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What it’s included in a environmentally induced airplane upset? Windshear Thunderstorms Clear air turbulence All of above.
Is Aircraft upset avoidable? Yes No, aircraft upset are some times unavoidable, and its not recoverable No, aircraft upset are some times unavoidable, but are most often recoverable by the using of appropriate and correct Pilot technics.
Today airplanes are pushed to more efficient flight profile to save fuel, this action may dictate high altitude cruising at lower Mach numbers. What can be the result by doing this? One two tree They crew may have less time to recognize and respond to speed deterioration as altitude .
Pilots induced airplane upsets in the third of the three broad categories. What is included in the categories? Hbhbbbh Jbhbhb All of above.
What’s does LOC/ I stands for? Localizer #1 armed Loss of control In flight Localizer #1 capture.
What is the leading cause of airplane upset? Clear air turbulence Thunderstorms Windshear All of above.
Too often in flight upsets it’s the results of pilots action or inactions. What is an important as recovery? Situation awaraness Avoidance and recognition Pilot fatigue.
If an airplane flown any slower it would exceed it stalling AOA and experience low speed buffet, additionally if it flown faster it would exceed MMo potentially leading t a high speed buffet. What is the phenomenon called? Stall Absolute ceiling or coffin corner High speed buffed.
The cusses of airplane upset incident are various. However they can be broken down in to categories. Which are the three categories? Pilot Fatigue, lack of concience, Environmental, system anomalies and Pilot induced .
What is often the first challenge needed to be overcome in upset events? Special desorientation Instrument disagrement G force All of above.
Name a few incident which have causes upsets. Global warming Covid-19, Flu, fever AP or AT problems and failures or missed calculated or wrong data enter into flight computer giving the wrong Vspeed.
A crew member confirm there is smoke in the cabin, as the pilot flying, what must you do first? Take a hand fire extinguisher Activate both ENG fire switch Done mask and Googles.
An aircraft is midway cross of Atlantic, when the smell of smoke is detected by the cabin crew member, what are the First two steps that the crew member should take? Hdgdh Bcbdhd First the cabin crew must notify the cockpit crew, then attempt to locate the source of the smoke .
A grace Fire in oven in the galley. Which Fire class is it? Class D Class A Class B.
Entertainment monitor is smoking. Which Fire class is it? Class A Class B Class C.
Smoking it’s not allowed in the aircraft, a passenger smoke in the lavatory and discarded the cigarette in the thrash bin and ignited some discarded tissues. How should this fire could be manage? Uses water to extinguish and smoother the side with blankets or coats Uses HALON 1211 to extinguish and smoother the side with blankets or coats All of above.
A passenger notify you that smoke can be seeing coming from between two walls panels in the cabin, upon investigating you determine that there is a hot spot near the location. What action should you take? Attempt to access to the source of the Fire by removing or cutting a hole in the wall or overhead panel Use APU fire switch Use FWD cargo fire Ext.
You receive a call in the flight deck that there is a fire occurring inside the galley oven. What should you do? Advise to the atc Immediately turn the galley power off Land a near suitable airport.
During a turn with a roll and constant altitude, you realice that you are approaching to critical AOA, what should you do to move away from a critical AOA and avoid upset? Reduce the bank angle to reduce the G-load and pitch can be adjust as necessary Reduce angle of atack to reduce the pitch at as necessary Increase the bank angle and adjust thrust pitch to reduce de power speed in one engine per wing.
The natural Pilot response when face with the upset is to? Take control over the other pilot Disconnected the autopilot and increase the power Experience fear, shock and anxiety also known as startled factor .
In normal category aircraft, what is the maneuvering speed? 285knots VStall at above twice the 1G stalls speed (1.95) Vmo/mmo.
Which of the following conditions could most likely to lead to an upset? Temperature drops Density altitud A suden increase in temperature while turning at the optimum altitude.
Which of the following statement is true. Takeoff must be with flap 30 Landing must be with flaps 5 Contaminated runway may lead to the increase takeoff distance, degraded time Takeoff performance and may required an increased AOA.
In MEL Cat D is ? 3 days 180 days 120 days.
The purpose and the value of the MEL is to … Determinate the equipment necessary for safety dispatch. Assure the minimun equipments on board. Ensure that required level of safety is maintain .
The MMEL is? Mas Mecánicos echando lápiz Items of equipment including optional equipments which may be inoperative for dispatch all of above.
What’s the name of the signal for a MEL equipment for dispatch? Stickers INOP ANNOUNCE Placard.
What’s instruments and equipments are least likely to be included in MEL? Wing, control surface, and antennas Engines, generators and batterys. Ashtray, pillows.
Category B in MEL is? 03 days from the day of discovery 10 days from the day of discovery 120 days from the day of discovery .
Who developed the CDL and when? The aircraft manufacturer after a long modification of fuselages. The aircraft manufacturer during initial certification The airline in every “C” check.
If an inspector of a National aviation authority asked to see the MEL procedure document Requiere to produce them immediately from the aircraft Go with him to the flight dispatch office and check de MEL there. Send him vía airdrop.
Which of the following documents consist in supplemental type certificate MEL MMEL LOA AFM “In the real exam select: A,B, and C”.
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