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Vocabulary 4

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Vocabulary 4

English - Spanish

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English - Spanish Facing Booked / Reserved How long will you be staying? Maid Switchboard.
English - Spanish Soap Towel Coat hanger Light Adaptor / Adapter.
English - Spanish The.... isn't working Check out Bill Mistake Could you have my bill ready?.
English - Spanish Treat Please print in block capitals Tick appropriate box I look forward to receiving your confirmation Soft-boiled.
English - Spanish inn / motel Guest house Lodge Tall Short.
English - Spanish Fat Thin / slim Weigh Weight Height.
English - Spanish What's your height? / How tall are you? What's your weight? / How much do you weigh? Wide Narrow Big.
English - Spanish Small Long Short Round Square.
English - Spanish Oval Shaped What shape is? Rectangular Triangular.
English - Spanish Bit little slightly bigger France is quite big France is quite a big country Bookshop Toyshop.
English - Spanish Shoe shop Souvenir shop Department store Main shopping area Can I help you?.
English - Spanish I'm just looking I'll take it I'll leave it. Thank you anyway Do you sell...? Newspaper.
English - Spanish Cigarette A pack of / a packet of Filter I'm looking for Gift .
English - Spanish Cashier Sale Basement Value Showroom.
English - Spanish Off-licence / Wine merchant In fact Whose...? A grocer's Boss.
English - Spanish Assistant President I'm never going to set you I belong to you I'm going to keep you by my side.
English - Spanish King Wizard Dangerous Hangman Card.
English - Spanish Somebody I don't quite understand What's special about today? Flowers How does this... work?.
English - Spanish Like this First Then Do not bend Bridge.
English - Spanish I see what you mean It all depends Not bad Chilled Squeezed.
English - Spanish Grilled Boiled Fried Closed Fountains.
English - Spanish Colosseum Pyramids Destination Aircraft Faint.
English - Spanish I've just collected it Just I'd prefer I don't mind The same size.
English - Spanish The same size as As big as That's all right with me It doesn't matter at all Power.
English - Spanish Wash Taste Determined From now on I don't care.
English - Spanish Fringe Pantomime Anger Fox Dead.
English - Spanish Death Too What for? So that I can Very.
English - Spanish Where to? Who for? Face Propose a toast Angry.
English - Spanish Deliverance Emerald Commandment Advertisement (ad) Much too long.
English - Spanish Advertising I'm ill I feel terrible Aspirin Pain.
English - Spanish Ache Headache Stomachache Toothache Sore throat.
English - Spanish Flu Arm Leg Hand Foot.
English - Spanish Back Backache What's the trouble? What's the matter? Mouth.
English - Spanish Cough Serious Medicine Dosage Sneeze.
English - Spanish Shiver Symptoms Warning Get well soon Hurt.
English - Spanish Blonde Fair hair Red hair What does...look like? Beard.
English - Spanish Moustache / Mustache Glasses Wedding dress Special peculiarities / Distinguishing marks Bald.
English - Spanish Act Stolid What is... like? Could I...? / May I...? I'd rather you didn't.
English - Spanish I do mind I must You mustn't Necessary It's a pity.
English - Spanish Guidance Admit May be unsuitable for Habit Common.
English - Spanish Tipping An uproar Marriage Proposal.
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