of the egg cell ovaries contraceptive .
the inability to have children infertility testes .
It is important to keep the organs of the ________________ healthy resproductive system urinary system .
The male and female ____________ produce different sex cells gonads sexually .
Every ___________ person should be aware of contraceptive use sexually active birth control .
There are several safe and effective methods of birth control gonads .
Using a _____ reduces but does not elliminate the chance of STD transmission condom genitalia .
It is important to have your ___________ examined at regular checkups genitalia condom.
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