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The material master of your finished product contains MRP type “PD”. You set a manual firming date in the stock requirements list. Which of the following will firm planned orders”. (2 Correct) Manually changing the quantity of a planned order Assigning a production scheduling profile Setting a planning time fence in the Material Master Record Creating a planned order within the planning time fence.
The method in which a production order is credited or debited depends on the variant of cost object controlling (COC). What basis can be used to carry this out? (2 Correct) Milestone-related Order-related Cost-related Product-related.
The MRP run detected a shortage of a material that you source from an external supplier in full pallets. How can you make sure you will only receive full pallets? Use the MRP type for vendor managed inventory. Use the minimum order quantity. Use the reorder point. Use the fixed lot size procedure.
The pegging situation was changed because of an MRP heuristic run. What is a capability of dynamic pegging? It enables the propagation of network alerts across the bill of materials structure It links receipts from an alternative location in case of a shortage in the default location It propagates changed sales order priorities to the pegged planned orders It replaces fixed pegging relationships unless they have been created for stock.
The procurement type of your material is set to "E" for In-house production. Which of the following is valid to determine a source of supply in SAP S/4HANA? Purchasing Info Record Contract Production Version Selection Method.
The production plan is being disrupted by last minute demands that are entered in the system. Which is the most efficient way to handle last minute demands and protect the current production plan? (2 Correct) In the material master record, set MRP type to P1 and a planning time fence on the replenishment lead time of the material In the material master record, set MRP type to P4 and a planning time fence on the replenishment lead time of the material In the stock requirements list, set a manual firming fence for a date based on the replenishment lead time of the material Manually firm all planned orders for materials within the replenishment lead time of the material There are 2 correct answers to this question.
The SAP Kanban procedure could be used to trigger which of the following kinds of replenishment? (2 Correct) Vendor consignment Stock transfer Subcontracting In-house production.
The settings for MRP can be maintained at different levels. If settings have been maintained in different places, in which sequence does the system search for the MRP settings? Plant Settings –> MRP Group –> Material Master Material Master –> Plant Settings –> MRP Group MRP Group –> Material Master –> Plant Settings Material Master –> MRP Group –> Plant Settings.
To ensure that the warehouse operator only stages large components in the exact required quality for each production order, which warehouse material staging method would you recommend? Pick parts Kanban Crate parts Release order parts.
What are attributes of the SAP S/4HANA Simplification list? (3 Correct) It was created for better planning and estimation of your way to S/4HANA It is only a grouping of related technical simplifications It contains references to the relevant training material It details transaction and solution capabilities at a functional level It can have a business and a technical impact.
What are benefits of the Engineering Workbench? (2 Correct) Detailed selection of bill of materials (BOM)items and operations Undo/redo functionality of planned changes Simultaneous processing of different bill of materials (BOM) items and operations Simulation of planned changes for costing and mater all requirements planning.
What are drawbacks of the separation of OLTP and OLAP? (4 Correct) Only the OLAP system has a predefined subset of the data Only the OLAP system has the latest data Multiple copies of the data exist Batch process are required to keep OLTP and OLAP in sync The OLAP system needs to write back the data to the OLTP system.
What are examples of assignment objects you can maintain in the Engineering Workbench? (3 Correct) Component assignment Routing to sequence assignment Material to production version assignment Material to routing assignment Material to bill of materials (BOM) assignment.
What are pillars of SAP Activate? (2 Correct) SAP Best Practices Guided Configuration Premium engagement SAP MaxAttention.
What are possible configuration steps when setting up the alert monitor in Advanced Planning? (3 Correct) Assign the overall profile to the authorization profile. Create object selection variant for resource-related alerts Create object selection variant for transportation lane-related alerts Assign the alert profile to the overall profile. Create object selection variant for product-related alerts.
What are prerequisites for using batch derivation? (2 Correct) Batch where-used list Batch determination selection conditions Receiver-sender relationships Process instructions.
What are properties of MRP Live? (2 Correct) The code is written in SQL Script It is executed on the database server Data is read sequentially from the database tables It uses the same BAdis as classic MRP.
What are some of the advantages of using Kanban? (2 Correct) It is a simplified form of production control Replenishments are created close to the actual need Replenishments are based on centralized planning It is mostly accomplished by manual postings.
What are some of the SAP Fiori user types? (3 Correct) Occasional Employee Developer Expert Business partner.
What are some uses for the low-level code assigned to each material? (2 Correct) It is used by product costing to determine how costs are rolled up. It is used by ATP to determine the priority of alternative components. It is used by engineering to identify sub items in an engineering bill of material(BOM). It is used in MRP to determine the sequence in which materials are planned.
What are the advantages of the new MRP Live in SAP S/4HANA compared to the classic MRP from SAP ECC? (2 Correct) MRP Live writes MRP lists during the run. The MRP Live planning scope is more flexible. MRP Live reads and writes data in parallel threads. MRP Live optimizes multi-level make-to-order planning.
What are the consequences if operation status Dispatched is set for a production order operation? You can reschedule the order using lead time scheduling. You can reschedule the order using material requirements planning. You can reschedule the operation using finite Scheduling in a planning board. You can reschedule the operation using lead the scheduling.
What are the consequences when you assign a planned order to a production line manually, using the planning table in repetitive manufacturing? The planned order's components are copied o the picking list The planned order is converted a production order. The planned order's component availability is checked The planned order generates capacity requirements.
What are the key aspects of SAP S/4HANA? (2 Correct) SAP S/4HANA has minor changes on data model. SAP S/4HANA can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of both. SAP S/4HANA is built on SAP HANA SAP S/4HANA increases the data footprint.
What are the main processes of the embedded PP/OS in SAP S/4HANA? (2 Correct) Calculation of inventory buffer size Long-term production planning Source determination for external procurement Optimization of the production plan.
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