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Enterprise applications may run directly on top of the Java SE platform. True False.
What are the certifed Java SE versions to run Oracle WebLogic Server instances? a. All the latest b. Java SE 7 only c. Java SE 6 only d. Java SE 6 and 7 e. Any.
What fundamental component of the Java EE architecture is provided by an application server? a. The virtual machine b. The runtime environment c. The database drivers d. The Management Console e. None of the above.
Provides support for creating Web Service clients and endpoints using a REST architectural style: a. JAXP b. JAX-WS c. JMX d. All of the above e. None of the above.
What edition of WebLogic Server should I license if I intend to use the Oracle JVM profiling tools? a. WebLogic Server Standard Edition b. WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition c. WebLogic Server Suite d. All of the above e. None of the above.
Select the operating systems certified to run WebLogic Server 12c in production environments: Red Hat Linux 7 Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Microsoft Windows 7 Mac OS 10.5 Oracle Solaris 11.
Select the product distribution types supported to run WebLogic Server in production environments: Physical media WebLogic Server JAR file Middleware Infrastructure JAR file ZIP distributions All of the above.
Select the option that lists the correct components of the standard installation topology: One administration server, one managed server, one machine, one domain Two administration servers, two managed servers, two machines, one domain One administration server, one cluster, two managed servers, one machine, one domain None of the above All of the above.
4. Select all of the supported installation methods: Graphic Console Silent Remote Local.
Select the required command to apply a security patch: bsu -install bsu -apply opatch install opatch apply opatch secure.
Each managed server in a domain requires its own product installation to run. True False.
Is it possible to run more than one domain in a single host? True False.
What format is used to persist the domain configuration? A database schema A set of XML files In-memory.
Select the tools that enable domain configuration and customization: The configuration wizard The administration console WLST The pack and unpack commands All of the above.
What are the two Node Manager implementations available on WebLogic Server 12c? Java-based and script-based Java-based and Windows-based Windows-based and UNIX/Linux-based Java-based and Bash-based.
WebLogic Server Node Manager can control server instances in more than one domain. True False.
Select the supported options to secure Node Manager traffic: One-way SSL Two-way SSL Passphrase SSH All of the above.
Node Manager is capable of automatically restarting any WebLogic Server instance. True False.
What is the WLST command to configure Node Manager on multiple WebLogic Server machines? configure() createConfig() nmAuthorize() nmEnroll().
A server instance may be started using several commands True False.
What is the name of the standard script to start a managed server instance? startServer startWebLogic startManagedServer startManagedWebLogic.
Which script sources the setUserOverrides script to apply configuration customizations? setDomainEnv startWebLogic startServer None of the above.
Oracle WebLogic Server provides standard server start scripts for each supported platform. True False.
What is the correct method to add a library to a server instance configuration? The PATH The CLASSPATH A system property All of the above.
The edit lock on acquired on a WLST session is released automatically when closing the session. True False.
What is the group in the WebLogic Server security realm that effectively has read-only access to the Administration Console? Readers Monitors Watchers Watchers.
What types of configuration changes may be reverted in a WebLogic Server domain? Saved Activated None All.
What are the arguments to the encrypt() method to create encrypted byte arrays in WLST? String to encrypt String to encrypt, encryption algorithm String to encrypt, property to update String to encrypt, domain path None of the above.
It is possible to automate all types of domain configuration changes using WLST. True False.
It is possible to define a custom log message severity. True True.
What type of Java object distributes log messages to a destination? Logger Log4J Handler All of the above.
It is possible for applications to send custom log messages to the server log file. True False.
WebLogic Server can report information about operating system users logged in the system. True False.
Contains statistical information about the number of threads allocated: Channels Performance Workload None of the above.
Select all protocols supported by the default secure channel: HTTPS T3S SNMP Cluster-broadcast-secure All of the above.
What objects store the default network channels configuration? NetworkAccessPointMBean ServerMBean ConfigurationMBean SocketMBean None of the above.
Select all required properties to configure a cluster replication channel: Tunneling HTTP Enabled Outbound External listen address External port.
It is possible to configure two network channels using the same listen address and port number as long as: They both support secure protocols They both support different protocols They both support the same protocols It is not possible All of the above.
When no listen address has been specified in any network channel, the following occurs: Server instances fail to start Server instances bind to localhost and loopback Server instances bind to all IP addresses available in the host A network channel is automatically created using the host IP address None of the above.
Select the web servers supported by WebLogic Server to provide the web tier: Apache HTTP Server Oracle HTTP Server Microsoft IIS All of the above.
What is the name of a proprietary header in the WebLogic Server plug-in? True-Client-IP WL-Proxy-Client-IP WL-Client-Proxy None of the above.
Name the two fundamental benefits of WebLogic Server clusters Reliability and robustness Scalability and resilience Load balancing and failover Capacity and performance.
What is the main benefit of having the Oracle WebLogic Server plug-in in the web tier? Ability to recognize failed members Licensing Compatibility Flexibility.
Select all features of dynamic servers: Require OS virtualization Enable a domain to scale out Enable server instances to scale up All of the above.
Cluster communication occurs at the following TCP/IP network layer: Network Transport Application None of the above.
Select the protocols that WebLogic Server uses to replicate cluster status information: IP TCP UDP All of the above.
What is the default cluster messaging mode in WebLogic Server 12c? Unicast Multicast None of the above d. All of the above.
A cluster member will be considered failed using unicast after how many consecutive missed heartbeats: One Two Three None of the above.
Select all prerequisites for using multicast for cluster messaging: Network support Address and port number Native IO All of the above.
WebLogic Server replicates session information stored in: Database File system HTTPSession objects Coherence*Web.
Durable session persistence mechanism: In-memory Replicated JDBC File.
Load-balancing algorithms supported by the WebLogic Server plug-in: Round-robin Weighted Sticky All of the above None of the above.
Methods to improve session replication performance: Database Asynchronous replication File system Session cache.
HTTP session configuration data is stored in: weblogic.xml web.xml wl_servlet_sessions None of the above.
JDBC drivers translate SQL sentences to native data store calls. True False.
Type of a pure Java JDBC driver: Type 2 Type 4 None of the above All of the above.
Language or notation in which data source configuration is stored in WebLogic Server: Java JSON XML Any of the above.
Load balancing in multi data sources is restricted to round-robin True False.
WebLogic Server supports XA+ protocol version 2. True False.
Resource managers may take part in prepare phase and be absent in commit phase of a distributed transaction. True False.
XA interfaces implemented in JTA are high-level interfaces, available to applications: All of them are None of them are Some of them are.
Property that limits the maximum time allowed for a transaction to remain in commit phase: Timeout seconds Abandon timeout seconds Maximum duration of XA calls.
WebLogic Server application deployment supports scripted automations using a variety of tools. True False.
WebLogic Server supports zero downtime redeployment of all types of applications. True False.
Redeployment mode that replaces class loaders immediately: Production redeployment In-place redeployment Both of them.
It is possible to undeploy an application while allowing existing sessions to complete gracefully. True False.
Authorization providers are optional in a security realm. True False.
It is possible to restrict access to an application at certain hours of the day using XACML policies. True False.
Security provider that supports single sign-on using Kerberos: CertPath provider Identity assertion provider Adjudication provider.
Built-in role in myrealm with read-only access to the Administration Console: Operator Deployer Monitor None of the above.
Supported repositories for security data: File system LDAP DBMS All of the above.
Integrity of a backup archive refers to: Size of archive files as related to original data Type of archive files as compared to original data Location of archive files on a remote host Consistency of archive files as compared to original data.
A domain may be recovered from a managed server domain template. True False.
Versions of WebLogic Server 11g eligible for upgrade to WebLogic Server 12c Release 1: 10.3.5 10.3.0 All of the above None of the above.
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