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What is the sequence of the five steps of Demand-Driven Replenishment in SAP S/4HANA? Analytics, buffer positioning, replenishment planning, buffer sizing, replenishment execution Analytics, buffer positioning, replenishment planning, replenishment execution, buffer sizing Analytics, buffer positioning, buffer sizing, replenishment planning, replenishment execution Analytics, replenishment planning, replenishment execution, buffer positioning, buffer sizing.
What is the valid sequence of key activities in production order processing? Creation, release, scheduling, material withdrawal, confirmation Creation, scheduling, release, material withdrawal, confirmation Creation, scheduling, release, variance calculation, confirmation Creation, staging, release, material withdrawal, confirmation.
What Kanban status automatically posts goods receipt with reference to the procurement element? Wait Full In use Empty.
What must be used in the system to plan the requirements for different subcontractors separately? Storage locations MRP areas Planning plant Production versions.
What steps are possible in a PP/DS production planning run? (3 Correct) Demand consumption Optimization Heuristics Detailed scheduling functions Backorder processing.
When a developer creates a new SAP Fiori app, they begin by selecting a template to ensure the application has a consistent look-and-feel. What types of templates can a developer choose? (3 Correct) Web Dynpro Factsheet Transactional Maintenance view Analytical.
When can the material availability check occur automatically in a production order? (2 Correct) At order settlement At order confirmation At order release At order creation.
When do you recommend the use of repetitive manufacturing? (2 Correct) High product stability Low product stability High product complexity Low product complexity.
When do you use variant bills of materials (BOMs)? When multiple material is have similar BOMs When multiple material also have the same BOM When a material has multiple BOMs When a material has a configurable BOM.
When working with both cross-plant and plant-specific material statuses in the material master, which status has the highest priority? The cross-plant status The most restrictive status The plant-specific status The least restrictive status.
When would you use reporting point backflush in repetitive manufacturing? (2 Correct) When goods issues can wait for final confirmation When you need to determine the work in progress You require an up-to-date inventory for components For production lines with short lead times.
Where can you find the latest in version of the Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA? SAP Support Portal SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SAP Best Practices Explorer SAP Help Portal.
Where can you maintain consumption mode and consumption periods for planning strategies? (2 Correct) In the requirements class In the plant parameters In the MRP group In the material master.
Where do you maintain the duration of a product on operation? Routing Material master Bill of material (BOM) Work instructions.
Where does the system check master data selection settings during the creation of planned orders and production orders? (3 Correct) In the production order type In the bill of materials (BOM) In the production version In the routing In the MRP controller.
Which actions does the system perform by default when you save a confirmation for a finished product in repetitive manufacturing? (3 Correct) Archiving of documents for assembly scrap Posting of goods receipt for the product Posting of production costs to the production cost collector Reduction of associated capacity requirements Material staging for next order in sequence.
Which advanced functionality has been embedded in SAP S/4HANA? (3 Correct) Capacity planning Demand planning Backorder processing Available-to-promise Supply Network Planning.
Which alternative item strategies are available in bills of materials (BOM) in SAP S/4HANA? (2 Correct) By usage probability Simultaneous 100% check First in first out (FIFO).
Which bill of material (BOM) categories can you define in SAP S/4HANA? (2 Correct) Functional Location BOM Class BOM Work Center BOM Sales Order BOM.
Which capabilities does the Alert monitor have? (3 Correct) Automatically reschedule in case of overload alerts Automatically send alerts with Alert Notification Engine Generate alerts based on defined threshold values Nominate time-dependent substitutes for a planner Automatically predict alerts in future planning cycles.
Which characteristics should a material have for re-order point planning? (2 Correct) Demand remains relatively constant. Replenishment lead time is known and relatively constant. Seasonal demand is relatively volatile Material replenishment is managed by the vendor (VMI).
Which chart types does the tabular planning table provide in SAP S/4HANA? (2 Correct) Orders (dispatched) chart Work center capacities chart Order (pool) chart Capacity requirements chart.
Which data model changes have been implemented in Sales and Distribution? (3 Correct) Elimination of customer master tables Elimination of document index tables Elimination of status tables Elimination of output condition tables Elimination of LIS tables for rebates.
Which document is skipped when SAP EWM is embedded in SAP S/4HANA? Warehouse task Outbound delivery order Warehouse order Outbound delivery request.
Which elements are included in the structure of the batch where-used list? (3 Correct) Purchase orders Stock transfers Collective orders Transfers from batch to batch Planned orders.
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