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Which CLI command is used to simulate traffic going through the firewall and determine which Security policy rule, NAT translation, static route, or PBF rule will be triggered by the traffic? check find test sim.
An organization has Palo Alto Networks NGFWs that send logs to remote monitoring and security management platforms. The network team has reported excessive traffic on the corporate WAN. How could the Palo Alto Networks NGFW administrator reduce WAN traffic while maintaining support for all the existing monitoring/security platforms? Forward logs from firewalls only to Panorama and have Panorama forward logs to other external services. Forward logs from external sources to Panorama for correlation, and from Panorama send them to the NGFW. Configure log compression and optimization features on all remote firewalls. Any configuration on an M-500 would address the insufficient bandwidth concerns.
A customer wants to set up a VLAN interface for a Layer 2 Ethernet port. Which two mandatory options are used to configure a VLAN interface? (Choose two.) Virtual router Security zone ARP entries Netflow Profile.
An administrator has been asked to configure a Palo Alto Networks NGFW to provide protection against worms and trojans. Which Security Profile type will protect against worms and trojans? Anti-Spyware Instruction Prevention File Blocking Antivirus.
A company needs to preconfigure firewalls to be sent to remote sites with the least amount of preconfiguration. Once deployed, each firewall must establish secure tunnels back to multiple regional data centers to include the future regional data centers. Which VPN configuration would adapt to changes when deployed to the future site? Preconfigured GlobalProtect satellite Preconfigured GlobalProtect client Preconfigured IPsec tunnels Preconfigured PPTP Tunnels.
An administrator has been asked to configure active/passive HA for a pair of Palo Alto Networks NGFWs. The administrator assigns priority 100 to the active firewall. Which priority is correct for the passive firewall? 0 99 1 255.
An administrator pushes a new configuration from Panorama to a pair of firewalls that are configured as an active/passive HA pair. Which NGFW receives the configuration from Panorama? The passive firewall, which then synchronizes to the active firewall The active firewall, which then synchronizes to the passive firewall Both the active and passive firewalls, which then synchronize with each other Both the active and passive firewalls independently, with no synchronization afterward.
An administrator cannot see any Traffic logs from the Palo Alto Networks NGFW in Panorama reports. The configuration problem seems to be on the firewall. Which settings, if configured incorrectly, most likely would stop only Traffic logs from being sent from the firewall to Panorama? B c.
When configuring a GlobalProtect Portal, what is the purpose of specifying an Authentication Profile? To enable Gateway authentication to the Portal To enable Portal authentication to the Gateway To enable user authentication to the Portal To enable client machine authentication to the Portal.
If a template stack is assigned to a device and the stack includes three templates with overlapping settings, which settings are published to the device when the template stack is pushed? The settings assigned to the template that is on top of the stack. The administrator will be promoted to choose the settings for that chosen firewall. All the settings configured in all templates. Depending on the firewall location, Panorama decides with settings to send.
Which method will dynamically register tags on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW? A. Restful API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent or the ready-only domain controller (RODC) B. Restful API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent C. XML API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent or the CLI D. XML API or the VM Monitoring agent on the NGFW or on the User-ID agent .
How does an administrator schedule an Applications and Threats dynamic update while delaying installation of the update for a certain amount of time? A. Configure the option for ג€Thresholdג€. B. Disable automatic updates during weekdays. C. Automatically ג€download onlyג€ and then install Applications and Threats later, after the administrator approves the update. D. Automatically ג€download and installג€ but with the ג€disable new applicationsג€ option used. .
To connect the Palo Alto Networks firewall to AutoFocus, which setting must be enabled? A. Device>Setup>Services>AutoFocus B. Device> Setup>Management >AutoFocus C. AutoFocus is enabled by default on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW D. Device>Setup>WildFire>AutoFocus E. Device>Setup> Management> Logging and Reporting Settings .
An administrator encountered problems with inbound decryption. Which option should the administrator investigate as part of triage? A. Security policy rule allowing SSL to the target server B. Firewall connectivity to a CRL C. Root certificate imported into the firewall with ג€Trustג€ enabled D. Importation of a certificate from an HSM .
Which two virtualization platforms officially support the deployment of Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls? (Choose two.) A. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) B. Kernel Virtualization Module (KVM) C. Boot Strap Virtualization Module (BSVM) D. Microsoft Hyper-V .
Which User-ID method maps IP addresses to usernames for users connecting through an 802.1x-enabled wireless network device that has no native integration with PAN-OSֲ® software? A. XML API B. Port Mapping C. Client Probing D. Server Monitoring .
Decrypted packets from the website https://www.microsoft.com will appear as which application and service within the Traffic log? A. web-browsing and 443 B. SSL and 80 C. SSL and 443 D. web-browsing and 80 .
Which PAN-OSֲ® policy must you configure to force a user to provide additional credentials before he is allowed to access an internal application that contains highly-sensitive business data? A. Security policy B. Decryption policy C. Authentication policy D. Application Override policy .
A Security policy rule is configured with a Vulnerability Protection Profile and an action of `Deny`. Which action will this cause configuration on the matched traffic? A. The configuration is invalid. The Profile Settings section will be grayed out when the Action is set to ג€Denyג€. B. The configuration will allow the matched session unless a vulnerability signature is detected. The ג€Denyג€ action will supersede the per-severity defined actions defined in the associated Vulnerability Protection Profile. C. The configuration is invalid. It will cause the firewall to skip this Security policy rule. A warning will be displayed during a commit. D. The configuration is valid. It will cause the firewall to deny the matched sessions. Any configured Security Profiles have no effect if the Security policy rule action is set to ג€Denyג€. .
A user's traffic traversing a Palo Alto Networks NGFW sometimes can reach http://www.company.com. At other times the session times out. The NGFW has been configured with a PBF rule that the user's traffic matches when it goes to http://www.company.com. How can the firewall be configured automatically disable the PBF rule if the next hop goes down? A. Create and add a Monitor Profile with an action of Wait Recover in the PBF rule in question. B. Create and add a Monitor Profile with an action of Fail Over in the PBF rule in question. C. Enable and configure a Link Monitoring Profile for the external interface of the firewall. D. Configure path monitoring for the next hop gateway on the default route in the virtual router. .
What are two benefits of nested device groups in Panorama? (Choose two.) A. Reuse of the existing Security policy rules and objects B. Requires configuring both function and location for every device C. All device groups inherit settings from the Shared group D. Overwrites local firewall configuration .
Which Captive Portal mode must be configured to support MFA authentication? A. NTLM B. Redirect C. Single Sign-On D. Transparent .
An administrator needs to implement an NGFW between their DMZ and Core network. EIGRP Routing between the two environments is required. Which interface type would support this business requirement? A. Virtual Wire interfaces to permit EIGRP routing to remain between the Core and DMZ B. Layer 3 or Aggregate Ethernet interfaces, but configuring EIGRP on subinterfaces only C. Tunnel interfaces to terminate EIGRP routing on an IPsec tunnel (with the GlobalProtect License to support LSVPN and EIGRP protocols) D. Layer 3 interfaces, but configuring EIGRP on the attached virtual router .
A speed/duplex negotiation mismatch is between the Palo Alto Networks management port and the switch port to which it connects. How would an administrator configure the interface to 1Gbps? A. set deviceconfig interface speed-duplex 1Gbps-full-duplex B. set deviceconfig system speed-duplex 1Gbps-duplex C. set deviceconfig system speed-duplex 1Gbps-full-duplex D. set deviceconfig Interface speed-duplex 1Gbps-half-duplex .
A web server is hosted in the DMZ, and the server is configured to listen for incoming connections only on TCP port 8080. A Security policy rule allowing access from the Trust zone to the DMZ zone need to be configured to enable we browsing access to the server. Which application and service need to be configured to allow only cleartext web-browsing traffic to thins server on tcp/8080? A. application: web-browsing; service: application-default B. application: web-browsing; service: service-https C. application: ssl; service: any D. application: web-browsing; service: (custom with destination TCP port 8080) .
If the firewall has the following link monitoring configuration, what will cause a failover? A. ethernet1/3 and ethernet1/6 going down B. ethernet1/3 going down C. ethernet1/3 or ethernet1/6 going down D. ethernet1/6 going down .
In the image, what caused the commit warning? A. The CA certificate for FWDtrust has not been imported into the firewall. B. The FWDtrust certificate has not been flagged as Trusted Root CA. C. SSL Forward Proxy requires a public certificate to be imported into the firewall. D. The FWDtrust certificate does not have a certificate chain. .
Which method does an administrator use to integrate all non-native MFA platforms in PAN-OSֲ® software? A. Okta B. DUO C. RADIUS D. PingID .
How would an administrator monitor/capture traffic on the management interface of the Palo Alto Networks NGFW? A. Use the debug dataplane packet-diag set capture stage firewall file command. B. Enable all four stages of traffic capture (TX, RX, DROP, Firewall). C. Use the debug dataplane packet-diag set capture stage management file command. D. Use the tcpdump command. .
An administrator needs to optimize traffic to prefer business-critical applications over non-critical applications. QoS natively integrates with which feature to provide service quality? A. Port Inspection B. Certificate revocation C. Content-ID D. App-ID .
A session in the Traffic log is reporting the application as `incomplete.` What does `incomplete` mean? A. The three-way TCP handshake was observed, but the application could not be identified. B. The three-way TCP handshake did not complete. C. The traffic is coming across UDP, and the application could not be identified. D. Data was received but was instantly discarded because of a Deny policy was applied before App-ID could be applied. .
An administrator is using DNAT to map two servers to a single public IP address. Traffic will be steered to the specific server based on the application, where Host A ( receives HTTP traffic and Host B ( receives SSH traffic. Which two Security policy rules will accomplish this configuration? (Choose two.) A. Untrust (Any) to Untrust (, web-browsing ג€" Allow B. Untrust (Any) to Untrust (, ssh ג€" Allow C. Untrust (Any) to DMZ (, web-browsing ג€" Allow D. Untrust (Any) to DMZ (, ssh ג€" Allow E. Untrust (Any) to DMZ (,, ssh, web-browsing ג€" Allow .
An administrator needs to determine why users on the trust zone cannot reach certain websites. The only information available is shown on the following image. Which configuration change should the administrator make? b c.
Which three settings are defined within the Templates object of Panorama? (Choose three.) A. Setup B. Virtual Routers C. Interfaces D. Security E. Application Override .
A customer has an application that is being identified as unknown-tcp for one of their custom PostgreSQL database connections. Which two configuration options can be used to correctly categorize their custom database application? (Choose two.) A. Application Override policy. B. Security policy to identify the custom application. C. Custom application. D. Custom Service object. .
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